And so it begins. The first couple of lines of my latest story are there. As of yet I’m still largely in the preparation phase, which includes pretty thorough research, something I’ll be needing if I’m to properly incorporate the recent issues that will be at the centre of the story and their background. Furthermore I’ll be looking how to fit the old Inferno into this new story, connect what I had in the old story with where I want to go with the new one. And of course there is the matter of determining those, fairly important story aspects like plot, characters and the like.

I do think it’s a good idea to start writing now rather than after all the aforementioned is completely finished. I know myself well enough to know the latter option will not bode to well for progress. Besides, I do have a general idea of where I want to go with this and changes can always be made at a later time. I feel this is my most important writing project since, well, ever and now that I have liftoff I’m going to make sure to keep those engines fired up! For real this time!

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Back Into the Fray

And there we go again. Yet another week of absence… Now, don’t worry. I’m not going into how I thought things were going well and then they didn’t and how I’m still getting used to a new phase in my life and how I have plans to get things going and hoping I’ll be getting any writing progress done this time around… Not again. It’s tiresome, it’s tedious, it’s hollow and, it just is not working. Unless I find something new and insightful about my not-writing I’m going to stop with those kinds of posts and remarks.

Instead I’ll be looking forward, not sulk on what I should have been doing, but working towards doing it. Haiku and Daily Writing (among others) will be appearing, but my writing efforts will be directed mostly at one of my new main projects. For that I will a return to an old never finished story. Inferno was first intended to be an adventure story, a fantastical journey, albeit with some grey morality and a socio-political commentary. Perhaps that story will be told at some point, but recent events have urged me to prioritize taking the setting and turn it into a different direction.

Ever since I was little I have been motivated by a desire to bring about positive change in the world. Whether it was socially, politically, environmentally or in whatever other area, I wanted to unveil and fight injustice, help those in need and give them a better life. All in all I wanted to make the world a better place for all. It was the reason I joined and actively participated in various social causes throughout the years, it was the main motivation behind choosing my education and I believe that as a writer I not only have the possibility, but the responsibility to work towards that. Combining my desire for social change and my passion for writing into something productive is something I should have been doing for quite some time, so that is what I will be doing with my re-imagining of Inferno.

Unfortunately this does mean other big projects like Tyrant will probably be taking a backseat to this project, but I have made up my mind and I have chosen my priorities. I will keep you posted on my progress.

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Nothing Revisited

Not writing or not being able to write can be interesting to write about. When you get to the levels I got to, however, it’s getting pretty tiresome. Of course, because of my choice to write and post so frequently the moments when writing doesn’t take off become that much more visible. May be a good thing. Keeps me alert, pushes me to get to work… If I actually get to work after that, of course… -_-;

In any case, I’m not going to devote a massive wall of text again to the frustrations of another nearly writing-less day. I’ll instead leave you with some seventeen syllables expressing my annoyance when looking back on this day and questioning my current choice of daily activity. I should really stop writing those jinxing posts celebrating “how well everything is going”, shouldn’t I?

Some Questions
Only two more words?
Is this going anywhere?
Where did progress go?

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Crawling Progress

babies-crawling-up-stairsIt’s going alright again. Despite the many distractions still floating around, recent socio-political events occupying my mind and me still (yes, even now) trying to get a grip on the whole entering a new phase in my life I’d say there is progress. Sure, it’s a slow, crawling kind of progress you would almost need to watch a time-lapse video of to actually witness, but it’s still progress. I got a little further with Tyrant (although I need to catch up again tomorrow, so I have to be careful before I go praise myself too much…) and posting every other day seems to be working out alright so far. I’d have liked to get more done, but at the very least things are looking up. A bit more and I may just go from crawling to getting back on my feet and actually walking again! Posting every single day? Madness! Madness, I say! ^_~ It may not happen this day, but when it will happen it’ll sure be a joyous day! ^_^

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Dream Train Encounter

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you met someone and almost immediately there was this inexplicable click, or connection (or whatever you want to call it)? You have no recollection of ever meeting this person and can hardly even recall what happened, but that is irrelevant. There was this feeling of utter joy, euphoria even: things were just perfect. And then you wake up… You try to get to sleep again, get back into the dream and find that person to continue that marvelous encounter, but of course, you soon realize with great disappointment, you can’t…

It’s that kind of dream I had last night. The great feelings during the dream and the disappointment afterwards (as described above) really struck me and so one of the first thing I did in the morning was turn it into a short poem, to both describe and deal with the emotions they brought about.

Now don’t get me wrong. I have people in my real life whom I love dearly and for whose mere presence I’m eternally grateful. With them around, I don’t really need a, well, dream girl (she iss, quite literally) to be happy, but her presence… I don’t think I’d mind…

And one last thing. The green hair and train may seem like I’m invoking Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I’m not, at least not consciously. I did not choose to dream this dream, after all. Plus, it’s been quite a while since I’ve last seen the movie and while I don’t recall most of my dream’s details, I do know the girl didn’t look like Kate Winslet. ^_^

Dream Train Encounter
A simple train ride
Dull grey carriage lighting up
See you sitting there

Look up to face me
Hair bright green, smiling you speak
Feels so wonderful

Train leaves, your hand waves
Awakening, a deep sigh
Won’t see you again…

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Shifting Gears

shiftinggearsAs you undoubtedly have noticed, recent posts have occasionally been posted with one-day gaps in-between them. This is because the goal I’ve currently set for myself is to post every other day, but if I manage I will do so every single day. This is to allow myself to get back in the flow of things as I get used to all the changes following my (de facto though not yet official) graduation. Yes, I know that’s what tend to write about a lot (that and not knowing how or what to write) and I can imagine it getting a bit monotonous and tiresome, but this it is my current reality. I intend for my set goals to soon progress again and get things back where they were when I started the Archives. For now I think this is nice compromise that keeps the blog going while keeping things manageable for me. Writing itself will be done on a daily basis and will mostly include background writing on stories like Tyrant. Can’t get lazy now, right? ^_^

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Return to Tyrant

So I returned to working on Tyrant again. I think it’s high time got that going again. Firstly it makes sense to go there since my writing has gotten back on back on track again, albeit a pretty bumpy track so far. Kind of like today’s progress: tiny, but at least it’s there. Also, this is a story feel I must be written, probably more than the other works for the book. Not because of the groundbreaking, revolutionary effect it will have on literature or society or something equally big (I seriously doubt it will), but, like I said some time before, it has a significant personal side to it. I won’t go into detail how exactly (that is, well, pretty personal and would take much too long anyway…), but suffice it to say, more so than pretty much any other work for my book it is this one story that needs to be told.

So there I am. I’ll be looking into unbumping the track some more in the coming days and get back to my routine of writing and posting every day. I feel I can better bring up the discipline to do so now. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me here at the Archives, despite my long silence and still inconsistent posting afterwards. It’s good to have you! ^_^

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