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Of Roadbloacks, Tripping and Discipline

Way, to, go! The day after my one week celebration and I go and break the chain! Lovely… I won’t be making excuses for it, nope. Sure, I had friends over, but that was only for the evening. I still

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One Week Anniversary!

Hurray! The holidays have just become more festive! Well, for me, at least. Today marks the seventh day since I actively started writing again! I may not have posted every day (pretty much because of lack of internet during the

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Daily Writing Part 5

Random word of the day: Masking tape The mind can be a strange, strange thing. When the generator gave me my random word for the day, I was absolutely puzzled as to what to do with it. I had absolutely

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The Ghosts of Writing Past Part 1. Childhood

Since I’ve spent most of my writing time today finishing what I’d started the days before, I’m going to do something a little lighter to close the day. I have no random word to write around today, but instead I’ll

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Daily Writing Part 4 (Catching up for 26-12-2013)

Random words of the day: Match Wow, was Rea ever right! Just as I woke up the morning after I had started on the previous story, the idea for this one was all ready to go in my head. It

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Daily Writing Part 3 (Catching up for 25-12-2013)

Random word of the day: Nursery You know those days when that writing spark just has a really hard time going off? I had those, the past couple of days, but I’ve definitely had a lot worse reasons for it.

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Holiday Heads Up

Just a little heads up to those who are already reading and following me (Thank you so very much for that, by the way! To have this support this early after starting up really inspires me to keep going!). For

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Itsa Me!

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Who? Just your average descendant of two sea-faring peoples, recently graduated anthropology Master and aspiring author with a life-long passion for writing.

What? Uhm, human. I think... Also a bit crazy, but in a good way. I think...

Where? A land under the sea, far, far away. Occasionally with my head in the clouds.

Why? Trying to get both my work and my love for writing out there, sharing them with others and getting in touch with fellow writers, artists and other like-minded people.

Hi! ^_^

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