Project Realm. Sculpting the World, Part 6

Hello, Realm. It has been quite a while since I’ve last visited, hasn’t it? I think I ran into a wall when I had arrived at the part describing the Dark Elf Lands, totally drew a blank. Now, I have that annoying tendency to then keep on trying to run through the wall, with the consequences one might expect (which, unfortunately, is not the finding a hidden train platform consequence).  It’s, not very effective and I was probably better off focussing my efforts on another part of the Realm. Alas, I kept running and then turned to other projects instead (which I am enjoying immensely and will be continuing). Today, that changed. Today I decided: you started this project and you’re damn well going to finish something for once! At the very least get the regions of the first island done. And so I sat down and took the approach I took with the Hydra Swamp, an approach suspiciously similar to Mr. Gaiman’s advice yesterday: I sat down and I began writing, one word after the other. And, I think I did it! The new maps are coming, by way. I just, need to, ehm, make them. ^_^; … Oh, look over there! The next part of Project Realm has been sculpted!

Sculpting the World

1.6. Dark Elf Lands
Map of the Realm (Most Northern Island-Dark Elf Lands-Highlighted)

Landscape: The Dark Elf Lands extend for 500 km from the North-Western coast to its Southern border with the Hydra Swamp and for 550 km from the West coast to its Eastern border with the Great Forest. Aside from the cliffs along part of the North-Western coast it is entirely flatland, a result of settlement efforts by the Dark Elves who came to the island as colonists from their island of origin in the far South. They inhabit most of the central and coastal areas. Their larger port cities are located along the coast, while smaller cities can be found fairly close to another all across the inlands. The border region with its neighbouring regions, the Great Forest and the Hydra Swamp, is mostly unsettled and generally considered no-man’s-land. Appearance-wise it has more in common with the neighbouring regions than it has with the rest of the Dark Elf Lands.

Climate: The Dark Elf Lands have a varying climate. For the most part it has a continental climate, ranging from mild along the coast and somewhat more harsh in the more central areas, but the border region is predominantly semi-humid. The overall temperatures are considerably lower than in most other regions on the island, especially in the inhabited coastal and central parts of the region. The border region’s temperatures are comparable to those of the Central Realmlands. There is precipitation in the coastal and central areas but it is fairly uncommon during the warmer seasons. Rain, especially, is much more common in the border region, where it falls throughout most of the year. Throughout the region, the winters do usually see snowfall, particularly in the central areas.

Flora and Fauna: Once a part of the Great Forest, when the Dark Elves came to the island ages ago, they cleared all the trees and plants in what is now their territory to make way for their cities. Most of the fauna now left consists of arid grassland and an occasional small shrub. In and around the Dark Elf cities planted trees and plants can be found, but they mostly serve ornamental purposes. In the border region plants and trees still grow naturally, though to a lesser extent than in the neighbouring regions.

The only wildlife found in the Dark Elf Lands are the animals who live on the Western edge of the Great Forest and occasionally wander out. Those animals that have not been hunted down a long time ago by the Dark Elves or fled when the forest was cleared, have been domesticated by the Dark Elves. They have their ‘habitat’ within their new masters’ cities, generally as pets, beasts of burden, messenger birds, or mounts.


Ever since a group of shoes held a birthday party a long, long time ago (though in a galaxy not that far away) a little boy’s appreciation for creation was born. And so, throughout the following years shoes partied, a dinosaur travelled through time, oddly shaped football players went on adventures, a young wanderer became a knight, a comedian rose to godhood, Jedi fought an evil empire, a war between cyborg warlords and human-insect hybrids engulfed the world… The boy had learned how with only words on paper (and from times to time a few pictures) he was able to bring people, places, even entire worlds to life. By now that little boy has reached almost the third decade of his life and his love for telling stories has not ceased. And finally, long after he had planned to, he has decided to share these stories with the world. Whether you are a new or already familiar face: welcome to this little archive of mine! This is a place where I will, finally, actually be sharing my writing with others. It will feature pretty much anything I feel like sharing, both old and new stories, fan-fiction and original content, and probably some non-fiction added in at times. So, if you like reading, writing, stories (or me ^_~), drop by, drop a comment (I can’t promise I’ll get back to you quickly, since I’m horrible at that, but I’ll do my best) and, drop it like it’s hot. … Sorry… ^_^; In any case, I hope you’ll enjoy yourself and I look forward to seeing you around!

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