Project Realm. Sculpting the World, Part 7

Aand we’re back! This last region of the most Northern island is one that gave me hardly anything to work with. Playing it with my friend, the Ravine and the Dock only existed, respectively, as an obstacle and way off the island for the characters. Only the Dark Elf Lands were probably less developed (i.e. not at all) than this, but at least it had a population I knew that I could work with. Not so much here. Still, writing this part went pretty quickly. I think turning it into a pretty enigmatic region really worked out well as a solution for the lack of knowledge even I had about the region. So, let’s close off the sculpting of the most Northern island with the South-Western Verge!

Sculpting the World

1.7. South-Western Verge
Map of the Realm (Most Northern Island-South-Western Verge-Highlighted)

Landscape: Extending for 300 km from the South-West coast to the Hydra Swamp and about 400 km from its Northernmost to Southernmost point, the South-Western Verge is the smallest region on the most Northern island, has by far the lowest population and knowledge on anything there is more scarce than anywhere else on the island. It can roughly be broken up into three parts.

Most of it consists of the Ravine, a massive canyon 100 by 200 km in size of which very little, including how it got to be, is known. What is certain, though, is that it is so tremendously deep that the bottom is not visible and what is down there remains a mystery to this day. Expeditions downwards have been undertaken, but none who might have reached the bottom have returned to tell the tale. And those who have returned stated they have seen no more of the bottom at the point they had reached than at the top. The only way across the Ravine is a single narrow bridge, which connects the other two areas of the region, the low rocky ridge in the East and a small port town called the Dock on the South-Western tip of the island. Despite its rickety appearance the bridge is sturdy and in good shape and has been around for many a century. Like the contents of the Ravine, the origins of the bridge are still a mystery.

While not quite as spectacular as the Ravine, the ridge in the East is quite remarkable in its own right. It borders the Hydra Swamp and where it begins, the Swamp abruptly stops. The complete lack of transition at this border is as great an enigma as most things found in the South-Western Verge.

The Dock, finally, consists of no more than a couple of houses for its small population, the namesake docks they work on and a number of ships. It is one of the few harbours the island has.

Climate: The South-Western Verge’s climate is continental on the ridge side of the region and maritime at the Dock. Temperatures on both sides of the Ravine are comparable to one another, with chilly but never really cold winters and its mild summers that are neither cold nor hot. The weather conditions, on the other hand, are very distinct. The Eastern side is a mostly dry area with extremely few known records of precipitation, completely unlike the bordering Hydra Swamp. For the Dock, though, rain is a very common phenomenon, as is the fog it is often covered in.

Flora and Fauna: Aside from the people of the Docks and the handful of domesticated animals they keep as pets, the South-Western Verge contains no known organisms. Neither animals nor vegetation are found at any place in the region. Although some speculate there is life deep in the uncharted depths of the Ravine, these speculations are as of yet still just that; speculations.


Ever since a group of shoes held a birthday party a long, long time ago (though in a galaxy not that far away) a little boy’s appreciation for creation was born. And so, throughout the following years shoes partied, a dinosaur travelled through time, oddly shaped football players went on adventures, a young wanderer became a knight, a comedian rose to godhood, Jedi fought an evil empire, a war between cyborg warlords and human-insect hybrids engulfed the world… The boy had learned how with only words on paper (and from times to time a few pictures) he was able to bring people, places, even entire worlds to life. By now that little boy has reached almost the third decade of his life and his love for telling stories has not ceased. And finally, long after he had planned to, he has decided to share these stories with the world. Whether you are a new or already familiar face: welcome to this little archive of mine! This is a place where I will, finally, actually be sharing my writing with others. It will feature pretty much anything I feel like sharing, both old and new stories, fan-fiction and original content, and probably some non-fiction added in at times. So, if you like reading, writing, stories (or me ^_~), drop by, drop a comment (I can’t promise I’ll get back to you quickly, since I’m horrible at that, but I’ll do my best) and, drop it like it’s hot. … Sorry… ^_^; In any case, I hope you’ll enjoy yourself and I look forward to seeing you around!

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