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Going Backstage. The Bodisei – Part 4

Aaand we’re back! Well, I think you know the drill by now. Original text first, behind the scenes afterward. Today I will shortly discuss two socio-cultural aspects of the Bodisei; their way of communication as well as a look at

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Going Backstage. The Bodisei – Part 3

Welcome back to the backstage area! Today the focus will be on the powers and abilities of the Bodisei. As always, I will start with the original text and then take a behind the scenes look at the topic at

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Going Backstage. The Bodisei – Part 2

With the introduction out of the way, let’s take a more in-depth look at the Force-sensitive species I created for my Star Wars stories: the Bodisei. Today I’ll be discussing their physical appearance. I’ll start out with the original text

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The Ghosts of Writing Past Part 13. Legacy of the Jedi Temple – Between the Conclaves

And there we go, making yet another time hop through Star Wars chronology! The topic of today’s Ghosts is, after a long string of co-written work, something I’ve written on my own. Between the Conclaves is a series of short

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Going Backstage. The Bodisei, Part 1 – Introduction and General Information

Well here’s a fun little thing I ran into again. I’ve spoken before about how much I enjoy creating all sorts of background information to my stories. Here in the Archives Project Realm is probably the most indicative of that

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Nothing. Again!

Hurray! The can’t-think-of-anything bug has arrived. Again! As mighty annoying as ever. *sigh* I was writing out a whole sour post about how I, well, can’t think of anything to write. Again! But because I neither want to go to

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Don’t Forget The Little Ones!

Drawing time! With Vhiran, Bultar and Shamila pretty much done and Nillanthir put on hold for the moment (I swear, that wing!) I decided to focus on one of the smaller characters in Order 66: Another Side, Another Story. This

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