Project Realm. Sculpting the World, Part 15

This was an interesting one to work out. I had already dedicated an earlier entry to a region existing primarily of forest with a tremendous biodiversity, so I had to look out if I did not want the Great Forest and the Skink Forests to be too similar. With the former being more of a mixed temperate forest and the latter pretty much a collection of jungles, though, that turned out not to be overly difficult. What was tough was finding variations of words like ‘various’ and ‘numerous’ to describe the incredible biodiversity, which may make the flora and fauna part a bit repetitive at times. I’m certainly no David Attenborough, but I think I’ve succeeded well enough in bringing the Skink Forests to life, if only on paper. While currently not the most, original of jungles, that will certainly be remedied as they are expanded upon in future phases of Project Realm.

Sculpting the World

3.2. Skink Forests

Landscape: Spanning over 800 km from the Northern to the Mid-Eastern coast of the island and nearly 450 km from the Eastern coast to the Pantathiën Lowlands to its West, this region consists primarily of a number of dense rainforests so closely connected they almost appear to be one massive forest. Small streams can be found across the forests and it is there where one can find roaming communities of nomadic Skink, sapient anthropomorphic lizards who stand stand at only meter in height, but are still rather ferocious. The forests’ many trees house small clusters of huts where settled Skinks make their home.

Climate: The Skink Forests’ dominant climate is tropical. Throughout the year it has high temperatures and high humidity during the day, although it is slightly cooler in the coastal areas. During the night the temperatures drop only slightly, while the humidity remains mostly the same. Days when rain doesn’t fall in these forests are extremely rare.

Flora and Fauna: Competing with most Northern island’s Great Forest for the most fertile place in the entire Realm, the Skink Forests are teeming with life. Countless kinds of trees cover most of the region, containing a multitude of plants, among them various flowers and vines, many kinds of fruits and nuts and fungi across multiple levels of the forest. The forest floor is covered in many forms of large bushes, mosses and fungi., that, combined with the trees’ large roots and long vines, make it tremendously treacherous and difficult to penetrate and traverse, something the forests’ predators are well aware of.

In addition to the plants, the forests are home to a massive variety of animals. Various species of bats and birds, including birds-of-paradise and parrots, are found among the canopy, feeding on aerial insects, fruits and nuts. Lower down the trees mammals, mostly small monkeys and predatory cats, as well as non-sapient reptiles, primarily a variety of snakes and lizards, live. The bottom layer of the forest houses mammals such as wild pigs and small deer and a multitude of insects and worms, both on and in the ground. In and around the streams a great many kinds of frogs, most of them poisonous, and freshwater fish make their home.


Ever since a group of shoes held a birthday party a long, long time ago (though in a galaxy not that far away) a little boy’s appreciation for creation was born. And so, throughout the following years shoes partied, a dinosaur travelled through time, oddly shaped football players went on adventures, a young wanderer became a knight, a comedian rose to godhood, Jedi fought an evil empire, a war between cyborg warlords and human-insect hybrids engulfed the world… The boy had learned how with only words on paper (and from times to time a few pictures) he was able to bring people, places, even entire worlds to life. By now that little boy has reached almost the third decade of his life and his love for telling stories has not ceased. And finally, long after he had planned to, he has decided to share these stories with the world. Whether you are a new or already familiar face: welcome to this little archive of mine! This is a place where I will, finally, actually be sharing my writing with others. It will feature pretty much anything I feel like sharing, both old and new stories, fan-fiction and original content, and probably some non-fiction added in at times. So, if you like reading, writing, stories (or me ^_~), drop by, drop a comment (I can’t promise I’ll get back to you quickly, since I’m horrible at that, but I’ll do my best) and, drop it like it’s hot. … Sorry… ^_^; In any case, I hope you’ll enjoy yourself and I look forward to seeing you around!

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