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Double Dose Weekend 9.4. Storm Bird – A Haiku

Thankfully today’s bad weather did bring something that wasn’t depressing to look at. From the same point where I could witness the dreary sight outside I could see one of the neighbourhood’s herons flying, seemingly without any trouble, through the

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Double Dose Weekend 9.3. Rainy Day – A Haiku

Rain and wind, or pretty much anything often called ‘bad weather’, can be quite beautiful to behold. However, when they’re like what I see when I look outside right now – grey, wet, cold, just unpleasant to even look at

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Double Dose Weekend 9.2. Anything Else? – A Haiku

It’s been a while (at least I think it is), but here we have another one of those! Yes, it’s time again for another I-have-no-idea what-to-write piece! I’ve said it before. Sometimes inspiration flows rapidly and sometimes nothing comes, at

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Double Dose Weekend 9.1. Just a Day – A Slice of Life Haiku

Last year around this time I wrote a haiku in the same vein as the one I’ve written today. A simple day, but with enough in it to make it memorable enough and serving as a bit of inspiration, condensed

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Daily Writing Part 78. Story of Poems Part 30

Random words of the day: Eagle. Binder When in doubt on how to use a word just use it in a comparison or an analogy. It worked with X-ray when The Artist’s Tale started and it worked with binder today.

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Musical Medicine – A Haiku

Music can be such a wonderful thing. No matter how down you feel a simple melody can be amazingly effective at pulling you right back up. I’m not certain if I’m entirely out of the dip I’ve been in during

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Project Realm. Sculpting the World, Part 28

I was rather glad to be working on Viridian Shore. With the exception of the Islands of the Lesser Cat People it is the least populated island in the Realm (in terms of sapient life, of course), which really gave

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