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Daily Writing Part 93, Story of Poems Part 39

Random words of the day: Tusk. Rank. And so part three of the Artist’s Tale kicks off! For this we go a bit back in time, before the end of the last chapter and check back on some characters we

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Project Realm. Sculpting the World, Part 33

I try stay on course as much as I can by only discussing the land itself and leaving matters like the social, cultural and biological aspects of the sentient species for later parts of the project. The Dragons, among the

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Order 66. Another Side, Another Story – Act II: Chapter 1. Into the Storm, Part 1

Chapter 1. Into the Storm Part 1. New Beginnings ”So, where are you heading?” the Zabrak asked. “Cato Neimoida. And then on to Zaloriis,” the young man replied. “And, you two decided to attempt that travel with just two Aethersprites?”

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Every Single Time – A Haiku

When I was riding home from work today and watched the birds fly by a thought came to me, one that shows its head from time to time. What’s up with birds? I can definitely see and appreciate their beauty

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Daily Writing Part 92

Random word of the day: Coffee This one took a lot longer than I had expected, and hoped, and as I have to get to work tomorrow I’m afraid I’ll have to leave you all without another Double Dose Weekend.

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My Very First Award!

Remember that awesome development I spoke of yesterday? Yes? No? Maybe? Lobster? Alright, time for the revelation! Last Thursday I was nominated for a Liebster Award! Without further ado I would like to give many many thanks to everyone’s favourite

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Daily Writing Part 91. Story of Poems Part 38 (And a Quick Yet Awesome Update)

Random words of the day: Bush. Ridge Yes, finally I’m able to put the second chapter to an end. I know, I know. Cliffhangers are the worst and often don’t even live up to the hype they generate, but I

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Who? Just your average descendant of two sea-faring peoples, recently graduated anthropology Master and aspiring author with a life-long passion for writing.

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Where? A land under the sea, far, far away. Occasionally with my head in the clouds.

Why? Trying to get both my work and my love for writing out there, sharing them with others and getting in touch with fellow writers, artists and other like-minded people.

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