Project Realm. Sculpting the World, Part 31

Finally back in the Realm again, this time with the first region of the last island. Much of the Dark Plains has been in my head for some time. It was a key location in the story so I’ve been able to visualize it fairly well. As a result this was certainly one of the easier parts to write. As with pretty much all of the islands the climate was the main factor that needed to be expanded upon. Taking cues from the Western Island’s Dark Wood allowed for both an expansion of the Island of Darkness itself as well as how the Demons of the Realm work.

You’ll see there is no map in this post yet. I’m still working on getting those ready again for posting. For now you can look at the previous post to see a map of the island as a whole with the Dark Plains highlighted in dark grey.

EDIT (04-08-2015): the map with the actual region highlighted has been added.

Sculpting the World

7.1. The Dark Plains
Landscape: Spanning 1,000 km from North to South and nearly 2,500 km from East to West the Dark Plains are the heart of the Island of Darkness and the realm of the Demons, the island’s de facto rulers. Outstretched sandy and rocky wastes form the plains from which the region receives its name and can appear without end to those who are not familiar with the land or suitably prepared. Numerous grey and black rock formations are scatter along the large, otherwise mostly flat expanse. They vary in size from boulders to small hills and some of the larger ones contain dark caves. The most eye-catching feature of the Dark Plains is undoubtedly the Fire Mount, a massive volcano towering over everything and said to be the hottest place in the world.

The mountains under control of the Demons and their subjects are black and dark grey, not unlike the rock formations found on the plains. While not as high as the Dragon Peaks to the South, these mountains are treacherous to pass through. Aside from the dangerous people and creatures living there actual paths are few and both chasms and sharp, hardly visible outcroppings numerous.

There are only two places where the mountains are interrupted: a narrow pass in the East, where the Demon’s main fortress is located and the Demon’s harbour district at the Northernmost part of the mountains.

Climate: While there is – or used to be – an actual natural climate in the Dark Plains it is unknown to most. Like almost every aspect of the island the climate is controlled by the Demons. They are capable of changing the temperatures, precipitation, humidity and other climatological factors where- and whenever they want, leading to very unpredictable weather: scorching hot can be replaced at a moment’s notice by freezing cold, bone-dry can make way for pouring showers and a completely airless day can suddenly be set upon by raging windstorms. Whatever happens depends on the whims of the Demons, though the more powerful Demons are better capable of exerting their influence in this manner. The one constant factor in the Dark Plains is that the presence natural light is rare. Sunlight is blocked by both the high mountains and the influence of the Demons and as such the Dark Plains appear to be in an almost constant state of twilight.

In the parts of the mountains bordering the other regions the influence of the Demons is less than on the plains themselves and as a result the climate is more stable there, often showing resemblance to that of the bordering region.

Flora & Fauna: The Dark Plains have no natural flora and fauna. Plant life is entirely nonex istent and most of its inhabitants are sentient or sapient beings serving their Demonic rulers. There are animals roaming the Dark Plains, but these are mostly the vicious creatures magically summoned and set loose by the Demons.


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