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Wonderful Weekend, Schedule Shift and Eternal Couple, A Haiku

So, I didn’t get get home in time for that post after all. Or rather, I did, but tiredness and work in the morning made it so I had hardly any time or energy left to get something out. I

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Autumn Coots – A Haiku

I’ll be away for the weekend – going on Friday, coming back on Sunday – to celebrate my grandparents’ birthday, so my writing time in advance to it is pretty scarce. To get a post out on Saturday I’ve set

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Daily Writing Part 98, Story of Poems Part 43

Random words of the day: Cupboard. Flare So apparently, the sentry’s a parrot now? Not a hamster or a dog then? I mean, he squawks, so… We might not ever know the truth about what this mysterious sentry really is…

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When It Rains… – A Haiku

What’s this?! A post on Thursday?! It’s like, starting to write early in the afternoon, before going away for the rest of the day, really helps with getting actual writing down and that I might be better off actually doing

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Of Downpours, Mobsters and Family Time

No Project Realm today, I’m afraid. Allow me to explain why. After having my mother over for dinner this evening we decided to have a walk. It was raining outside, but it didn’t look too bad, so we went on

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Order 66. Another Side, Another Story – Act II: Chapter 2. Reunion, Part 2

Chapter 2. Reunion Part 2. Fateful Encounters While Nienna awaited Zerati’s return with the other Jedi survivors, she thought about how her own return had been. She had arrived on Zaloriis guided through the Force by Nillanthir. The ship was

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Not Today – A Semi-Strict Reminder Haiku

I know, I’m a bit late again. The Daily Writing poem I was writing wasn’t working out too well and I considered getting my weekly ‘free day’ early this time around. Thankfully my mind and the words of a certain

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Itsa Me!

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Who? Just your average descendant of two sea-faring peoples, recently graduated anthropology Master and aspiring author with a life-long passion for writing.

What? Uhm, human. I think... Also a bit crazy, but in a good way. I think...

Where? A land under the sea, far, far away. Occasionally with my head in the clouds.

Why? Trying to get both my work and my love for writing out there, sharing them with others and getting in touch with fellow writers, artists and other like-minded people.

Hi! ^_^

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