Project Realm. Peoples of the Realm, Part 1. Elves

The start of this section of Project Realm was surprisingly more difficult than I had thought. To set up a coherent piece that both gives the information I wanted to get across and stays within the bounds I set for myself – namely describing the peoples’ physiological aspects and not give into the lure of going into their cultural aspects – was a chore and half. I also made attempts to make the Elves not as perfect as when I first ‘created’ them. You see, the time I played out the story of the Realm with my friend was a time I was absolutely crazy about Elves (blame Tolkien and Jackson for that!). So, the first descriptions of the Elves of the Realm spoke of how beautiful, wise, agile, strong and just about amazing at almost anything they were. I think I managed to tone that perfection down a notch here, without breaking down the creation past me made with such care and passion. I kept the silver blood, though, just ascribed it to their immortality rather than making it an Elven thing.

While the Lord of the Rings inspired my love for Elves, the three Elven peoples were based on those of the Warhammer fantasy universe, both in name (though I’m aware they’re used in other settings) and appearance, even though I knew (and still know) quite little of the Elves in said setting and my friend and I gave our own interpretation to the Elves, kind of making them our own.

Lastly, before we finally get to today’s actual content: I really should be looking to get own art of my own, or at least art specifically made for illustrating the Realm. There’s really amazing and beautiful art out there, but you might be surprised how insanely difficult it is to find pictures of Elves that both fit with the idea I have in mind and don’t look like a bloody pin-up! Or have bunny ears! Or are Drow! In the end I found a couple of pictures that I think did a fairly decent job at that. ^_^

Anyway, sorry for the long introduction. I’ll keep it more brief again in the future. Let’s go meet the Elves!

Peoples of the Realm

1. The Elves

The Elves are one of the oldest peoples of the Realm, mostly inhabiting much of the Northern regions of the Northernmost Island as well the Dark Elf Origin in the Southernmost part of the Realm.

Physical Characteristics
Elves are a bipedal mammalian species with slender pointed ears, which are generally considered their most recognizable physical feature. They stand on average between 1.60 and 1.70 meters, weigh between 60 and 70 kg and are, almost without exception, slender, making them appear frail in comparison to Humans, Dwarves and especially Orks. What they lack in physical strength, though, they make up for in their swiftness and agility, and they are capable of outrunning and outmaneuvering most other peoples.

Hair and eye colour among Elves can vary strongly. Hair colours include pitch-black, various shades of brown, red and blond, grey and white. Eye colours include various shades of brown, green, blue and grey. These differences are mostly dependent on the race they belong to. Both body and facial hair are almost non-existent among Elves. While they are capable of growing it few actually do so and even then they generally do not live among their own people. Skin colour also varies, but to a lesser extent and can be pale white, fair or lightly tanned, again mostly dependent on the race one belongs to.

The Elves are an immortal people and as such possess the faintly silver coloured blood that marks the immortal. Being immortal means Elves do not die of old age and most known diseases, but can still be killed like most others. They age significantly slower than other peoples, not reaching full physical maturity until the age of fifty and after that undergo hardly any visible physical changes.

Although all Elves possess the same characteristics described above and they are considered a single species, three main groups can be distinguished among them, based on certain physical and cultural differences. This section will mainly discuss the physical differences between the Elven peoples.

Wood Elves


Sources: Elf Archer  –  Elf Hunter (by EternalLordsTeam)

Wood Elves make their home in Godlagrin, a kingdom covering the Northern part of the Great Forest. Their skin is either lightly tanned or copper brown and they have either green, brown or grey eyes. Red and chestnut brown are the most common hair colours among them, though blonde Wood Elves are no rarity. Of all Elves they are the most physically fit, possessing more strength, resilience, stamina and agility than both their cousins.

High Elves

High Elves live in their great Citadel of Gamladron and the surrounding territory. Most of them have fair skin and their eyes tend to be blue, grey or light green. High Elves’ hair generally ranges from dark blond to white. Moreso than the Wood and Dark Elves – and in fact most other peoples in the Realm – they possess a strong affinity for magic, as well as a strong resistance to it.

Dark Elves


Source: DE DT BG 03 (by Naiyion)

The Dark Elves inhabit the Dark Elf Origin in the far South and the North-Western region of the Northernmost Island. All Dark Elves are characterised by a pale white skin, with a few bordering on fair. Their eyes are either a very dark brown, bordering on black, or a very pale blue or grey. Hair among the Dark Elves is almost exclusively black, sometimes very dark brown or grey and, on very rare occasion, white. They possess neither the physical strength of the Wood Elves nor the level of magical prowess of the High Elves, but are quick-footed as no other, possessing unparalleled physical swiftness as well as remarkably quick, resourceful and adaptive minds.


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