Project Realm. Peoples of the Realm 2. Humans

Ah, Humans. They’re just everywhere, huh? It’s interesting how even in the most fantastical of fantasy settings we visit, you can just count on those boring old Humans (yes, I write it with a capital letter as I do with all sentient and sapient species) being there too. ^_^ The Realm, it’s no exception. The approach I used for them, Humans as a ‘balanced’ people is certainly not a new or innovative one in fantasy, but I did make attempts at making at least a somewhat interesting and diverse people.

The people of Gondor and Rohan from The Lord of the Rings have unknowingly served as the biggest inspiration for the Laredyn and Guryn respectively (though physically they seem to be switched around a bit). The Westerners of course are made to channel the general classic medieval/fantasy style Middle-Eastern and African peoples, an idea I’ve been toying around with, but has only relatively recently really taken root. The Colonials, I actually have hardly any idea where to go with. ^_^; They’re probably the least developed of all Humans, but I’ll certainly get back to them at a later date.

Also, finding pictures was again definitely the hardest part of this installment. Just so many pictures that are just not what I had in mind. Just a bit too light-skinned, just the wrong hair or eye colour, just not the fitting equipment or clothing… And of course just too much like a part of a gorram Maxim shoot. Ugh, come on! I can see you’re talented artists! Please use it for good! Thankfully, there were plenty of amazing artists out there who did use it for that and where I eventually found some nice estimations of what the Humans of the Realm look like (even though I’m not too sure about the one for the Colonials). You can find the sources for their work at the end.

Peoples of the Realm

2. The Humans
Humans are among the most widespread peoples in the Realm, though. They can be found on the South-Eastern part of the Northernmost Island, the Southern part of the Western Island and in the Human Colonies to the far South.

Physical Characteristics
A bipedal and mammalian species, Humans stand on average between 1.70 and 1.90 meters and weigh between 60 and 100 kg. Their physique can vary but is usually neither particularly skinny nor very bulky. Of the five Northern anthropomorphic peoples they are among the more physically balanced. Overall they are taller than all but the Orks and when it comes to weight stand in-between the heavier Orks and Dwarves and the lighter Elves and Hobbits. In terms of strength and endurance they are surpassed by Dwarves and Orks, but outmatch Elves and Hobbits, while for their agility it is the other way around. Speed and stamina, finally, Humans possess more than Dwarves and Hobbits, but less than Elves and Orks.

Like Elves Humans are physically quite varied. These differences generally depend on where they live. Skin colour can include anything from pale white, fair, lightly tanned, tanned and dark. Hair colour ranges from black and dark brown, to red and light brown, to blond. Their eyes, finally, can be various shades of grey, blue, green, and brown.

Humans are one of the more short-lived peoples. They live about eighty years on average, but Humans of ninety years, while not necessarily common, are not unheard of. Reaching one hundred years or more is a rarity and is usually only the case for particularly exceptional individuals or caused by magical enhancements.

Based on geographical location, Humans can roughly be divided into three groups: the Northerners, the Westerners and the Colonials. Among the first two of these a number of ethnic groups can in turn be distinguished.






The Northerners consist of the Humans on the Northernmost Island, and inhabit the kingdoms of Guryn and Laredyn on the island’s South-Eastern corner. They are on average the tallest of all Humans. All Northerners are fair-skinned, but while the city-dwelling Laredyn generally have blonde or light brown hair and blue or grey eyes, the horse lords of Guryn are overall somewhat darker, having mostly red and brown hair and either green or light brown eyes.





Kahlar Zana

Among the Westerners are counted the inhabitants of the Western Island’s central cities of Sarkansa and Kahlar Zana. The majority of the people living in Sarkansa have a tanned or light brown skin, while most of those inhabiting Kahlar Zana are dark-skinned. In addition the people of Kahlar Zana are slightly taller those in Sarkansa. The Westerners all have dark hair – black, dark brown and on occasion sandy brown – and eyes – brown, dark grey and dark green – , although for the people of Sarkansa these tend to be lighter than for those in Kahlar Zana. The barbarians to the South and desert raiders to the North are culturally different from the Westerners of the cities, but physically very similar.




The Colonials, living in the Human Colonies in the far South, started as a mixed group Humans from different parts of the Realm, but over a couple of generations have become a more homogeneous people, both culturally and physically. They are shortest among the Humans, but the harsh conditions of the Colonies have made them more rugged and probably the most physically hardy and enduring as well. The skin of Colonial Humans is lightly tanned to tanned in colour. Their hair ranges from dark blond to dark brown and their eye colours contain various shades of grey and brown.

Heath Portrait by Isis Sousa
RPG cleric portrait Vika by NicoleCadet

Elthas Sell sword – male rpg character commission by NicoleCadet
Kether Creed RPG character commission by NicoleCadet

Mystic Theurge by JasonEngle
Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra
by Wildweasel339

Kahlar Zana
From Tazu by Christina Leone

April Commissions by artastrophe
Inquisitor by artastrophe


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