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Last Minutes to Midnight – A Year’s End Haiku

For some it may have already happened, for others it’s still a few hours away, but right here, it’s just five more minutes before 2016 finally comes to an end! What better way to conclude it than with a good

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Daily Writing Part 140. Story of Poems Part 75

Random words of the day: Pillow. Box Wow, this definitely went in a different direction than I was initially going for. First the seagull was going to have a line, then I thought I’d focus on the artist for a

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Wait – A Filler/Apology Haiku

Are those recent Fridays cursed, writing-wise, or something? Trying to continue the Artist’s Tale, even more difficulties with words (which might just be turned into names by the time the next part is written) popped up. Hopefully tomorrow’s post, the

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Between the Conclaves – 5. Eriadu, Part 4

5. Eriadu Part 4 “Double-time! He went this way! Move!” Bultar’s thoughts immediately turned back to the clone troopers she was following. Turning her gaze back in front of her she took off, following the sound of the commander’s voice.

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Daily Writing Part 139. Story of Poems Part 74

Random words of the day: Verb. Cap. Now why didn’t I think of that yesterday?! When in doubt, just turn the word into a name! It’s becoming somewhat of a recurring theme here in this story at least since chapter

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Delay – A Filler/Apology Haiku

Apologies, everyone who’s been expecting the next installment of the Artist’s Tale. I’m running into a bit of a bump again with one of the words (what else is new, right? ^^;), so it will be delayed slightly. Expect to

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Daily Writing Part 138

Random words of the day: Seagull I’m not quite sure if it’s the Random Word Generator giving me this word numerous times before throughout all of Daily Writing, or its prominent presence in the Artist’s Tale (possibly even more so

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