Project Realm. Peoples of the Realm 8. Slann

Today we have a look at the rulers of the Lizardfolk, the toad-like people known as the Slann. Like most of the Lizardfolk, they have been based on and named after the Slann from the Warhammer Fantasy universe. I have to admit, though, that the basing on extends little further than the visual and what little I had read about them when I first conceived of them as inhabitants of the Realm. I knew they were toad-like, I knew they had magical powers and I knew they sat atop big thrones or palanquins. Those elements, as you’ll see, all come back in the Slann of the Realm. Aside from the fact that they’re incredibly old, pretty much everything else I had to concoct from scratch, today. That’s always a challenge, but it’s an enjoyable challenge and it feels good to be so actively involved in setting up the Realm and its elements again. Of course, if I ever want to officially publish my work on the Realm, Slann will be among the names that will have to change, but that’s still quite a way away. For now, please enjoy this next installment of the Peoples of the Realm! ^_^

Peoples of the Realm

8. The Slann

The first of the Lizardfolk, the Slann are among the oldest peoples in the entire Realm. They inhabit the Slann Marshes on the South-Eastern side of the Island of the Cold-Blooded, where they have their stronghold.

Physical Description
A cold-blooded, amphibian, tetrapod species, full-grown Slann are on average nearly two meters tall from head to toe and weigh up to 500 kg. They can best be described as large anthropomorphic toads and have a plump and bloated build, often making them appear shorter than they really are. Because of their build and weight, Slann have much trouble moving on their own on land. While they are capable of doing so, it is very exhausting to them and it goes at an incredibly sluggish pace. Because of this they often remain seated in their thrones or palanquins, carried by physically stronger servants like Kroxigor, placed atop Wild Lizard mounts or moved through magical leviatation. In water, and particularly in their marshs, they move with much greater ease and speed, but even in such circumstances they usually let themselves be carried around.

The Slann are completely hairless. Young Slann have a fairly smooth skin, but this turns more wrinkly and warty with age. The skin can range from drab hard to notice colours like brown and green or very bright ones like red, purple, blue or yellow. Slann eyes are usually sunken and yellow in colour.

While physically not overly threatening, the Slann possess a remarkable intelligence and wisdom, a direct result of their ability to gather and preserve an incredible amount of knowledge and experience since they first came to be. In addition, the magical prowess of the Slann are known and feared throughout the Realm and almost – some would say entirely – unrivaled. While the exact powers may differ per individual, Slann possess a vast arsenal of arcane powers extending across the entirety of the known magical spectrum. Most common among these are the harnessing of the elements (usually to great destructive effect) and the manipulation or even control of the minds of massive groups as well as even incredibly high-willed individuals. However, it also includes, but is not limited to, abilities such as levitation, telepathy, telekinesis, regeneration, reanimation of the dead and precognition.

The Slann are one of the Elder Races, the three oldest species of the Realm and as such are immortal beings, possessing the faintly silver coloured blood all immortals possess. They do not die of old age and are highly resistant to disease and poison. While they can be killed like most others, their powerful magic and tendency to avoid physical danger as much as possible, this is unlikely to happen. Slann age incredibly slowly, usually taking a hundred years to reach full maturity, a time during most of which they are physically very vulnerable.

Reproduction among the Slann happens once every couple of centuries, when all Slann come together to mate in the centre of the Slann Marshes. Eggs are laid in large numbers, though of the few that actually hatch, only a small number of young survives, as those considered too weak are often culled at birth. As such the production of offspring is very limited and the number of Slann tends to remain relatively small and stagnant.

No distinguishable groups, whether racial or cultural, are known among the Slann.



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