Between the Conclaves – 2. Dantooine: Reflections, Part 1

2. Dantooine: Reflections

Part 1

 The fire seemed to have been burning for a while already, but there was no sign of it going out yet. Shamila sat down on her knees on the rocky cave floor and placed her hands slightly above the flames. She closed her eyes, letting the warmth of the flames flow in and over her entire body. It felt so good, so comforting after all the hard travel of the last week.

“You came back. I knew you would.”

Startled, Shamila jumped up and almost fell over. Her jaw dropped, her eyes widened as she looked up again to see what was standing in front of her. The long blonde hair, the bright blue eyes, and, the silver wing. Before her stood the one she had been longing for most of all. “N-nill? Is that, really you?” she asked hesitantly.

Nillanthir nodded. A smile formed on her trembling lips, tears of joy welled up in her eyes. She then jumped at him, threw her arms around his neck and held onto him tightly. “I, I missed you, Nill. I missed you, so much,” she said softly, looking him in the eyes.

“I missed you too, Shamila.” Nillanthir replied, stroking through the girl’s hair while supporting her with his arm.

“Nill, I love you.”

I love you too, Shamila.” Shamila let go. Nillanthir put her back on the ground and knelt down so they could see face to face again. “Shamila. Let this be the day we will never part again.” He placed his arm around her and slowly pulled her closer to him. The girl smiled, placing a hand on the young man’s cheek, then closed her eyes and softly placed her lips on his forehead. Finally…

“They’re here!” All of a sudden Shamila saw Nillanthir standing at the exit of the cave, his lightsaber in hand. He turned to her. “I’ll hold them off! You run, now!”

What is this?! Shamila’s eyes widened again. No! “No!” she cried out. “Not again! I’m not going to leave you again! I’m staying here, with you!” She tried to run to him, but somehow couldn’t. It was as if some invisible force pushed her back. She couldn’t do anything, only watch. Numerous blue beams came from outside and hit Nillanthir, knocking him against the nearest cave wall. “Nill!” Powerless, unable to move, Shamila fell to her knees, watching the Jedi Master’s smoking body lying on the ground, motionless. Everything turned black around her. Everything disappeared from sight in the darkness that engulfed the cave. Nothing could be seen, or heard, or even felt. Only she and Nillanthir remained. Nillanthir’s head slowly turned, looking at her. The look in his eyes was hollow, yet Shamila could see a faint smile on his face. But, this was a smile unlike any she had seen before, and it frightened her. On hands and knees Shamila quickly crawled towards him through the nothingness, faster and faster… But in vain. Whatever she did she couldn’t come any closer to him. “Why?” she asked in disbelief, to no one in particular. “What is this?” She felt helpless, sad, and angry, all at the same time. He was lying there, probably mortally injured, and she couldn’t do a single thing. So close he was, yet so far.

“Sha-mi-la…” Nillanthir moved his trembling hand, trying to reach out to her. His voice sounded hoarse and weak.

Shamila jumped up. Finally she found herself able to move again. “Hold on! I’m coming! Don’t you worry!” She ran at him as fast as she could. This time nothing was going to stop her from helping him!

The young Jedi Knight smiled weakly as the girl reached him and knelt down at his side. “Th-thank, you,” he said, barely audible. Shamila smiled back, but the moment she moved her hand to touch his face, Nillanthir’s body was flung up in the air. Then, without warning, it violently burst into flames.

The young Padawan fell to the ground. She could not get up, did not even try. Staring in shock at the terrifying view of Nillanthir floating several meters above the ground, covered in the mercilessly burning flames, she slowly stretched out her arm to reach out for him. And all she could bring out was but a single name. “Nill…,” her whispering sob came, but soon turned into a cry full of desperation, echoing through the emptiness. “Nill! NILL!

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