Between the Conclaves – 3. Dantooine: Ghosts from the Past, Part 4

3. Dantooine: Ghosts from the Past

Part 4

I might ask you the same thing.” The woman smirked. “But I suppose an introduction is the least I can offer you for freeing me.” She nodded. “My name is Tha’ci. I am a Shadow, or, at least I used to be, a millennium ago.”

“A hunter of the Dark Side, hmm?” Vhiran stood up and looked at her. “So that man I saw, the Bodisei you fought and killed at the temple ruins in my vision. He was a Sith Lord?”

Tha’ci cocked her head slightly to the side. “You had a vision of my capturing him? Interesting…” Her serious face showed a smirk again. “No, he was not of the Sith. But he did use the Dark Side of the Force, and was more powerful and dangerous than your average Sith. Destroying his body and trapping his soul was the only way to stop him.”

“Trapping his soul?”

Yes. The blue fire you saw, I used to destroy his body and force his soul out. Then, I directed the flames containing the soul in a crystal specially created for this purpose and imprisoned the soul so that it may not do any harm again. Then the crystal was to be stored in secret isolated place. It was how my group and I dealt with all threats like his.” She sighed and smiled humourlessly. “The High Council, they did not like our, unorthodox methods of combating the Dark Side, even though those methods had proven their worth and efficiency countless times over. They knew we were powerful, some of us at least on even foot with the greatest Masters sitting on the Council. They knew it, and that was exactly the problem. That is why they wanted to stop us. They feared our power, and that we would turn that power against them at some point. We had no intention of doing this, so we appealed to them, attempted to explain our ways, to no avail. They threatened to expel us from the Order if we did not cease using them. We did not give them a chance for that. With pain in our hearts, but with the realization this was the only way open to us now, we left on our own volition and continued to hunt down and deal with any threat brought by the Sith or any agents of the Dark Side on our own, and aided the Jedi Order in secret, from the shadows.”

With great interest Vhiran listened to her story. “How did you end up here then?”

“I might have been powerful, but I wasn’t all-powerful. I met my match one day as I encountered one of the Brotherhood… Bane.” She nodded at Vhiran, who looked in shock upon hearing the name of one of the mightiest Sith Lords in history. “Even back then he was a living legend and I see he has left his legacy even after a thousand years. Any story you might have heard of his terrible power, it is true. Bane was a no less than fearsome man, no, monster, drenched in the Dark Side, with power beyond belief. We were well aware of this so with the five strongest members of my group, myself among them, we ambushed and fought him, here on Dantooine. But even with our combined strength we were no match. He was so much faster and more agile than his size would make one believe and in an instant he slew the first two attackers with a single swift stroke of his lightsaber. The remaining three surrounded him, but he was as powerful a Force user as he was a combatant. I was the only one to evade the waves of lightning he hurled around. My two comrades were not so fortunate. Had Bane continued his attack for much longer their bodies would have been reduced to nothing but ashes. The battle continued. Now I stood alone against one of the most feared Sith of my time. I managed to evade his attacks for some time but Bane almost seemed untouchable and in the end, he proved much more powerful than me. He drove me through the cave and eventually had me where he wanted me. I realized there was no escape. So I used the only option left to me.” She paused and looked at Vhiran with an embarrassed guilty look. “I fled.”

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