Between the Conclaves – 5. Eriadu, Part 4

5. Eriadu

Part 4

Double-time! He went this way! Move!”

Bultar’s thoughts immediately turned back to the clone troopers she was following. Turning her gaze back in front of her she took off, following the sound of the commander’s voice.

“Blast! Where did he go?” the Commander cursed.

Bultar placed herself against the wall only meters from the patrol’s position, and carefully looked around the corner. The four soldiers had run into a dead end and seemed to have lost track of their target.

“What does it matter?” the clone behind the commander asked. His voice betrayed a tone of frustration and weariness. “The Jedi are dead… Most of ‘em. Those left are scattered.”

“Order 66 remains in effect,” the commander replied calmly and raised his visor. “We see one, we kill it. Same as the rest.”

Had they looked behind him for just a moment, they would have noticed the small figure jumping down behind them. Bultar recognized it now, the blue skinned being with a long crested head, slightly over half a meter tall: this was an Aleena, and a familiar one at that. Garbed in soaked brown Jedi robes, the Aleena landed softly behind the clones. “Perhaps Jedi are not so easy too kill when they know who their enemies are,” his raspy voice sounded as his green-bladed lightsaber activated with a hiss.

Not giving the four clones a chance to react the Aleena jumped at them lightning fast. With a single swift stroke the humming blade cut through the two clones at the back. Trying to look behind him and react to the sudden attack, a third soldier was struck in the chest by a downward slash. The lifeless bodies of the two clones behind him had already fallen to the ground as the Aleena used the momentum of his last attack to somersault over the commander, severing his head from his body, ending his life quickly with one well-aimed blow.

Bultar knew she had to act quickly. There was no time to waste now. She could not afford to lose him again. “It is good to see you again, Tsui Choi,” she called from around the corner.

With his lightsaber still drawn and battle-ready, the Aleena looked behind him. “Show yourself!” he called back in a strict tone.

With a smirk Bultar stepped into the alley and placed her hands on her hips. “It’s been some time, but I trust you remember me, despite my disguise, Master Choi.”

Choi’s jaw dropped, a look of surprise showed in his now widened eyes. “Bultar Swan! You live!”

The Jedi Knight knelt down at the small Master and took hold of his hands. “I was at a medstation at the Temple, checking on the wounded, when the clones turned against us,” she began. “Healers heard first and warned us. You?”

“I was in transit with my starfighter. I heard the beacon summoning us to the temple, and then telling us to stay away. I ditched the starfighter here and played dead.” Sadness appeared in Tsui’s eyes as he half closed them and lowered his head. Bultar looked at him sympathetically. She knew how he felt. “I have heard the reports,” He sobbed softly. “The Temple… All the Younglings! I began to think none of us were left alive!”

“There are a few. And I have been in contact with some.” The smile on the woman’s face had now made way for a more serious and determined look. “Some who are not content with the current situation. Some who do not think the Sith should be allowed to win.”

The Aleena Master smiled at her humourlessly. His eyes seemed weary. “Perhaps it is the will of the Force, Bultar.”

Perhaps, Master… But perhaps not,” Bultar replied immediately. “Some of us gather to discuss this. Your insight and wisdom would be most welcomed. Will you come with me?” Calmly she placed her arm on her leg, awaiting his reply.

Master Choi hesitated for a split second. With a still weary look he then looked up and nodded softly. “Yes. I will come… And listen…”

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