Between the Conclaves – 6. Kessel, Author’s Notes

With Kessel concluded, it’s time for another look behind the scenes of the series. It’s a lot of fun looking back at what was going through my writing minds over ten years ago. I remember that massive boost of inspiration I had before writing these notes. Definitely something I’d like to see more of. And of course, I’ve definitely looked at the last paragraph with quite a different perspective, considering the one first the tragic passings of last year. :( Despite that, I do hope you’ll enjoy this second instalment of my original and completely unaltered author’s notes for Between the Conclaves! ^_^

6. Kessel

Author’s Notes

24-01-2006 (around midnight)
Yeah, around midnight, or more like far past it! *yawn* I really need to go to bed. It’s just I suddenly had such a burst of inspiration that I just couldn’t stop myself until I finished this part. And it’s done. Yay! Again credits to John Ostrander, for the dialogue I’ve taken from ‘Purge’, this time for the dialogue in Vhiran’s vision. And that’ll probably be the last time I’ve purposely taken text literarily from another one’s work. Now you can safely read ‘Purge’, by the way, without spoilers. I recommend you do. You don’t need it to understand ‘Between the Conclaves’ better, but, although a tad short, it’s worth the read, really!

Hey, any guesses on who’s my least favourite Jedi? Hee-yeah, that not so prestigious title goes to none other than *drum roll* Master Koffi Arana! Remember kids: don’t do Dark Side! You might end up like this jerk here! Nah, I’m going to stop bashing him. I really can’t stand character bashing, even though he just killed off my dear Bultar. Jerk… … Ok, bashing ends here…

BAM! And with one sudden direct hit, down goes the character shield! Just so there’s no confusion about it: Bultar is dead. You know, as in not alive. Dead, you hear me, DEAD! Conclusion: all forum discussions on her fate (as so often seen in story/comic/series forums) are henceforth completely useless. Hah! Anyway, this of course means, through the Force bond with my fictional alter ego, that Vhiran has to have bitten the dust as well. And poor little Shamila falling from so high, and then something goes “crack!”. To be honest, I kind of hate myself somewhat for doing all this to them. The biggest jerk here is not Koffi, but me. While the story progresses, the writer usually develops some sort of bond with their characters. And I’m no different. To me, my characters are pretty much my children and I’m very fond of them, particularly Shamila. Then of course the question arises: Why the hell do I do this to them?! Looks like I’m one lousy dad. It’s as I said in a conversation with Nill (the real one, duh!) once: it’s a good thing my characters are not real. If they were they’d probably hate my guts and run after me, viciously waving their weapons in the air, and not stopping until they’ve completely and utterly butchered me for everything I’ve put them through. Can you see it before you? I can (in cartoon style with Benny Hill music in the background!), and I’m laughing my ass off (in my mind, just so I don’t wake anyone up)! XD

Well, the rest of the story then. Hmm, well first off, contrary to most of this part, its ending certainly turned out completely different than I had in mind. The mystery man with the weird voice was supposed to be there, just, not like this. The change of end is the reason of the length of ‘Kessel’. I thought it was going to be the longest of the current six and had I stuck with what I first planned, it would probably have turned out that way, or at least quite a bit longer than it is now. Looking back though, I think this turned out better than the initial idea, so that’s good. What the initial idea was, I will not reveal as of now. Maybe later on, but not now. Trust me, I have my reasons.

Other than that, what else is there to say? Oh, yeah, fun fact. The senior Imperial officer. He’s supposed to sound like Alan Rickman (y’know, the guy who no less than brilliantly plays Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies). Just read it out loud with his voice, and try and compare the “Mister Vakluu…” with “Mister Potter…” Well, does he? Don’t know if it turned out all that well, don’t even know why I actually did this, but I just did it and it was fun. ^^

And thus ends the second instalment of the magnificent “Author’s notes”. Thank you for your time!

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