Between the Conclaves – 7. Coruscant, Part 2

7. Coruscant

Part 2

Shamila looked up, feeling a hand on her shoulder. A slight smile appeared on her face, wet with tears as she recognized the young man sitting knelt down before her, smiling at her. “Nill…” She gently clasped the hand on her shoulder while wiping her tears away, but then saw the smile on his face disappear and a piercing look locking his eyes with hers. “N-nill? Wha…”

“I told you to look after Vhiran and Bultar.” His voice sounded strict. “Now they’re dead. Why didn’t you look after them? Why didn’t you protect them? Why, Shamila?”

“N-Nill, I…”

Nillanthir didn’t give her time to continue. Sweeping her hand on his away he rose to his feet and looked down at her with a look of sadness, anger and disappointment. “I trusted you, Shamila. And you killed my friends. I will never forgive you for that.”

Her vision blurred as tears welled up again, but she could just see a red round stone in Nillanthir’s hand. Then slowly it fell down, and burst into pieces as it struck the ground just before her. She covered her face as the pieces of the stone scattered all around. As she looked back, Nillanthir had already turned around and walked away. Shamila felt unable to move, even do anything. Seeing the pieces of the Heart of Fire she had given him as a sign of her love for him lying scattered around the chamber, and Nillanthir walking off and fading away along with the spirits of Bultar and Vhiran fading she sat as if frozen to the ground. For a moment it was eerily quiet…

“You were my sister!” Bultar’s voice then sounded again, seemingly coming from nowhere. “Why didn’t you protect me?!”

“You did nothing about it!” Vhiran added. “I died because of you!”

“You killed us! Shamila, you killed us!”

“You killed them! I will never forgive you, traitor!” Nillanthir called.

Shamila gritted her teeth. She closed her eyes and covered her ears in an attempt to block out those awful voices. But they continued, and they multiplied. As countless voices wailed through her head, their words became nearly incomprehensible and indistinguishable. She could only pick up fragments of what they said.

“Sister… killed us… traitor… cause of you… why… never forgive you… my sister… killed my friends… thing to help… traitor… why did y… protect me… kill me… why… sister… my friends… killed me… you killed us… why… traitor…”

With every passing moment Shamila started shaking heavier, tears ran down faster and faster, did not stop even when they started stinging her eyes. She tried so hard to be strong, but the voices continued, without ceasing a single moment, their wailing filling her with fear. And the words thrown at her by the people she cared about most of all struck her like countless blades cutting through her. She could not bear it anymore. The fear, the guilt, the pain. She fell over, rolling over the floor, thrashing her limbs and head around like crazy. And all along she kept on screaming, in utter terror. “NO!!! NO, STOP IT!!! STOP IT!!! GO AWAY!!! STOP!!! GET AWAY FROM ME!!! PLEASE STOP IT!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! No longer was she in the cave by now. Nillanthir and the spirits were gone. There was nothing around, but she did not notice anything that happened, only the voices were there, mercilessly torturing her without end. Then suddenly all became silent again. She lied still. Was it over?

A soft breathing sounded below her. Slowly looking downwards her eyes then widened upon seeing Bultar’s deathly pale face as the woman who had become like her big sister crawled over to her, using just her hands to carry forward the rest of her blood-stained body over the rock floor, looking at her with big widened eyes. Shamila’s eyes shot upward as a lock of brown hair appeared above her and suddenly there was Vhiran’s face, even paler than usual, hanging over her, staring down with wide emotionless eyes fixed on her. And just as she wanted to sit upright and crawl away, she noticed a young girl in rags sitting before her, her hands on her pulled up legs. It was so strange. Her hair, her face, her eyes. The girl seemed a bit paler than her, but otherwise she looked exactly the same! She turned her head and stared at Shamila intensely, then the next moment her face turned into Nillanthir’s. “Traitor!” She heard her own voice screaming out of Nillanthir’s mouth. “Traitor!”

She curled up, pulling her arms over her ears, and shut her eyes tight, and she screamed. She screamed louder than she had ever done before. Then everything around her disappeared and she fell, down into a deep darkness.

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