Between the Conclaves – 7. Coruscant, Part 6

7. Coruscant

Part 6

Shamila saw her Master rise back to his feet and looked behind her to see someone having stopped behind them. The person wore flowing dark blue robes with a face-covering hood and emanated something odd, something that immediately gave her a feeling of warmth and comfort. While over a head shorter than her Master, the mere sight of this person was most certainly inspiring.

Vhiran made a short bow. “Indeed, Inquisitor,” he replied. “This is Shamila. Shamila.” He inclined his hands towards the Inquisitor. “Raeynil Ashgnar of the Imperial Inquisitorius.”

Ashgnar nodded. “Shamila, you do good not to take things at face value and instead question them thoroughly, especially considering the sudden change in your situation. I will answer your questions. No, not all Jedi were involved in the planned uprising, most of them were in fact innocent and not at all targets of the Galactic Empire. Still, many have taken on a hostile stance against the Empire, largely because of those events you mentioned. The attacks at Zaloriis and Nar Shaddaa were incidents with rogue commanders holding long-standing personal grudges against Master Nillanthir Zerati and your own Master. Both Commander Aoshi on Zaloriis as well as Captain Mumei at Nar Shaddaa thought they could act outside Imperial law and use the resources at their command to settle these grudges. They thought wrong.”

Even though she had no liking to those officers, Shamila shivered at the thought of what fate might have awaited them as she heard the Inquisitor’s voice turning cold.

The reason of the attack on the Jedi Temple was to weed out the insurgents Master Ashukahwa just spoke to you about. However a few overly fanatical battalions, no doubt result of faulty cloning procedures surfacing just then, were unable to follow their orders properly. At one point they started firing not only at the insurgents, but at everyone in their path who was not part of the 501st Legion, and even set the Temple ablaze so that none of their targets would escape. The result is known all too well. As Inquisitor I’ve experienced my share of gruesomeness, and over the years seem to have developed some immunity to what would make most stomachs turn and minds snap without trouble, but upon witnessing this with my own eyes…” Ashgnar’s gaze seemed to turn upward to the high windows. “Needless to say those responsible were punished, immediately and harshly.”

“And the attack over Kessel was an unfortunate joining of circumstances,” Vhiran added to the Inquisitor’s explanation after a short silence. “The morning before our arrival there, Lord Vader had left for Kessel for a confidential mission. Captain Nalar Namkic had received orders to block access to the planet to all without personal permission from Lord Vader. At that point still believing the Empire’s true stance against the Jedi was a hostile one, I tried to sneak through with a false identity. Captain Namkic saw through my act and naturally believed I was out to stir up trouble. So he followed his orders and attacked.”

“And that’s how it is,” Ashgnar continued. “But if you are the smart girl I know you are, you will not trust everything we have told you just like that. Keep your mind and your senses open. Let the words sink into your mind, think about them, question them, analyze their meanings, their every detail. Do so over and over again, until you have unravelled their true meaning, and found the truth.” For a moment Shamila thought she spotted a slight smile from under the hood. “I sense you are a talented girl, Shamila. Put that talent to good use. The people of the Galaxy need you, certainly in times like these.” The Inquisitor turned to Vhiran. “Master Ashukahwa. His Majesty is expecting you.”

Vhiran nodded. “Yes, we were under way.”

“Excellent.” Ashgnar nodded approvingly. “Until we meet again.” With that Raeynil turned around and within a split moment the flowing robes were all the two could see disappear around the neareast corner.

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