Between the Conclaves – Epilogue, Author’s Notes

So we come to the end of the line. Last week saw the last part of Between the Conclaves‘ epilogue and with today’s last set of author’s notes, it will truly be concluded. As always I found it a joy to read back those notes, now nearly ten years old! I was a young lad with a full head of hear, Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series was on the rise and both my drive to write and my actual writing production were at an all-time high. Looking back on those years lately has been inspiring and has driven me to really get back on those other Star Wars stories I never finished. More on that next week. For now, please enjoy the final (unedited) author’s notes of Star Wars – Between the Conclaves!


Author’s Notes

16-02-2008, 00:25 PM
Attention, readers! My hair has just finished the ‘Between the Conclaves’ series! Hurray! Lushings of ginger beer for everyone! I’m so excited I could wet myself! Oops! Too late! Alright, alright! Enough with the incessant Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged quotes. I am really excited though! Right now I have just completed my very first solo work! YAAAAY!!! This is quite an accomplishment for me, someone who has tons of first chapters of never finished stories still lying around across several computers! And it makes me feel so incredibly happy! If any of you would be here with me now, I’d get you all sake (or cups of tea if you happen to be Abridged Bakura)!

The epilogue. I just finished it, and I must say I’m quite satisfied about it. I’ve pretty much always liked the Imperial meeting part since I finished it. It comes with an interesting revelation (if you pay attention!) and in my opinion shows very well the true “face” of Inquisitor Raeynil Ashgnar: ice cold, unforgiving, able to ennerve even the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, and at the same time so incredibly loyal, to fault obiviously, it is at once not only one of the Inquisitor’s greatest strengths but also a clear and tremendous weakness, and one of the few things that can stir up Raeynil’s emotions. I think those conflicting sides, along with the tremendous enigma Raeynil still is, are why I like this character so much.

While writing, and even when checking, I was worrying about how the part on Dantooine would come out. For some reason it just kept feeling, not right. In the end, it feels like all the pieces that should have fallen into place by now have done so. I said before that everything that happens in my stories, happens for a reason and I think you can see now how all events throughout the stories have slowly intertwined into the final act that concluded ‘Between the Conclaves’. As always, some of the questions that kept hanging at the end of ‘Coruscant’ have been answered, while (as I predicted!) others have already taken their place. It’s how it is. Not until the very end of the line I will give away the last decisive detail. And even then you might have to wait some more for some of the background stories that will appear, which in turn will raise other questions! With me, I doubt you’ll ever get the full picture, as I just keep on writing and writing and writing… :P And all the time I’ll keep you all in the dark! Ahahahahaha!!! I’m so diabolical it hurts! *slaps self for using yet another Abridged quote while having said to stop with them*

And yeah, what more is there to say really?

With this epilogue, ‘Between the Conclaves’ has finally reached its conclusion. This series of short stories I began over a year ago has finally come full circle and it feels just awesome! It has been one heck of a ride, especially for our three heroes, but I hope for you too! I hope you enjoyed following the adventures of Vhiran, Bultar and Shamila as much as I did writing them down: from Bultar’s “What in the blazes…” in the Refugee Sector in ‘Nar Shaddaa’ up until Vhiran’s “I won’t be long…” in the epilogue’s Dantooine-based cloning facility… To me, as a writer and artist, there will always be bits and pieces I will not be completely satisfied about, but, especially now that I finished it, that doesn’t seem to do much to me. I like my series, every single part, and will always look back at it with warm feelings, and I truly hope that with my writing I have brought to you all at least a bit of those feelings. Thank you so much for staying with this nutcase through it all! :)

Well, all? Not quite! As I said there’s more to come! And now that I have this behind me, I can and will focus my attention on the follow-up story that I’m writing with Nill. Look forward to it!


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Introducing Between the Conclaves


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