Character Profile: Vhiran Ashukahwa

Profile Vhiran Ashukahwa

Vhiran Ashukahwa was a male Bodisei Jedi Knight who lived during the latter years of the Galactic Republic and rise of the Galactic Empire. After receiving the rank of Jedi Knight, he became a Jedi General in the Grand Army of the Republic. Ashukahwa fought in various battles against the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars, often alongside the ARC Trooper team Saber Squad, which he commanded. When Order 66 came down at the end of the Clone Wars, Vhiran and several Jedi fled Coruscant and hid on Zaloriis to discuss the future. Following an Imperial attack on Zaloriis,Vhiran traveled from planet to planet with Jedi Knight Bultar Swan and Padawan Shamila to stay out of the hands of the Empire. During this time on the run they helped plant the seeds for resistance against the Empire. After the the Conclave of Kessel, where he witnessed the killing of Bultar and nearly died himself, Vhiran would eventually find himself on Dantooine with the help of the ancient former Jedi Tha’ci, where the two intended to clone Swan and bring her back to life.

Personality and traits
Vhiran’s personality was very much shaped by the conflict between his Bodisei nature and Jedi upbringing on one side and the turbulent times in which he was born and raised on the other.

While a skilled fighter and finding enjoyment in combat practice, he preferred to shun actual conflict and violence whenever possible. As such, he wasn’t overly eager to accept his position as Jedi general during the Clone Wars. He did serve dutifully and to the best of his ability, however, feeling a sense of loyalty to the Jedi and the Republic and believing that the Separatists were a genuine threat to the Galaxy he was sworn to protect.

More-so than violence, Vhiran abhorred killing and would do anything in his power to prevent death, even that of enemies. This became particularly problematic at the end of the Clone Wars, when he was forced to fight living opponents in the shape of the Empire’s clone troopers, rather than the droids he was used to. His reluctance to kill and attempts at resolving combat in a non-lethal way would cause him to hesitate and even freeze on multiple occasions. Eventually, realising the danger it put him and his comrades in, would make him partially overcome this. He still attempted to avoid killing, but not to the extent that it would endanger those he cared about. However, he would be unable to prevent his feeling of strong guilt whenever he would take a life.

Especially in his view on violence and killing, the influence of both Vhiran’s heritage and his upbringing on his outlook on others and life in general can clearly be seen. The Bodisei’s pacifist nature and the Jedi’s duty to protect the Galaxy directly resulted in Vhiran’s caring and protective nature. While being shy and quiet as a child, even from a young age, he always felt a strong urge and responsibility to help and defend those he cared , leaving no opportunity to do so unused. As he grew older, his shyness gave way for assertiveness, but his yearning to help others only increased, expanding those others from his fellow Jedi to the soldiers he served with and eventually all living beings he’d come across. It would go so far even that he would at times forego his calm and patient demeanour and act on impulse, jumping to the defence of those in peril without a second thought. This eagerness earned him trust and loyalty of his soldiers and many people, but the constant sense of responsibility could put a great mental strain on him. Furthermore, failure to protect could evoke strong emotions in him, as witnessed especially by the bout of rage and hysteria overcoming him when Bultar Swan was killed before his eyes during the early stages of Order 66.

Powers and abilities
Being a member of the Bodisei species, Vhiran was strongly Force sensitive since birth, which was developed further during his Jedi training. He had a particular aptitude for healing with the Force. While he had shown he could use healing techniques throughout his life, his talent did not become truly apparent until his early adulthood, when he used an incredibly difficult and dangerous technique to transfer his own life force into Bultar Swan’s body to prevent her from dying. As a Bodisei, he also had the inborn ability to use the Force to call upon vision for of pre- and post-cognition. However, having received hardly any instructions on and practice in the Bodisei visions, and even then mainly theory, during his Jedi training, he was unable to fully control and consciously use them until his mid twenties.

In addition to his Force powers, Vhiran was an above average fighter. As a child he showed some promise in the use of the Ataru lightsaber form, but during his training under Master Plo Koon, he would start focusing more on the practice of the Shien/Djem So form his Master used. Early into the Clone Wars, Ashukahwa was taught the basics of the martial art Kaigen from a Matukai master he rescued. He would later implement various elements of Kaigen into his personal lightsaber form, Guntou Kaigen.


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