Character Profile: Shamila

Profile Shamila

Shamila was a female Human Jedi Padawan who lived during the latter years of the Galactic Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire. She was trained as a Jedi Padawan by Zabrak Jedi Master Loria Ashukahwa until Loria’s death near the end of the Clone Wars. Shortly after the execution of Order 66, Jedi Knight Vhiran Ashukahwa became her new Master and brought her along to the planet Zaloriis, where several Jedi were gathering to discuss the future. After the Empire attacked Zaloriis, she traveled the Galaxy with her Master and Jedi Knight Bultar Swan to evade the Empire and prepare for resistance against it. Shamila was nearly killed in an Imperial attack over the planet Kessel at the time the Conclave on Kessel took place below. However, she awoke two weeks later on Coruscant, where she discovered that she had been found and saved by the Empire and that her Master appeared to have joined to Empire. Vhiran would eventually convince Shamila to do the same.

Personality and traits
To most people, Shamila often gave the impression of as a shy, quiet girl on the outside. In some ways, she was. Not speaking often, if at all, in public and among strangers and doing little to draw attention to herself, she could seem almost reclusive. This was in no small part due to the stressful and overwhelming life she faced as a young girl growing up in a turbulent time and training to be a Jedi. Those who got to know her, however, would learn to see past this and see there was much more beneath her quiet exterior.

Above all, Shamila was extremely determined. When she set her mind to something, she would be dead-set on seeing it through, for better or worse. This could be anything from a simple errand from her Master to standing her ground in the face of adversity, including life or death situations. It was at those moments that she would most clearly break out of her quiet, uncertain shell to stand and speak up and do what she felt needed to be done. Order 66 and the end of the Clone Wars brought this even further to the fore. Her eagerness to finish her Jedi training following her Master’s demise, her unwillingness to leave behind Nillanthir Zerati during an Imperial attack on Zaloriis and her tenacity in surviving battles and even the fighter crash on Kessel would prove this above all.
In this she also showed her tremendous loyalty and dedication to those around her, and in particular the Jedi Order that raised her. Shamila held the Jedi in high regard, seeing them as a beacon that protected the Galaxy. As such, she always sought to please her Master and the Order in general and follow the Jedi Code and other teachings almost to the letter. This could at times lead to inner conflict as she would be faced with actions or emotions she believed went against these teachings, such as the feelings she developed for Nillanthir Zerati, but even for some time after the Order was destroyed by the Galactic Empire, she insisted on finishing her training to become a Jedi. It wasn’t until she fell into Imperial hands and learned a different view of the Jedi, that her devotion to the Order in particular began to fade. Those she cared about could still count on her unquestioning loyalty, however, and she would seek to be there for them to the best of her ability.
Finally, Shamila was incredibly curious, jumping on every opportunity to learn anything new, whether cultural, natural, spiritual or otherwise. Although, this came fairly naturally to her, her curiosity was even further strengthened when she became was placed under the tutelage of her first Jedi Master, Loria Ashukahwa. Loria, possessing the same habit, would travel often and far, taking Shamila along to the most distant and secluded corners of the Galaxy. On their travels, Ashukahwa would always strongly encourage and inspire her Padawan to learn from everything and everyone they encountered.

Powers and abilities
Shamila was discovered to be Force sensitive shortly after birth and received Jedi training from a very young age. During her time as a Youngling, she was taught the basics of lightsaber combat and use of the Force. Both of these were developed further after Shamila became was chosen as Padawan learner by Jedi Knight Loria Ashukahwa, who was determined to bring out the great potential she sensed in the girl.

In addition to her Force sensitivity and Jedi training, Shamila was quick in many ways. A quick learner, she obtained a great deal of knowledge about the known galaxy during her many journeys with her Master. In addition, she proved to have remarkably keen senses and was able to rapidly read and determine the state of her surroundings. Furthermore, she was physically quite quick and agile, able to both move at great speed and get in and out of most places with ease.

Finally, despite appearing petite and fragile, at age twelve Shamila already showed to possess exceptional physical endurance, especially for someone her age. Her taking a direct punch to the head from a veteran ARC trooper on Nar Shaddaa, without any discernible physical damage, and surviving a fall from an incredible height on Kessel are testament to this.


Ever since a group of shoes held a birthday party a long, long time ago (though in a galaxy not that far away) a little boy’s appreciation for creation was born. And so, throughout the following years shoes partied, a dinosaur travelled through time, oddly shaped football players went on adventures, a young wanderer became a knight, a comedian rose to godhood, Jedi fought an evil empire, a war between cyborg warlords and human-insect hybrids engulfed the world… The boy had learned how with only words on paper (and from times to time a few pictures) he was able to bring people, places, even entire worlds to life. By now that little boy has reached almost the third decade of his life and his love for telling stories has not ceased. And finally, long after he had planned to, he has decided to share these stories with the world. Whether you are a new or already familiar face: welcome to this little archive of mine! This is a place where I will, finally, actually be sharing my writing with others. It will feature pretty much anything I feel like sharing, both old and new stories, fan-fiction and original content, and probably some non-fiction added in at times. So, if you like reading, writing, stories (or me ^_~), drop by, drop a comment (I can’t promise I’ll get back to you quickly, since I’m horrible at that, but I’ll do my best) and, drop it like it’s hot. … Sorry… ^_^; In any case, I hope you’ll enjoy yourself and I look forward to seeing you around!

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