Character Profile: Flash

Profile Flash

ARC-8033, nicknamed “Flash”, was a Human ARC trooper captain who lived during the final years of the Galactic Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire. As the leader of the four man commando team Saber Squad he often took part in missions far behind enemy lines or ahead of a larger Republic force during the Clone Wars. A year into the war he and his squad were placed under command of Jedi general Vhiran Ashukahwa and would remain so for the rest of the war. After the war, Flash and two of his fellow squad members were stationed at an Imperial garisson on Nar Shaddaa, where he was unexpectedly reunited with Ashukahwa. Upon encountering Vhiran, he refused to follow Order 66, reaffirming his loyalty to the Jedi. Along with his squad mates, he instead decided to join up with his general, hide and protect him, and help him with the preparations for resistance against the Empire.

Powers and Abilities
Flash received both standard clone trooper as well as ARC trooper training on Kamino, making him a formidable soldier and warrior. Unlike his highly specialized squad mates, Flash was a more flexible, all-round soldier. With a vast arsenal of combat skills under his belt and being quick of both mind and feet, allowed him to easily adapt to the situation at hand.

He mastered various ranged and close quarters weaponry, with the vibrosword and WESTAR-M5 blaster rifle being his primary weapons of choice. In addition to this, Flash was also a trained in various styles of martial arts, most notably Kaigen, which he learned from his Jedi general, Vhiran Ashukahwa. Like Ashukahwa, Flash would blend elements of Kaigen with his sword fighting style, creating his own variation of the general’s personal lightsaber form Guntou Kaigen.

Finally, Flash was renowned for his lightning fast speed, which led him to often take the role of the squad’s scout or vanguard and which was a deciding factor in the creation of his nickname.


Ever since a group of shoes held a birthday party a long, long time ago (though in a galaxy not that far away) a little boy’s appreciation for creation was born. And so, throughout the following years shoes partied, a dinosaur travelled through time, oddly shaped football players went on adventures, a young wanderer became a knight, a comedian rose to godhood, Jedi fought an evil empire, a war between cyborg warlords and human-insect hybrids engulfed the world… The boy had learned how with only words on paper (and from times to time a few pictures) he was able to bring people, places, even entire worlds to life. By now that little boy has reached almost the third decade of his life and his love for telling stories has not ceased. And finally, long after he had planned to, he has decided to share these stories with the world. Whether you are a new or already familiar face: welcome to this little archive of mine! This is a place where I will, finally, actually be sharing my writing with others. It will feature pretty much anything I feel like sharing, both old and new stories, fan-fiction and original content, and probably some non-fiction added in at times. So, if you like reading, writing, stories (or me ^_~), drop by, drop a comment (I can’t promise I’ll get back to you quickly, since I’m horrible at that, but I’ll do my best) and, drop it like it’s hot. … Sorry… ^_^; In any case, I hope you’ll enjoy yourself and I look forward to seeing you around!

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