Project Realm. Peoples of the Realm 10. Kroxigor

Continuing with the Lizardfolk species, today we’ll be looking at the second of them inspired by a species from the Warhammer Fantasy universe with the same name: the Kroxigor. The story behind them is very similar to that of the Slann. I didn’t know much about them, aside from what I saw on the pictures – hulking and physically powerful anthropomorphic crocodile people- and I can’t really remember them appearing when my friend and I played out the story of the Realm. As such, I had to fill in the many blanks myself, which is once again actually a good thing if I want to make them at least somewhat my own. In the end, I think I succeeded in that, but there is something that just, caught my attention. It probably doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things (if at all), but I thought I’d share it anyway: both writing and reading the final text I noticed a bit of a contrast with the parts about the Slann and the Pantathiëns. It’s probably due to the latter two being natural magic users, while, among the Kroxigor, magic is (biologically) absent. In any case, let’s not waste any more time and just get to the good part, shall we? Please enjoy!

Peoples of the Realm

10. The Kroxigor

The Kroxigor are the frontline warriors of the Lizardfolk. The Kroxigor Mountains, located on the southwestern side of the Island of Cold-Blooded, form their main territory, but some of them occasionally venture outside, to act as personal retinue to the Slann, as overseers of the Skinks, or as warriors on any battlefield they’re needed.

Physical Description
The yellow-eyed Kroxigor are a cold-blooded bipedal reptilian species resembling anthropomorphic crocodiles. On average, adults are up to 2.8 meters tall from head to toe, around 1 meter broad from shoulder to shoulder and weigh 300 kg, most of which is muscle.

Built tall, broad, and muscular, Kroxigor are the most physically powerful of the Lizardfolk and, in fact, nearly unrivaled across the Realm when it comes to strength. Each part of their body, their jaws, claws and tail in particular, is a deadly weapon in its own right, capable of tearing through bone with ease and even crushing rock with a bit of effort. Their rugged, leathery skin is covered with ridges along the head, back, limbs and tail and is very tough, capable of withstanding incredible amounts of punishment before it is even penetrated. Its colour varies from grey and brown to green and, on occasion, blue, but it is generally drab and unassuming, so as to better blend in with their surroundings. While their hulking build and aggressive behaviour, tends to lead outsiders to think of them as primitive brutes, they actually are fairly intelligent, on par with most of the Realm’s sapient species.

Solely carnivorous, the Kroxigor are hunters through and through, preying on the animals found in the border areas between the Kroxigor Mountains and other regions of the island. When the usual prey is especially scarce, infant Kroxigor can be targeted, although this happens very rarely and, because of the highly protective parents, is often unsuccessful. All individuals are expected to hunt on their own and for themselves and, if they have any, their young.

Kroxigor reproduce by laying eggs. Those strong enough to claim a spot in the water basins in the inner ranges of the Kroxigor Mountains mate there once every two years. Those who can’t are forced to live in the outcroppings and caves within the mountains and rarely reproduce. A few days after mating, females lay their eggs in nests of sand or rocks, built on the banks of the basins. A Kroxigor nest usually contains no more than five eggs, of which both parents are fiercely protective. Once the eggs hatch, six months later, the young are incredibly vulnerable and need to be protected and fed by their parents until they are strong enough to survive on their own, which can take up to a year. After that, they are expected to fend for themselves and are abandoned by their parents.

The average lifespan for a Kroxigor is around forty years, making them one of the shorter lived species in the Realm. Biologically they can reach up to seventy or even eighty years, but their near constant presence on the frontlines and the highly cutthroat and competitive nature of their society, assure most Kroxigor meet a violent end long before then, not infrequently by the hands of their own kind.

There are no biologically distinguishable groups among the Kroxigor. They do, however, have a hierarchy favouring those with greater physical strength and martial prowess, leading to various de facto social groups based on those characteristics.


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Star Wars Writing Update: Phase 2

Today we’re entering a new phase of Star Wars writings on the Ashukahwa Archives, which I’ve by now decided to dub the “Ashukahwa-verse.” The major characters I have written (and Bultar), as well as most of the organisations and events that have appeared so far, all have a basic profile now, containing an information table and a brief, general biography. Characters who were not created by me, such as Nillanthir, minor characters and possible topics I hadn’t yet considered up until now, may follow at a later date. For now, though, I’ve decided to focus on expanding the current profiles and get more in-depth into, especially, the characters.

The first step into that expansion will be a description of the characters’ powers and abilities, starting with the character that would later lend his name to this site: Jedi Knight Vhiran Ashukahwa. By the time this post is up, there will be additional information on Vhiran’s profile.

You can find the profile RIGHT HERE! Please go and have a look and leave a like a or comment if you enjoy what you see. ^_^

On a related note: there’s finally some progress in the set-up of the Archives’ Star Wars library/databank, in no small part thanks to my new writing schedule. I hope to bring you more on that next week. Until then:

Happy reading and may the Force be with you!

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Daily Writing Part 167. Story of Poems Part 101

Random words of the day: Flirt. Newspaper // Milkshake. Senator // Cloak. Aerial

Today we also have a returning series! Sure, The Artist’s Tale hasn’t been away quite as long as Project Realm, but it has been absent for two weeks. Therefore you’ll be getting a triple dose this week! While I’m not entirely satisfied with the flow in some places and I really hope I could have concluded the chapter this week, I’m not dissatisfied with the result. We’re learning a bit about what seems to be the government of the story’s world and I particularly enjoy the magnificent rewards the crab and eel are trying to entice the factions hostile to one another with. Add some apparent magical apparel and you’re well on your way on the road to silliness! ^_^

The Artist’s Tale. Chapter 5

Beneath the early sun
A baby mouse ran through the glade
And just behind it followed suit
A brilliant parade

Accompanied by radios
All playing vibrant songs
The creatures in that great parade
They marched to right some wrongs

The endless crowd moved lightning fast
Like a shooting star it went
For they knew they’d be refugees
If it came to the Event

One of the creatures stopped and turned
The tiniest red mite
“Looks like we’re almost there!” it called
“The iceberg is in sight!”

Around the berg’s sharp peak
Stormed fierce gusts of powdered snow
While on its top sat Referee
The court’s most senior crow

It strapped a saddle to its back
And rose up to the sky
Adjusting its square glasses
It let out a booming cry

“I’m glad you’ve come, my Flywheel friend!”
It called out to the gull
“My days on that cold pyramid”
“Were getting awfully dull”

“It seems the blackboard chart was right”
“You’ve come here just in time”
“Please follow me towards the court”
“We may just stop old Mime”

They flew towards their destination
Through the snow and hail
To find a man before its gate
Armed with a board and nail

His body was that of a man
His head that of a sparrow
His bulky chest broad like a safe
His waist extremely narrow

“Stop, all of you!” the bird man spoke
“The entrance here ain’t free!”
“Your great stampede won’t cross the cord”
“Until you’ve paid the fee!”

The artist jumped right off the gull
And swiped their credit card
Then a t-shirt wearing puppy
Promptly had the gate unbarred

Strange sounds and lights filled up the court
Like a space station it looked
And all across its metal walls
Countless ransom notes were hooked

As one, the crowd stormed right inside
With one flea just ahead
Which fiercely waved its walking stick
Forged from the finest lead

Both newbies and old veterans
Soon filled the court’s great halls
They paused for peanut butter pie
Then dashed right through the walls

Their charge abruptly ended
As they reached the central room
And witnessed, painted on each bench
A picture fraught with doom!

It showed all of the galaxy
Breaking into shards
While innocent and guilty both
Kept playing with their cards

They did not look up even once
Even as the ground decayed
Just a ridge remained beneath their feet
All else had turned to shade

And then there was the final scene
Which showed a grand arrival
Of a tourist in a floral shirt
With a big box marked ‘Revival’

The crowd’s thoughts then were turned away
From the intriguing sight
As small soldiers with big bushy beards
Stormed in with a blinding light

They turned right to the scorpions
And drew their forks with rage
“The Order of the Lentil, here?!”
“It’s time you got off-stage!”

The intent was unambiguous
But the scorpions were prepared
“No chance! We’ll take our warehouse back!”
They decisively declared

The planet then shook fiercely
As an aluminium hat
Was hurled right from the artist’s hand
And came down with a splat

A giant crab came crawling out
Followed by a floating eel
Like beasts from an Asylum flick
They both looked far from real

“Have you been drinking, bloody fools?!”
“Do you wish all of us doomed?!”
“More pressing matters are afoot!”
Their mighty voices boomed

“If you’d read the latest newspaper”
“You wouldn’t flirt with doom!”
“You’d know if you don’t work together”
“All will go kaboom!”

“But if we’ll stand as one”
“We can defeat our evil foe!”
“Then our senators will be in our debt”
“And buy us milkshakes and gateau!”

They then threw a cloak across the room
That, to the crowd’s surprise
Immediately turned aerial
Lifting all into to the skies


For the first chapter of The Artist’s Tale click here.

For the second chapter of The Artist’s Tale click here.

For the third chapter of The Artist’s Tale click here.

For the fourth chapter of The Artist’s Tale click here.

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Project Realm. Peoples of the Realm 9. Pantathiëns

Huzzah! After, yet again, far too much time, we’re finally returning to the Realm and this time, we’re here to stay! As long as I stick to my writing schedule, that shouldn’t be a problem. But enough about that. Let’s get to the good stuff!

Today we’re look at the second species among the Realm’s Lizardfolk: the Pantathiën serpent priests. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier installment, their name is taken from the serpent people from Raymond E. Feist‘s Riftwar Cycle, a series of fantasy books I used to read when I was younger. Despite quite liking the books (so much so that I’ve recently started reading them again), I remember very little about the Pantathiëns in the books, aside from their name and them being serpent-like and it’s only those two ‘aspects’ I have consciously made part of the Realm’s Pantathiëns. Everything else I’ve actually conjured up from scratch. Not that that’s a bad thing. If anything, it’s given me a better opportunity to really make them my own and I’m pretty pleased with the result. The pictures (sources, as always, at the bottom) may not be entirely what I wanted to go for, but, they’ll do fine for now. Since this is the first time in a long while there are clearly distinguishable groups within the species, this part is a bit longer, but definitely not any less worth the read! Without further ado, let’s step back into the Realm! Welcome back!

Peoples of the Realm

9. The Pantathiëns

The serpent-like Pantathiëns are the priests and spiritual leaders of the Lizardfolk. They make their home in the Pantathiën Lowlands on the North-Western side of the Island of the Cold Blooded, mainly along the Serpent River and Serpent Well, where their main temples and breeding grounds are located.

Physical Description
The Pantathiëns are a cold-blooded, reptilian species. Fully grown adults are on average 2.5 to 3 meters long from head to tail and weigh up to 200 kg. Long, slender and muscular, are physically not unlike the Realm’s non-sentient serpent species, with two striking differences: they have a nearly anthropomorphic torso on the most upper part of their body and they possess two long arms with powerful clawed hands. Pantathiëns have rugged scaled skins, the colours of which range from earthy green, brown or grey to bright green, yellow and red and are lighter on the belly. Their skin is fairly sturdy, able to withstand small amounts of physical damage before actually being injured, and adorned with natural, usually black or brown patterns. These symbols differ depending on the group the Pantathiën belongs to. All possess bright yellow or white eyes, also depending on their group.

Most of the time, Pantathiëns move by using the scales of the lower part of their body to slide forth while keeping the upper part upright. However, when they have a need to move really fast or remain unseen, they are also capable of using their entire body up to the torso to slide. In the latter case, they may use their arms to launch themselves and increase their speed, allowing them to reach speeds of up to thirty-five km per hour, but mostly in short bursts.

Pantathiëns are completely carnivorous and hunt for sustenance. They feed on either the animals they can find in the Pantathiën Lowlands, intruders unfortunate enough to come too close to their territory, or food offered to them by neighbouring Skinks seeking to appease them.

An oviparous species, the Pantathiëns lay eggs to reproduce. They mate once every five years during early spring in breeding pools at the banks of the Serpent Well and Serpent River. Pantathiën females lay twelve to fifteen eggs, which are left in the warm water for incubation and hatch after three months and fiercely guarded. At birth, the young are divided in two groups. One third, the stronger and more promising of the nest, is left in the care of the temple their mother belongs to for three months, during which the other two thirds, considered the weaker of the nest, are sacrificed to their god as appeasement and to ensure the survival of the stronger. After these three months, the young are expected to be self-sufficient and take their place in society.

The Pantathiëns belong to the Elder Races, the oldest races in the Realm. More specifically, they, along with the Slann, are considered the Elder Lizardfolk, the only ‘shared’ Elder Race in the Realm. Like all Elder Races, Pantathiëns are immortal, meaning they are unable to die of old age and immune to most poisons and diseases, but can be killed. In addition, they possess the faintly silver-coloured blood all immortals share.

Two specific groups can be distinguished among the Pantathiëns. While they belong to the same species, each group possesses certain physical characteristics which affects their abilities and rank in Pantathiën society. Reproduction always happens within each group. While it is possible for an individual of one group produce offspring belonging to the other, this is fairly uncommon and bloodlines tend to remain within one group.

Crown Bearers

Crown Bearers are the Pantathiëns’ high priests, caretakers of the temples and offspring, and official representatives of their kind to the outside world. While shorter, up to 2.5 meters long, and physically less powerful than the Veil Bearer Pantathiëns, they are highly intelligent and masters of powerful divine magic, directly gifted to them by their god. The colour of their skins is on the brighter end of the spectrum, usually bright green, yellow or red, and a more brightly coloured skin means a higher standing among the Pantathiëns. Their eyes are without exception yellow. Their most striking feature is the large hood from which their name is derived. The hood runs from just below their shoulders up to slightly past the top back of their head and carries striking bright black patterns. Normally the hood is mostly folded in, rendering it nearly invisible, but it can be extended to be be up to twice its wearers breadth from left to right when fully folded out. Crown Bearers finally possess powerful poison glands, with which they can produce various kinds of venom and long sharp fangs connected to the glands, which are used to either project or inject this venom.

Veil Bearers

Veil Bearers are the guardians of the temples, breeding grounds and their hooded leaders, as well as the species’ main hunters. They are the larger, broader and up to 3 meters long, and the more physically able of the Pantathiëns. Their powerful jaws, lined with sharp teeth, claws and bodies allow them to crush, cut and strangle their opponents, making them lethal and highly adaptive combatants. Their skin colours are more drab, usually dark green, brown or grey, and their eyes are white. Black or brown patterns are located across their body, most often lines or diamond shaped. Unlike their hooded kin, the Veil Bearers’ more unassuming skin colour is not tied to social status, but serves as camouflage and is where their group’s name derives from. It allows them to easily blend into their natural environment and strike suddenly and swiftly at a possible threat and disappear again just as quickly.


Crown Bearers
Yuan-ti ritual

Veil Bearer
Dark Naga Warlord, by Drew Baker

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Organisation Profile: Tha’ci’s Shadows

Profile Thacis Shadows

Tha’ci’s Shadows was a group of former Jedi Shadows that operated during the New Sith Wars. Founded by Jedi Knight and Traveller Tha’ci, the Shadows were mainly tasked with rooting out and hunting down Dark Side Force users, including, but not restricted to, the Sith. Their main method of dealing with their targets was a special technique developed and taught by Tha’ci. It consisted of conjuring special flames to engulf the Dark Side user’s body and force out their soul and subsequently trap the soul within a crystal specifically crafted for this purpose.

While they were highly effective in their task, the Shadows’ unorthodox methods and their remarkable and growing power, led to great distrust from the Jedi High Council, who sought to restrict them. Tha’ci felt her fight was a crucial one, but she didn’t want to turn against the Jedi Order. She and most of her dedicated followers therefore decided to leave the Order on their on volition and aid it in secret.

Over the years, though, they saw their members dwindling, as more and more were killed in action. Even their high-end cloning facilities, developed by Tha’ci’s apprentice Vadi Cin to combat this problem, only barely kept the group from crumbling. Near the end of the New Sith Wars, a handful of the most powerful members of the Shadows confronted the Sith Lord Darth Bane on Dantooine. Despited their combined power, however, the Shadows were no match for Bane. All were killed, including Tha’ci, who only managed to evade permanent death by transferring her soul into a nearby crystal formation and hiding from her opponent.

It is unknown what happened to the remaining members of the group, but with the death of its most powerful members and its leader, the confrontation with Bane is considered to be the end of Tha’ci’s Shadows. Tha’ci, would resurface almost a millennium later, however, as she was awoken by the fugitive Jedi Knight Vhiran Ashukahwa and set out to aid in the battle against the newly founded Galactic Empire.

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Rise – A Haiku

The busy times are not over yet despite there being plenty of enjoyment to look forward to during these times, I find myself continuously stressed. A stress that comes with the heavy sighs, frustrated grunts, scattered pieces of mind and all other fun little bits that tend to accompany it. Part of it is the events and responsibilities piling up one after another, another is the tumultuous weather. However, I’m definitely not without blame, myself, giving in to distractions far more easily than is good for me. As a result, it’s my productivity, alongside my peace of mind, that has once more become the victim.

While I hoped to get a double Artist’s Tale installment out to compensate for its absence last week, I’m afraid I have to postpone it for a few days. Sunday should be doable. In the meanwhile, here’s a haiku on the current mental state of yours truly. May it shift again very, very soon!

Storms whirl viciously
As that great daunting mountain
Rises up once more

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Writing Update: Right On Schedule

It’s been a busy time lately and it continues to be up until right now. Birthdays (both celebrated and yet to be celebrated), visiting friends and family returning home from vacation have piled on top of the usual time and energy consuming responsibilities. Thankfully these are enjoyable additions to the pile, but unfortunately, writing has suffered a bit. The most obvious indicator for that is the missing installment of The Artist’s Tale last Friday, but in the background, writing progress has been dragging longer than that. Both Pwnage, my NaNoWriMo project of last year and first in line to be my first novel, and Frontline, the sequel to the Star Wars stories Order 66 and Between the Conclaves, have hardly seen any discernible movement forward. In addition, I’m running out of characters to feature in the Star Wars character profiles on Mondays. Expanding the current profiles is certainly an option, but steps clearly needs to be taken if another writing gap is to be avoided.

For that very reason I have developed a new writing schedule, which I will start following starting next week, when the busyness should have subsided somewhat. Three days in the week will be dedicated to posting here on the Archives. Monday and Friday will continue to feature Star Wars content and The Artist’s Tale respectively. Wednesday will be bringing an old favourite of mine that’s been catching dust for far too long: Project Realm! I’ve been working on new posts about the peoples of the Realm lately and I’m really stoked to bring this world back into the spotlight! On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday will be writing days. Split into three set blocks per day, I will be working on the two aforementioned story projects, as well as prepare the upcoming blog posts, so that they’ll be ready to be posted in time. Sunday, finally, will be my weekly non-writing day, because even the most ardent writers need to take some distance and a bit of a break from writing every now and then. ^_^

Hopefully this will allow me come closer to finishing my stories and my novel, keep entertaining you all and finally get a solid writing routine going. Wish me luck on this latest daunting, but most certainly exciting endeavour!


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