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Project Realm Update: Grand Opening!

First off, I’d like to apologize for the obvious lack of progress and content on the Project Realm front. The past couple of weeks have been quite busy, filled with various personal and work-related matters. The writing project on the

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Writing Update: Change of Pace

No doubt you’ve already noticed last week’s lack of content. Apologies for the lack of notification on it until now. It’s been an unfortunate side effect of a number of personal and work related matters keeping me busy and writing

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Writing Update: Getting There

A very short but hopeful update today. While I’m still noticeably tired and a bit frustrated by my computer troubles, I feel I’m slowly getting back into the flow of writing. The next Star Wars character profile update is in

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Yeah… No

Nope. I’m so very sorry. It really saddens me, but it looks like The Artist’s Tale will have to wait another week. The frustration from the computer problems, while having subsided slightly, is definitely still there and keeping time, mind

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Please Hold…

Delay Week at the Ashukahwa Archives continues, made possible today by numerous frustrating failed attempts at getting a busted computer to work again. As a result of fidgeting around with all kinds of possible solutions for hours alongside a good

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Dude, Where’s My Realm?

Hurray! More delay! Yes, unfortunately, because of my underestimation of the busyness of today combined with yesterday’s writing not going as smoothly as anticipated, I’ve just barely been unable to finish today’s planned instalment of Project Realm. So, instead of

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Star Wars Writing Update: Back In A Flash

At last Star Wars Monday returns with another character profile update! Today’s focus will be the abilities of captain Flash, the leader of ARC trooper team Saber Squad. As the first non-Force sensitive character for whom I’ve focused on this

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