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The Power of the Word

On my work and a great poet’s powerful words .

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A Simple Evening – Just A Little Slice of Life Haiku

I needed a bit of a break (been inexplicably tired today), so it’s just a little simple haiku on my evening today. Nothing all too, poetic or emotionally charged, I suppose, little more than just describing what I’ve been doing

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Iambing Ain’t Easy!

The sonnet is slowly coming along. The number of lines I managed to get together has doubled since the last time! That means we have reached a grand total of TWO lines! I haven’t been very actively working on it

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Birth of a Sonneteer

Wow, it really is not easy writing a sonnet! Then again, I didn’t expect it to be, especially on the very first day I started working on this very first try. It’s certainly enjoyable, though. Aside from a great new

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NaNoWriMo 2018

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