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Project Realm Update: Grand Opening!

First off, I’d like to apologize for the obvious lack of progress and content on the Project Realm front. The past couple of weeks have been quite busy, filled with various personal and work-related matters. The writing project on the

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Writing Update: Change of Pace

No doubt you’ve already noticed last week’s lack of content. Apologies for the lack of notification on it until now. It’s been an unfortunate side effect of a number of personal and work related matters keeping me busy and writing

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Project Realm Announcement: Slight Delay

Your archivist here with a very quick announcement! Unfortunately, the next instalment of Project Realm has been slightly delayed, as getting the next phase set up took more time than expected (what else is new, right? ^_~). Have no fear,

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Project Realm Intermission: Infernal Interruption

Unfortunately, I’m once more forced to delay the weekly Project Realm post. I’ve been working on the next instalment of The Peoples of the Realm, featuring one of the few creatures able to rival the fearsomeness of the Dragons: the

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Star Wars Writing Update: Driving Force

What can we say about everyone’s favourite Shadow and Traveller, Tha’ci? She’s, a curious case, lore-wise anyway. Her role in the currently posted stories has been fairly small, yet during her appearance, a lot about her background has already been

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Star Wars Writing Update: Reflections and Revelations

The personality section of the profiles definitely continues to be more of a challenge than the powers and abilities one, but getting to spend more time with today’s character more than made up for that: Jedi Padawan Shamila. While I

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Star Wars Writing Update: Next Phase

A new phase of the Star Wars character profiles has been entered! As of today we’ll be looking at the personalities and traits of the various characters, delving deeper into their minds and motivations drive them and their actions, both

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