Fountain of Youth

When I started this blog in the final weeks of 2013, I was , as my About section states, nearing thirty years of living on this blue and green (and increasingly grey) celestial body we call Earth. By now I have passed that line and am less than half a year away from adding an I to that triple X. Despite really not that old an age, it’s one of those times in peoples’ lives where they tend to stand still and do some reflecting, looking back on the years that went before, with pride at what they have achieved and with disappointment at they haven’t. Planning for what lies ahead may also occasionally pop its head around the corner.


While I’ve certainly been doing some pondering of my own, that will not be the subject for the day, not precisely. Let’s talk, rather, about an amusing encounter I had today. Being nearly out of bread, as you tend to be, I decided to pay the supermarket a quick visit.


On my way there I took along some cooking ingredients, some licorice that was on sale (and I wonder why I getting in shape is taking as long as it is!) and what did I suddenly spy with my little eye as I passed the liquor section? Why ’twas none other than a bottle of Martini, one of my favourite inebriation inducing beverages! It had been quite a while since I last had one, so I thought to myself: hey, taking one won’t hurt (and it didn’t, probably to the disappointment of some of you ^_^)! And so I took one. With my basket filled with what all things I needed (and some that I didn’t) I made my way to the cash register. As it was my turn the cashier suddenly asked me an unexpected question: are you really older than twenty-five?


Now, here in the Netherlands, people of eighteen and older can buy alcohol, but cashiers are still obligated to ask identification if a customer purchasing alcohol looks younger than twenty-five (because people apparently don’t age between age eighteen and twenty-five, or something). Let’s pull back to that first paragraph over there… Yeah, still thirty’s alright. Interesting… I knew shaving my beard (it’s temporary, different story) took away a few years, but this? It was certainly unexpected, to say the least, but when I got beyond my confuzzlement, showed my ID (seeing a missed opportunity for a Star Wars reference now…) and payed for the groceries I continued my way home, more than a little amused. Hey, if this is what I look like at thirty, I might just be ending up on a list like this somewhere down the line! And it does add some credibility to the long-standing (no, not really) theory that I, unbeknownst to myself, have the Fountain of Youth in my home somewhere. I wonder what age she thought I really was…

I know I don’t do stories like these that often, but I thought it was enjoyable enough to share. Plus, it was high time I’d get something a bit more cheerful in here. I hope you’ve been entertained with this little slice of daily life. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must take my leave and skip along!

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Between the Conclaves – 1. Nar Shaddaa, Part 2

1. Nar Shaddaa

Part 2

Ok, we’re there,” Bultar said. She opened a trapdoor leading into a small alley. Carefully sticking her head out to check if no one was there she then made a signal to the others. “All clear.” She climbed out and pulled little Shamila up.

As Vhiran just made his way out, Shamila already stood looking around the corner of the alley. She could see the entrance of the building they had stayed in the distance. The two clone troopers and the ARC captain still stood there. One of them suddenly looked in her direction and approached her. With combat signals she had learned from her first Master, Loria Ashukahwa, she warned Vhiran and Bultar to stay back. Looking over her shoulder, she saw Bultar making several signals in reply and come closer. Quickly the young Padawan ran around the corner towards the clone. “Mister, mister!” she called out. “I’ve seen Jedi!” she continued when she came to a standstill before the trooper. “They went there.” Shamila pointed at the alley where Bultar and Vhiran hid.

“You sure, kid?” the clone asked.

Shamila nodded and looked up at him with her innocent eyes.

“Alright, how many of them were there?”

“Three, mister,” Shamila replied.

“Captain, think we got them,” the soldier called to the ARC captain.

Shamila saw the captain nodding, saying something into his comm-link and approaching them with the third trooper.

“Well done. You’re a good kid,” the clone said to Shamila. “You go to the building over there. Some soldiers will come and make sure you’ll be alright.”

Shamila put up her sweetest smile. “Thank you for protecting us, mister,” she said while making a polite bow and then sped to the building entrance past the approaching troopers.

Bultar stood with her back against the wall and with her lightsaber lifted above her head. The troopers drew closer. Swan lowered her hand and at the moment the first clone came around the corner the hilt of the saber struck him on the head and Bultar’s knee hit his stomach. She pulled the unconscious trooper into the alley. In the meanwhile, Shamila had turned around again. She jumped in the air and knocked out another clone with a fierce hit to his neck. The ARC captain turned to face her. In a few steps he had reached the girl and grabbed her arm before she could draw her lightsaber. “Little girls like you shouldn’t be risking their lives like this,” he said in an icy calm tone and gave her a punch to the head. Shamila staggered from the blow and as she softly fell to the ground she just felt the captain letting go of her arm. The ARC turned around a second time and prepared himself when he noted Bultar and Vhiran run around the corner. Sidestepping he avoided Bultar’s first blow and guarded a second with his arms crossed before his face. He then sidestepped again, planted his elbow in her stomach and moved his fist up to hit her in the face.

Through the connection he had with Bultar, Vhiran felt the pain of the blows, though not as severe as Bultar did. No other option is there then? While the pain faded, he quickly drew and ignited his lightsaber.

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Introducing Between the Conclaves

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Up and Down – A Haiku

When I wake up past my scheduled “waking time”, the things I had planned to do tend to get pushed to a slightly later time. Sometimes this works out and everything gets done, albeit slightly later. Other times I get into a kind of mental state that makes it nearly impossible to focus on, pretty much anything insanely difficult and I shove it all further ahead. The ‘nice’ thing about it being in this state is that I’m still reminded time and again that all these anythings need to be done. And then the panic begins, leading to getting lost in distractions, the further pushing ahead of responsibilities, not getting them done and beating myself up over it at the end of the day. And this where the fun begins! … Is what I would have said if I were a Star Wars character and this were an exhilarating situation. Since neither of those are within the realm of truth, I’ll just write a haiku about things. ^_^;

Up and Down
Up too late once more
Like an unfinished snowball
The day tumbles down

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Daily Writing Part 124. Story of Poems Part 66

Random words of the day: Park. Spar

The Artist’s Tale finally returns! Here’s to it actually being here to stay. I was considering just using “sparkling” to fit in both random words of the day, but I supposes there’s only so much out-of-the-box thinking one can do before it reaches the point of plain laziness. It made things a bit more challenging for sure, but the result is fine. Answers are answered – like “whose phone it was that ruined the wonderful vision taking place last time?” – and others pop up again, like the ones characters tend ask all them in fiction whenever they don’t know the person calling them: “Who is this?!” Also, didn’t I use a picture with the Spar brand on it before in this series? Do I have a sponsor I don’t know about? … Well, without further ado, we now return to our regularly scheduled (well, somewhat) programming! Please enjoy!

The Artist’s Tale. Chapter 4
Meanwhile near the chapel’s entrance
Lied the pieces of its gate
A charred trail shaped just like a runway
Ran for many meters straight

At the trail’s end rose a tall spiked ridge
Where the giant gull was seated
Below, among the capsicums
Lied its enemies, defeated

Like the needle of a compass
The bird’s head then turned North
Where, near a cabin, from a bush
Five creatures scuttled forth

There appeared without a sign
Four scorpions, fleet of foot
And a fifth on massive wheels
Emitting dark black soot

No time to spare!” one of them called
And warily looked ’round
Then placed the bin within its claws
Before it on the ground

Energy flowed as it opened
Straight up to the sky
As on instinct, then, the artist
Held their toothbrush high

Down then came the energy
And with the brush collided
Then visions of a lawn appeared
Where prejudice had subsided

No labels used for anyone
No judgment did befall
‘t Was filled with peace up to the brim
And iPods, free, for all

Just as it came the vision went
As a telephone went ringing
The artist recognized the tone
Guitars, quite loud but swinging

With a slight bit of embarrassment
They picked their phone up fast
A sparkling voice replied at once
“Just parking! Please hold fast!”


For the first chapter of The Artist’s Tale click here.

For the second chapter of The Artist’s Tale click here.

For the third chapter of The Artist’s Tale click here.

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Pleasance – A Haiku

Today was an on-and-off bleh day. Sunny one moment, grey the other. Sometimes enjoyable, sometimes insufferable. Relaxing at first and then suddenly stressful. Thankfully it’s not always too difficult to take things beyond the bleh. So it was today. ^_^

The thought of beauty
Makes the dreariest of days
More than bearable

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And For Today’s Programme – A Something-From-Nothing Haiku

I guess you know the drill by now. Writing didn’t work. Things getting in way. Turn what looks like a creative dry spell into something to serve the creative process instead, preferably in the form of a poem containing seventeen syllables. Et, voila! Instant content! ^_^

And For Today’s Programme
A wonderful piece?
A grand story or poem?
No, not seeing it

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Between the Conclaves – 1. Nar Shaddaa, Part 1

1. Nar Shaddaa

Part 1

What in the blazes is this?!” Bultar narrowed her eyes. “Vhiran, look there.”

Vhiran moved his head to the small window of the empty apartment in the greatly abandoned area of the Refugee Sector. A squad consisting of four clone troopers and two Advanced Recon Commandos patrolled the empty streets. “Clones on Nar Shaddaa,” Vhiran hissed. “This isn’t looking good,” he continued and widened his eyes as the ARC captain made several gestures with his hands. Together with the one of the ARCs, two troopers entered the building while the others remained on watch outside. “They’re coming this way!” Vhiran quickly turned his head to face a young girl on the other side of the room. “Shamila, are all emergency preparations in readiness?”

“Everything set, Master,” the Padawan replied.

Vhiran nodded approvingly. Since their arrival on Nall Hutta’s moon one week ago, the three Jedi had prepared a series of well-hidden and complicated booby-traps in and around the apartment. Nothing that was lethal or would leave lasting damage, but enough to scare off or in the worst case knock unconscious any unwanted visitors, such as the ones they were about to get. Hopefully they’d prove their worth and buy them some time to escape. As Bultar knelt down, the troopers could be heard entering and searching through another apartment. She quickly opened a nearly invisible trapdoor. “You got everything?” she asked her companions as she got through the trapdoor. “We won’t be getting back here.” Shamila smiled at a silver feather she had attached to an improvised cloth necklace and quickly hid it under her robe. She jumped up and quickly got through the trapdoor. Vhiran picked up the rare cylinder shaped holocron he had been studying, followed Bultar and Shamila and closed the trapdoor above him. “Hide your lightsabers,” Bultar whispered to Shamila. She looked into the dark underground tunnel to let her eyes get used to the darkness there. A light explosion sounded from the hallway just outside their former apartment sounded, as the first of the booby-traps sprung. Then quick footsteps followed as the troopers continued their way. “Well, looks like they work,” Bultar said.

Vhiran looked over his shoulder and stopped to listen. The troopers stopped walking. Then the silence was broken by another explosion and the sound of gas escaping. “Something’s not right. It’s as if…” Vhiran paused a bit. “Keep moving!” he suddenly hissed. These troopers had discovered the traps and also knew how to take them out, fast. That meant they could probably find the trapdoor easily. The time to escape had significantly decreased and the three Jedi hurried their way through the tunnel.

Story Main Page     –     Next Part

Introducing Between the Conclaves

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