Order 66. Another Side, Another Story – Chapter 4. Time of Decision, Part 2

Chapter 4. Time of Decision

Part 2. Takeoff Into Confusion

While all other ships went away Nor-Ca just stood there, now he finally understood all the damage that had been done. Where can I go?, he thought. The Jedi Order was my only home. Now I got nowhere to go. He sat down on his knees and started to cry, only one of the few times in his life. Please give me a sign where to go, he prayed to the Force, but nothing happened. “Then I will stay in these destroyed halls, until I know where I must go,” he said, and looked up, preparing to head back for his quarters.

Nillanthir looked down to the kneeling form of his former Padawan. He kneeled also and placed his hand on Nor-Ca’s shoulder. “You do not deserve to stay and die. You can come with me to find Master Jordan. I will place you under his care until you are ready to handle yourself. I will help Master Jordan if he is alive and then I will go to the Outer Rim, to the planet Zaloriis. No one else is to follow me. They cannot keep up with the way the land works and it will kill anyone who is not familiar with it. Even a Jedi is no match for the sandstorms in there.” Nillanthir cared for his former Padawan. He did not want to see him waste his life. “Come with me. I may need backup to find Master Jordan.” Nillanthir focused intensely on Nor-Ca’s eyes as he waited for his answer.

Nor-Ca was surprised. He had not noticed his old Master before he had laid his hand on his shoulder. “I will follow you and help you, my old Master. If I would be of any trouble, then I will leave.” Nor-Ca looked to the horizon a last time. “Very well, let’s go then. Why are we waiting here? We will have time to speak later, but for now we must hurry. There is a platoon of clones approaching through the hall.” He jumped up in his ship, the Black Eagle, while Nillanthir got into his fighter and, taking his hand, helped Amakusa in as well. The little Padawan had been quiet all along, and remained silent even as he sat down in the second seat of the starfighter.

Nillanthir could still feel the spark of life inside Jordan. He heard his droid R4-D6 beeping the usual tones when preparing to fly. “Get ready, Nor-Ca,” Nillanthir said over the comlink “Chances are the clones have their LAAT gunships on their way.”

“Lead the way, Nillanthir,” Nor-Ca replied. Nillanthir’s ship then rose and flew out the secret hangar followed by Nor-Ca’s ship.

The last one in the chamber, Nienna jumped into the cockpit of her Jedi Starfighter. Fortunately the Imperial stormtroopers had not shown any interest in the Jedi starships. Or we would not have been able to escape from the furious, lethal attack… While she observed the quick ascension of the other spaceships and she got ready herself to take off, Nienna remembered the little Padawans being murdered despicably and treacherously by the former Jedi Knight Skywalker. She closed her eyes. She could only feel pain and sorrow for the fateful change that the Dark Side had made in Anakin. Her golden-edged starfighter lifted off to the dim sky, leaving behind the obscure smoke and destruction that emanated from the Jedi Temple.

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Introducing Order 66. Another Side, Another Story

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Virtuoso – A Haiku

I’m just back from a short but wonderful weekend at my grandparents. My grandfather and the other students of the music class he’s a part of gave a great piano recital yesterday. The veteran of the group, he was once again the one to open the show on his keyboard and after all these years he showed he still hasn’t lost his touch! Amazing play as always! I’m really looking forward to next years!

Eighty years and five
Never fails to fill each room
With wonderful sounds

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Away – An Away Message and a Haiku

Sorry to say there won’t be a Double Dose Weekend this time around. Being away for the weekend (to my grandparents, where there is no internet connection) and leaving fairly early today meant very little time to write more than the usual one post per day. I’ll be back on Sunday, so perhaps then I have the time to get at least half a Double Dose Weekend done, but we’ll see to that when we get there. I really should be making backlogs for situations like this… For now here’s a silly little haiku.

Gone for the weekend
Be back in just a moment
Don’t miss me too much

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Daily Writing Part 82, Story of Poems Part 34

Random words of the day: Cheque, Mess.

The last line is probably not an actual saying, at least not one that I’m aware of, but I like to think in this strange world the artist and all these strange creatures reside it is the equivalent of “paying the price” or “paying the piper.” Sure, it’s also a bit of an excuse to get this rhyme in, but hey, sometimes that’s just what you have to do as a writer to get your wonderful visions, like this one, realized! ^_~ This seems a pretty good spot to end the chapter, but I’d like to wait a bit for one more stanza I can use to actually conclude it. I hope next week will bring me the words I need for that!

The Artist’s Tale. Chapter 2
We’re almost there,” the seagull cawed
And scanned the ground below
But did not note the gang of cultists
Hidden by the snow

It landed in an eerie field
Where few souls dared to tread
Before chapel dark as coal
With massive doors of lead

A dozen cultists then jumped out
They cried a frightening yell
And swiftly climbed the chapel’s tower
To ring its ancient bell

Into the chapel! Quickly now!”
A sharp voice hissed and cried

But do turn off your mobile phone!
And leave your shoes outside!”

The chapel doors by moonlight lit
Flung open fast and wide
With great surprise the artist saw
Their parents stood inside

The seagull flew up on the roof
Let out some frightful caws
The cultists then enclosed it fast
With pokers in their claws

The great bird flapped its giant wings
And with a windy blast
Into a nearby olive tree
Its frothing foes were cast

Like an airplane down the runway
The artist picked up speed
But found where people had just stood
Were toys now, made of tweed

Two toys just past the leaden door
Stood out from all the rest
Like giant eagles they were shaped
Perched on a massive nest

The doors then shut down with a bang
The voice then hissed again

Sit down! The video begins!
But please, have some champagne!”

A drink is what you’ll surely need
Once you have watched this all!
For it will show that through your fault
Did tragedy befall!”

Out of a nearby zebra toy
Then sounded warning cries
“The Corporation seeks your doom!”
“Don’t listen to its lies!”

A tall, lean glass filled with champagne
It struck the small striped horse
“Be silent!” did the voice then ring
And finally showed its source

Its thin form cloaked in tattered robes
Its face an onyx mask
“Do not defy your prince!” it sneered
“And just perform your task!”

A piece of your own medicine”
“You’ll get!” the zebra spoke
The voice then raised a holly branch
And turned the horse to smoke

As papers in a binder bound
All other toys stood still
But not the eagles at the door
Who spurned the creature’s will

No more of this!” they both called out
“’tis time you were denounced!”
“Your time has come, oh, general!”
The giant birds announced

A bear with a conductor’s hat
A monkey in a gown
Along with all the toys they rose
To bring the creature down

Shooting back into the dark
The cornered voice retreated
But on the tissue it had dropped
Stood: “I”ll not be defeated!”

Around the artist all then flocked
“Fear not! We’ll have your back!”

And help you end this mess real soon”
That fiend will pay the cheque!”

For the first chapter of The Artist’s Tale click here.

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Project Realm. Sculpting the World, Part 30

It’s been quite a while since I worked on a multi-region island. More than a year ago, actually, so it took some more time to get the regions and their borders right. Especially deciding to which region the slim strip on the Western coast belonged proved difficult. I eventually went with Chainer’s Redoubt (the Northernmost region) for its similar appearance to the rest of the region on the map and to make the Dark Plains truly appear as the centre of the island, which it pretty much is. Like with many of the Southern islands much of the names did not exist before I wrote this installment. It’s pretty exciting to see the Realm taking shape further and further!

Sculpting the World

7. The Island of Darkness
Map of the Realm-Southern Realm (Island of Darkness Highlighted)

Overall climate:
Artificial/Varying (Centre), Mountain (South), Steppe (North), Desert (East)
Main geographical features: Mountains, volcano, hills, dunes, steppes, desert

Extending for over 3,250 km from East the West and up to 2,300 km from North to South the Island of Darkness is the third largest island in the Realm and home to what many consider to be the world’s most evil beings. Like the Dark Wood on the Western Island much of the climate here is strongly influenced, if not completely controlled by the Demons that rule most of the island and its inhabitants. As they are capable to change temperatures, precipitation and other climatological factors locally and at almost a moment’s notice this makes the climate very unpredictable and almost impossible to chart. Further from the directly Demon-controlled territory, beyond the vast mountain ranges, the climate becomes more stable and predictable. A mountain climate dominates the South while in the North a steppe climate is prevalent. In the area along the Eastern coast there is a predominantly desert climate. Though precipitation in these regions varies from very low to moderate temperatures are usually fairly low, often viciously so during winters.

Based on both the climatological and ecological differences and the dominant inhabitants four main regions can be distinguished on the Island of Darkness: 1) the Dark Plains, 2) Chainer’s Redoubt, 3) the Dragon Peaks and 4) the Wailing Sands. While the island’s mountain ranges do not belong to any region in particular – with the exception of the Dragon Peaks – much of them are under control of the Demons and other inhabitants of the Dark Plains and are thus considered part of that region.

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To Tabby – Remembering a Little Sparrow

We buried a little bird today. We were sitting outside, drinking coffee on a quiet night, when we witnessed a little sparrow under the garden table. It was moving around, struggling like it was hurt in some way, though we could not figure out how, and it appeared to be gasping, opening its little beak but not making a sound. Just as we got ready to call the animal ambulance (not sure if that’s actual English term, but it’s the literal translation from Dutch) it had ceased to move. It took me a while to accept it. I only knew the bird for a few moments before it left this life, but to actually be there, so close, during its last moments before death… Well, it just does something with you that’s difficult to put into words. I won’t try to describe it here and now. I don’t think I’d do the feeling justice… But I did feel I had to, something.

So we did. My sister and mother kindly helped out, for which I am incredibly grateful. My sister provided a box, my mother collected a few pretty flowers. I dug a hole in the backyard and wrote a haiku. Placed in the box along with the flowers and the poem the little sparrow I had named Tabby – after the garden table, the place it had last taken breath – was placed in the ground. And as we said a few words we closed the hole again, covering it with stone, earth and branches.

Dear Tabby. I hope you’ll have found a better place. Please be well…

To Tabby
Fought until your last
To a new beginning now
Spread your wings. Be free!

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Order 66. Another Side, Another Story – Chapter 4. Time of Decision, Part 1

Chapter 4. Time of Decision

Part 1. Last Hours on Coruscant

Nor-Ca was outside his old Master’s quarters, because he sensed that something important would be taking place there. The young Jedi Knight noticed a platoon of clones coming his way. Another one,” one of clones, the Captain, judging from the colours on his armour, said.Lieutenant, you and your squad keep moving and destroy all Jedi you come across, as per Order 66. We’ll deal with this one.”

Yes, Sir!” the Lieutenant replied.

“Put your weapons down. I don’t want to hurt you,” Nor-Ca said.

“Open fire,” the Captain ordered without paying attention to Nor-Ca’s words. “I don’t think so…” The Jedi began whispering in a seemingly arcane language. A gust of wind rose up, becoming larger and larger and turning into small tornado. Before the surprised clones could even take him, the tornado came at them at incredible speed and blew them away. “Master Nillanthir, if you can hear me, please hurry back to your quarters,” Nor-Ca said through the Force. Two green lightsabers and a blue one were activated and deflected the clones’ blaster bolts. Several clones were hit by the returned bolts and fell dead to the ground. Vhiran rapidly used several Force pushes to smack the remaining troopers against the walls. He looked from the unconscious troopers to Bultar and Nillanthir. “We’ll let them be. Enough have died today already…” Bultar’s eyes suddenly widened as she saw one of the troopers hadn’t lost consciousness and was about to throw a round metal object he was holding at them. “Grenade!” she yelled and flipped over to the clone trooper. She firmly took hold of his arm, grabbed the grenade and threw it away through a broken window of the Temple. Receiving a punch sraight to his face, the last trooper also lost consciousness at the moment the grenade exploded outside. Bultar let out a short sigh and nodded.

“Alright.” Vhiran checked the area with all senses to be sure no enemies were around and then gave Nillanthir a short nod. “Lead the way.”

Nillanthir led the small group to where his quarters were. “Glad to see you are still around, Nor-Ca.” Nillanthir greeted as he opened the door to his quarters.

“Same here, my old Master,” Nor-Ca replied and as Churro and Amakusa jumped up upon the entering of the trio, Nillanthir led them all to what appeared to be a blank wall.

“I have suspected Palpatine’s betrayal for some time, so I prepared some ships that I have hidden beyond this wall. They are only one man fighters but I modified them to enhance their full potential. Use them well, choose where you will go. I will be going into hiding, away from the grasp of the Republic… I mean Empire… There I shall prepare to fight them when the time is right… May the Force be with you all,” Nillanthir said as he walked to his own ship. He then sensed another presence in his quarters. A dark-haired young woman had just stepped through the door and bowed to the others. Nillanthir smiled and was glad to see Padawan Nienna Inglorion had survived as well. “Good, there are just enough ships for everyone. Fortunately my ship is a two man fighter so I will go and see if I can find Master Jordan… No one must follow me on this. I will contact you all on frequency 89.5.”

“Very well. To go into hiding is the best option for now,” Vhiran replied. “But before I do that, I will be heading for Cato Neimoida. My old Master, Plo Koon, went there for a mission and I wish to find out if he still lives,” he continued.

“I’m coming with you,” Bultar said without hesitation. “Master Koon trained me also and besides…” She smirked at Vhiran. “I believe there are still some things you need to tell me.”

Vhiran smiled and nodded. “I’d hoped as such. Thank you, Bultar,” he said and walked over to one of the fighters. Looking at the other Jedi he said, “We shall see each other again when the time comes. I am certain of it. And when that time comes we shall bring back peace and justice to the galaxy, together. Until then…” he placed his hands on his hips and bowed to each of the others. “May the Force be with you all,” he said and then turned around to climb into the fighter. Bultar followed his lead. “Keep in touch!” Vhiran said with a smile as the cockpit window closed and the engines of the two fighters started.

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Introducing Order 66. Another Side, Another Story

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