Daily Writing Part 191. Story of Poems Part 125

Random words of the day: Vowel. Sofa And now we’re throwing around furniture? Wonderful! That means it’s only a matter of time before we get to cars, elephants… Mountains! Surely defeat of that foul shape can’t be far away! It

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Visitor – A Haiku

A slight delay for Project Realm this evening as a variety of matters once more takes up my time. It’s not the first time these past few months that I’ve been unable to deliver my writings here consistently and that’s

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Star Wars Locations: Shu Yi’s Cloning Facility

Shu Yi’s cloning facility was one of the covert cloning facility on Kamino, set up by Kaminoan prime minister Lama Su in the wake of the Clone Wars’ conclusion and overseen by his loyal aide Shu Yi. Angered by the

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Daily Writing Part 190. Story of Poems Part 124

Random words of the day: Swimming. Golf Good! Good! Add randomly flying objects into the mix! One can never have too much insanity and we clearly weren’t having enough of it in the past few stanzas! Thankfully, this one does

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Project Realm. Building Blocks 1.5. Godlagrin – Military: The Watch

Unlike last week’s branch of Godlagrin’s military and the one we’ll get to next week, the Watch wasn’t conceived as a separate entity until a very short time ago, whether in the game my friend and I played, in the

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Star Wars Writing Update: Location! Location! Location!

That’s what you get when you don’t check on and update your database. You go write something you’ve already written over a month ago… Yes, it turns out the character we looked at last week, Jedi Nienna Inglorion, was in

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Daily Writing Part 189. Story of Poems Part 123

Random words of the day: Banana. Tape Yep, words with three syllables or more are definitely the hardest to fit it without making the text look too forced. Like nothing else, they really force me weigh my options with the

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