Double Dose Weekend 14.2. Talking Head – A Haiku

And here we are again… Late, spending a whole of time to write the first work and a simultaneously full and empty head that really rather wants to get to sleep than think up something to write. We have a Double Dose Weekend to fill, though… Hey, head. How about this? Just one quick haiku and then we’ll wrap things up. Sound good?

Talking Head
I’ll give you one more
But could you please consider
Starting earlier?

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Double Dose Weekend 14.1. To My Heart’s Discontent

Sometimes I wonder about my mind and the countless streams of thought that roam through and occupy it. I had planned to write a short poem for tonight. Some ideas had come to mind and I was eager to jot them down and present the result. It was going, fairly well and I was ready to storm right through it, when I suddenly just stopped the writing dead in its tracks. Doubt beset me and before the work was even finished I somehow felt that posting it would just be a bad idea. It’s completely stupid and that there’s really no discernible reason for it. I quite like what the poem was becoming, and while it’s a touch personal that has hardly ever been a reason not to share something before. So, until I’m over this idiotic and inexplicable uncertainty the poem’s staying in the vault. In its stead another one, on the just described thought process and how I feel about it.

To My Heart’s Discontent
The words arrive, the writing comes
Straight from the heart they sprout
But in the the head a tiny voice sounds
“Should I get this out?”

Uncertainty and doubt appear
The mind it turns unsteady
And though it knows there’s naught to fear
Declares “No, I’m not ready”

“Now’s not the time to show this work”
“Who knows what will be said!”
The frightened thoughts then gather quick
And fill all of the head

With sadness filled the heart then sends
Back all the words and writing
To wait for when they can be heard
Once reason wins the fighting

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Daily Writing Part 93, Story of Poems Part 39

Random words of the day: Tusk. Rank.

And so part three of the Artist’s Tale kicks off! For this we go a bit back in time, before the end of the last chapter and check back on some characters we haven’t seen in quite a while.

It feels good to have a fresh start of sorts and no need to copy all of the previous stanzas for a change. ^_^ The writing process proved a bit frustrating at times – mainly because of trying to fit in the word tusk – and I had to go for a different direction quite some times, but with it finished I can certainly appreciate and enjoy the challenge it gave me.

Now, let us continue our story of poems and see what everyone’s up to! ^_^

The Artist’s Tale. Chapter 3
In the woods the chase was on
The sentry ran like hell
He held his blade, made of a tusk
And tracked a sharp, rank smell


For the first chapter of The Artist’s Tale click here.

For the second chapter of The Artist’s Tale click here.

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Project Realm. Sculpting the World, Part 33

I try stay on course as much as I can by only discussing the land itself and leaving matters like the social, cultural and biological aspects of the sentient species for later parts of the project. The Dragons, among the most intelligent species in the Realm, are no exception. Shortly discussing a bit of the Dragon’s hunting behaviour here was inevitable, though, if I was to explain the presence of the non-native animals in the region. The idea of Dragons keeping and breeding livestock, if only from time to time, in addition to hunting was something that came to me fairly suddenly and unexpectedly as I was writing this piece. I liked it and stuck with it. It’s those little things, those ideas I hadn’t thought of before adding new flavour and life to the world as I write, that really make me enjoy doing this all the more! ^_^

Also, almost the last part of Sculpting the World and still no new maps… *sigh* Here’s a link to full island map yet again. The Dragon Peaks are highlighted in red. Come on, man! Focus! Get that cluttered mind back on track! ^_^;

Sculpting the World

7.3. The Dragon Peaks
Landscape: Spanning 750 km from North to South and 1,250 km from East to West, the Dragon Peaks are the birthplace of the Realm’s various Dragon species. The region consists of the entire Southern part of the island’s mountain range. Its cloud-piercing black and dark grey mountains reach up to 3,000 m in elevation, making the region higher than anywhere else on the island, the Dark Plains’ Fire Mount excepted. Like the rest of the island’s mountain range the Dragon Peaks can be treacherous for the unprepared. Its deep chasms, loose rocks and sharp outcroppings make for perilous territory, even without the presence of the Dragons and the sometimes unpredictable weather. Dragon nests are found across the region, found mostly in the mountains’ larger caverns and on the mountain tops, but their locations varying depending on the type of Dragon.

Climate: A mountain climate dominates the Dragon Peaks. Temperatures are fairly low throughout the year, often going below freezing point during Winters and at the higher elevations. Precipitation is common, but not a daily occurrence. During the summer this comes in the form of rainfall, varying from drizzle to heavy showers. Snow only falls during the winter, though the highest peaks are snow-capped the entire year long. A constant factor at higher elevations is the presence of fierce winds, which can turn into violent storms without warning. Particularly in combination with the Winter’s freezing temperatures and snow these can become exceptionally dangerous, even lethal.

Flora & Fauna: As on most of the Island of Darkness floral life in the Dragon Peaks is rather scarce. Mosses, small shrubs and low grasses do grow at the lower elevations, but the higher and closer to the Dark Plains one gets the less plant life can be found.

Most of the animal life lives on the edges of the region, away from the Dragons dominating most of the central parts. Close to the Southern and South-Western coast various kinds of migratory and sea birds nest, feeding off the fish in the nearby sea. Some of the snakes and rodents found in the bordering Chainer’s Redoubt also make their home in the Western part of the Dragon Peaks. In addition various animals – mainly goats and other non-carniverous mammalian animals of similar size – live in the central Dragon Peaks. These are animals that have been taken by Dragons on hunting trips to other regions and islands and have been released in the region to be used as food for a later time. They have been known to be left alive longer so that they can breed and provide a more long term and constant source of food.

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Order 66. Another Side, Another Story – Act II: Chapter 1. Into the Storm, Part 1

Chapter 1. Into the Storm

Part 1. New Beginnings

So, where are you heading?” the Zabrak asked.

Cato Neimoida. And then on to Zaloriis,” the young man replied.

And, you two decided to attempt that travel with just two Aethersprites?”

The situation was kind of, hectic. We weren’t exactly in a position to take our time to pick a ship.”

A nod came in reply. “I understand.” Silence followed. “Well, without a hyperdrive a trip to the Outer Rim will take ages. Lucky for you, my little cousin used to work at the Judicial Department. He would have returned to Coruscant in a few days, but with Order 66, he had no more intention of serving Palpatine and decided to stay here.” The Zabrak smirked. “Along with his Lancet starfighter. Equipped with long-distance communication systems, a hyperdrive and enough space for at least both of you to fit in. It’s in excellent condition and ready in my hangar. You can leave whenever you’re ready.”

The young man placed a hand on the Zabrak’s shoulder. “Thank you for everything, Kahbur. If there is anything I can do in return.”

Kahbur shook his head. “We’re both Ashukahwas, Vhiran, no matter how distantly related. I would have done it anywhere, anytime.”

Very well.” Vhiran turned to the woman at his side. “Ready, Bultar?”

Ready when you are,” she replied.

Then I’ll take you to the hangar right away.” Kahbur was about to move, but then stopped and hesitantly turned to Vhiran. “Vhiran, could I ask you one favour?”

Of course.”

Shamila!” Kahbur called out and a moment later a young Human girl appeared. She was dressed in cream coloured robes with a hood covering her black half-long hair. Her dark, nearly black eyes had a piercing look about them. “Shamila was training as a Jedi, but her Master, my sister Loria, was killed in a space battle against the Separatists a week ago,” he said with a sad tone in his voice. “Vhiran, you’re a Jedi Master. Will you please take her as your Padawan and train her?”

Shamila looked up to Vhiran with an almost begging look. “I really want to be a Jedi. Please train me, Master Vhiran.” She said with a near whispering voice.

Vhiran closed his eyes to think. “My journey will be very dangerous, even life-threatening. Even just being a Jedi in these times is life-threatening.”

A Jedi’s life is sacrifice. And I don’t want Master Loria’s training to be in vain.”

Vhiran opened his eyes and smiled. He stroke over Shamila’s head and nodded lightly. “You can come along, Shamila.” He looked at the others and took Shamila by the hand. “Let’s go.”

This way.” Kahbur smiled and started moving to the hangar. “If you ever need help, you’re always welcome here on Talus,” he said as Vhiran joined Bultar and Shamila in the Lancet and saluted as Vhiran gave him a nod and closed the hood. Then the ship with the three Jedi took off to continue the search for Master Plo Koon.

Previous Part     –     Story Main Page     –     Next Part

Introducing Order 66. Another Side, Another Story

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Every Single Time – A Haiku

When I was riding home from work today and watched the birds fly by a thought came to me, one that shows its head from time to time. What’s up with birds? I can definitely see and appreciate their beauty and majesty, as evident by the poems I’ve written in the past on the ones I’ve come across. But why, when a bird sits on the road and vehicle approaches, does said bird head not to the closer side of the road, but rather across the road and in front of the vehicle? Or why does said bird, when sitting safely at the side of the road, think it’s a good idea to cross that road the moment a vehicle approaches? And why does said bird decide to this when the vehicle is only a split second away? Don’t get me wrong. It’s pretty impressive how most of the times they manage to get out unscathed, but, what’s up with that, birds?

Every Single Time
Sometimes I wonder
If birds are suicidal
Or just dextrous trolls


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Daily Writing Part 92

Random word of the day: Coffee
This one took a lot longer than I had expected, and hoped, and as I have to get to work tomorrow I’m afraid I’ll have to leave you all without another Double Dose Weekend. Yes, again… Tune in next week when I’ll seek to make amends! And maybe even succeed! ^_^;

This poem, not unlike an earlier one in the style of Poe’s The Raven, started out as a simple humourous perspective of someone really needing their morning coffee to start of the day (something I can at times definitely relate to), but it turned out to be a piece loosely based on one of my favourite coffee obsessed characters in an absolutely excellent video game (warning!: links contain spoilers!). My memory’s a little fuzzy on the actual details of the game’s story, I’ve taken a pretty loose approach to it, so you’ll have to forgive me for taking quite a few liberties. It’s all for the sake of the poem. ^_^

A Prosecutor
Can I have a cup of coffee, black, don’t bother with the toffee
Oh, I need my dark hot drink, if I’m to face what lies in store
For inside that hall of law, all will soon come to a draw
Facing truth they’ll stand in awe, when learning what took place before
Even if I will be broken, broken like that time before
Ere day’s end will justice soar


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