NaNoWriMo 2017. Log 21: Do It!

For a moment it looked like things weren’t going to go so well today as I woke up this morning. feeling a bit feverish again. Thankfully, that didn’t last too long and I could put my consideration to start a bit later, like a few days earlier, aside. Before I knew it, the writing engine was running once more. Slightly over halfway through the sessions, the last part of yesterday’s “awesome scene” was finished, which was, again, an absolute treat to write. After that, it was onto the next part of storyline one and the aftermath of the previous big scene.

I have a feeling the story, at least for the next few days, is going to be a bit quieter, with more focus on character interaction and development and of course the prelude to the eventual big finale! Yes, that’s right! The finale! Let’s not forget there’s only slightly over a week left, so it was only a matter of time before the story’s ending truly came in sight! Finishing the actual story is going to be a big challenge, but if I keep it up like I’ve done for the past weeks, I have the utmost confidence I will succeed!

So let’s go and do just that, shall we? ^_^ See you tomorrow!


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NaNoWriMo 2017. Log 20: Fun! Fun! Fun!

I swear, these big scenes just keep on getting bigger every time they show up! And I’m absolutely loving it! Today’s focus was the continuation of the scene I started yesterday. This scene is the beginning of the climax, though not quite the end, of one of the two big storylines. Let’s call that one “storyline two” for convenience’s sake. It was also the third major action scene of the arc and the biggest one so-far! Most importantly, though, it was so! Much! Fun!

This was a great opportunity to really play around with some of the characters who had a more or less a supporting role throughout the first arc and part of this one, and really give them their moment in the spotlight. And, wow, did they ever use it! An important factor in that was another major perk of writing this scene, namely being able to showcase the story’s antagonists a bit more. Unfortunately, that’s where the well of revelations I can give without spoiling anything runs dry. Sorry! ^_^;

Returning to the why this was so much fun track: there’s this being a big action scene! I still have quite a fondness for the quieter, more character- and emotion-driven scenes, but I’m finding action scenes to be increasingly more enjoyable to write (in general, not in comparison) as time goes on. I have a feeling that rush of adrenaline during the writing process (not exaggerating here!) has a lot to do with it. ^_^

With all this in mind, you can probably imagine how much I’m itching right now to get to that final major confrontation! It just so happens that the build-up for that begins tomorrow. I’ll see you then!


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NaNoWriMo 2017. Log 19: Not Much

Aside from not feeling too well in the morning and starting later than usual as a result, today wasn’t the most eventful day. After a slow start, writing went fairly smoothly right until the end, leaving me with plenty of words for the day, but very little to report on the writing process/technical side of things.

As for the plot. I’ve decided to start writing the scene I’d planned after all. It’s a pretty important part of the storyline it’s in and I like to strike a nice balance in writing the two main storylines, so, despite some initial doubt, I figured I’d give it shot anyway. The only remaining question about it is whether it’s going to remain where it currently is and, like I said yesterday, that’s a post-November matter.

The scene started out a bit slower and quieter than expected, with pretty much only the buildup being finished today. While a bit disappointing at first, I quickly noticed it offered the opportunity for a short breather after the scene that went before it. Also, it does leave me with the wonderful prospect of working primarily on the more, flashy part tomorrow! That’s absolutely fine with me!

Conclusion? Today went well. Nothing too exciting, nothing too frustrating, just good progress and an exciting part to write for the next day. I’m just hoping the not-feeling-too-well part will stay put for at least a week or two and not throw a damper on what’s supposed to be a hectic but awesome month of inspiration and excitement. I suppose we shall see, tomorrow! Until then!

balance kreuz haken

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NaNoWriMo 2017. Log 18: Excitement!

Yep, that… That was really cool! It was definitely the right choice to delay continuing yesterday’s scene until today! I was so eager to see how my characters were going to react to yesterday’s cliffhanger and get through the ensuing events. And it did not disappoint!

The climax of today’s scene is one the the story has been building up to for a while now and it feels good to see it come to fruition. In terms of scope and awesome over-the-top action, this scene is certainly comparable to the earlier big action scene I enjoyed so much (back on day five), but with even greater consequences this time! In addition, through their actions today, the characters have raised themselves to a new level (in multiple ways, which I’m not going to spoil at the moment! ^_~) and laid the foundation for the story’s final climax, which is not far away now!

Tomorrow’s going to be an interesting day. I do have another scene planned, but fitting it in at this point in the story might turn out to be a bit, much, especially following yesterday’s and today’s big scene. Oh well, we’ll see what day nineteen is going to bring. Should the need arise, (which is, very likely, an inevitability) there’s always the post-NaNoWriMo editing phase. See you tomorrow, everyone!


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NaNoWriMo 2017. Log 17: Full Steam Ahead

Still smooth sailing, so-far, this early second half of the month. Being able to hold onto that focus is really beneficial to writing effectively! I mean, who’d have thought, right? While, yeah, it is pretty obvious, it hasn’t always been one of my strong suits and actually succeeding at it these past few days has really gotten my motivation flowing! I can only imagine what great things being able to harness that for the rest of the month and of course the time after that would bring!

Today did something I’m not really prone to doing. It wasn’t planned ahead and having things that needed to be done did influence it, but I actually left myself on a cliffhanger! The scene I started on today already had a fair bit going for it: exciting action, character development and even a short glimpse into the world’s mysterious (and, admittedly, downright strange) lore. However, it turned out it was actually relatively quiet, because just as I nearly reached the word count… Boom! It transformed straight into one of the bigger and most thrilling scenes this arc has seen so-far!

Normally I wouldn’t hesitate to dive right into it and see it through to its climactic conclusion, but not today. Today I followed some writing advice I learned about recently and was curious to try out: I actually pulled out right at the start of this big moment and stopped writing for the day. Whether the advice will turn out to be useful will still have to be determined, but so-far my excitement to return to this scene and continue and finish what I started it has certainly been elevated to a whole new level! The enthralling (and equally frustrating) power of the cliffhanger, everyone!

Quite an exciting day today and you can bet that I, for one, am really looking forward to tomorrow! I hope to see you all then! It’s gonna be good!


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NaNoWriMo 2017. Log 16: True Focus

I’ll try to keep it a bit shorter today, because I am dead tired and have a hard time focusing on the screen of my laptop without having to rest my head every few minutes, let alone on writing a post.

Writing today went, excellent. Can’t really think of a better word. Started at the time I was supposed to start and managed to keep my head in the game all the way to my record time finish after just a few sessions, which gave me some needed time to get things done in and around the house. I don’t know for certain if this is going to be something I’ll be able to do every day, but I hope I can. The satisfaction of this unparalleled focus and the resulting progress are just too good to simply pass up!

The plot went into a bit of a different direction that I had planned beforehand. Instead of the two main storylines, today’s scene focused on a fairly plot-relevant location that I sometimes overlook, but which is something I have to focus on to properly set the stage for what’s to come. Writing this particular scene was a blast. Not just because I could shift focus a little from the main storylines, but just how it came out and what it’ll mean for future events. As it is now, I’m thinking of using it as an opening scene for this arc instead of the current one, but that’s food for future thought.

So, yeah, pretty great day, if I do say so myself! Still managed to churn out another regular-sized log (yeah, I’m hearing it too! ^^; ) after all, so I guess that’s all daily achievements accounted for! And now, I shall bid you good night, as I am completely ready to fall asleep at a moment’s notice. Good writing everyone, and I’ll see you back here, tomorrow!


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NaNoWriMo 2017. Log 15: The Great Threshold

Lo and behold! On that day the curse had been lifted, the writing once more flowed freely and the great threshold was crossed! And there was much rejoicing!

I really needed this!. Especially after yesterday’s debacle, it felt great to clearly feel the enjoyment while writing and to finish at a reasonable time. I even managed to get some groceries and other non-writing responsibilities done! Furthermore, the character driven scene that was spread across several days got out of the swamp again and was actually finished! It’ll no doubt need some polishing afterwards as the dialogue was but overall I’m quite satisfied with the final result!

However, the biggest news today is, of course, that we’re halfway through! Fifteen days have passed, as has been the great 25,000 word threshold! Huzzah! If you’ve made it this far, then you’ve kept this up for no less than half a month now! That is no small feat and you can most certainly be incredibly proud of yourself! Definitely keep up the work! You reached this point, I’m confident you can make it all the way through! Now go forth and finish! That!,Novel! But first, go ahead and give yourself a firm pat on the back and take some time to kick back and relax! You’ve earned it!


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