Daily Writing Part 199. Story of Poems Part 133

Random words of the day: Dragon. Melon No, this isn’t a reference to a certain diplomatic flop. I thought of it immediately when I wrote it, but it’s all coincidence. This is apparently just how they do things in the

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Disturbance – A Haiku

From a positive poem on creation, we go to haiku inspired by a less enjoyable event. People walking the streets, talking like they’re a football field apart, long after midnight is already such a joy. When it’s followed by a

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Awakening – A D&D Prelude Haiku

Step by tiny step, a world I hadn’t even imagined a few months back rises up from its humble beginnings and with it, its lands, its peoples, its stories are coming to life. Soon, they will welcome new faces into

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Daily Writing Part 198. Story of Poems Part 132

Random words of the day: Spinach. Soldier. Well, well. Who’d have thought this little narrative poem would have delved deeper into my childhood than probably even The Ghosts of Writing Past? Getting the word spinach for today’s stanza almost instantly

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All Quiet On the Writing Front?

It’s been quiet on the writing front, at the very least here on the Archives. With Project Realm on hiatus and the Star Wars content pretty much used up until I manage to get the stories rolling again, The Artist’s

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Daily Writing Part 197. Story of Poems Part 131

Random words of the day: Prank. Icon. Welcome back, everybody. It’s been nearly two weeks since we last saw each other. The final week-and-a-half of the month tends to be among the busiest times for me. The mostly scorching weather

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Star Wars Locations: Old Town Factoryville

Old town Factoryville was a city on the planet Eriadu. The city was heavily industrialised by the planet’s rulers, who sought to make Eriadu so grand and prosperous it could compete with the galactic capital and become known as the

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Why? Trying to get both my work and my love for writing out there, sharing them with others and getting in touch with fellow writers, artists and other like-minded people.

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