Project Realm. Sculpting the World, Part 23

It has become increasingly difficult to create yet another jungle area and make it distinct from the others. Of course, since they’re close together the islands can have similarities to one another and I do believe I’ve done a fair job at making each island fairly unique, even if jungles have become more dominant on the islands than I had expected (with the exception of the Liones Island). Some inspiration for the Jaguaran Island has come from my idea to have the Jaguaran people be loosely based on the Aztec, the city on the lake being the most visible example of this.

Sculpting the World

4.4.The Jaguaran Island

Map of the Realm (Cat People Archipelago-Jaguaran Island-Highlighted)
Landscape: Extending nearly 900 km from East to West and up to 450 km from North to South, the Jaguaran Island, like the Tigri and Panthera Islands, contains a large amount of dense tropical jungles. Unlike on all other islands, though, a large freshwater lake of 50 by 30 km lies at its the centre. On the lake lies a series of small islands and one large island on which the city of the largest and most powerful Jaguaran clan is built. Other cities are found across the island, with the larger ones in open cleared out areas generally surrounded by the smaller ones more hidden in the jungles. A few rivers run across the island, all of which have their source in the jungles and are connected to neither the sea nor the central lake.

Climate: The climate of the Jaguaran Island is tropical, with high temperatures and humidity throughout the year. The area surrounding the lake, though very similar to the rest is slightly more moderate Precipitation is very common, coming mostly in short heavy showers. During a few months in the year, though, showers take longer and often cause the levels of the lake and the rivers to rise considerably.

Flora & Fauna: Several kinds of of large broadleaved hardwood trees dominate the flora of the Jaguaran Island jungles. Smaller trees, shrubs, bushes and large ferns can be found. Most plantlife in these jungles carries a remarkable variety of fruits, berries and flowers, which are often quite bright and colourful. Tall grass grows along the banks of the rivers and the central lake.

More than on the other three islands, this island’s jungles are quite rich with aerial life. A wide variety of birds inhabit the jungle canopy, the most common among them being quetzal and bird-of-paradise species. Insects – including butterflies, dragonflies and mosquitoes – can also be found in abundance. The parts closer to ground level are mostly inhabited by mammals and reptiles. The mammals include foxes, small deer, mice, monkeys and tapirs – the latter two often found near the rivers. Of the reptiles frogs, turtles and anacondas are primarily found in and around the water while iguanas and various smaller lizards make the trees their home. A number of freshwater fish species, finally, can be found in both the rivers and the central lake.

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Double Dose Weekend 5.2. Sleep – A Haiku

Not much to more say here. I’m ready to fall asleep. I could use some rest. Odd as it might sound doing hardly anything is actually quite sleep-inducing. So I’ll be off to bed and into dreamland, after one more haiku. Goodnight, everyone!

Eyelids are closing
Mind leaves for another realm
’till dawn breaks again

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Double Dose Weekend 5.1. Slump – A Haiku

Today was one of those days again during which I didn’t feel like doing anything and during which, as a result, pretty much nothing got done. Any attempt at starting something productive was shoved away just as quickly away as it came. Even most of yesterday’s groceries (a small amount, but still) still lie on the table! I suppose it can happen to anyone every now and again, but it just doesn’t feel good, especially with my not having written at all yesterday (which means two installments of The Artist’s Tale next week!). Just need that little bit of extra discipline to prevent it in the future…

Another dull day
Lackluster empty mood
Get up already!

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A Good Day – A Haiku

Today was a long day. It was really nice, though. Didn’t get quite as much done as I had hoped, but it felt very good spending some time again with people I really like. Definitely a major step from yesterday! It has left me quite tired, though, so I’m afraid no Project Realm today, or probably even this week (maybe on one of the weekend days). If the latter is the case I’ll compensate for that next week by getting out two installments.

Also a little update. As Thursday is going to be a busy day for some time in the near future, Project Realm will be moved to another day of the week, which will most likely be Wednesday.

A Good Day
Pleasant hours fly by
Although weary, joy prevails
So a good day ends

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Bothers and Comforts – A Haiku

I had hoped to post this week’s Project Realm today as I’m not certain I’ll have the time to get it done tomorrow, but, as it tends to do out of the blue, life decided: nah, let’s just not! Today was not a fun day. I won’t be going into detail as that will undoubtedly lead to some gargantuan rant no one is interested in, but in short: some things in the early afternoon really messed up my mood for most of the day, made me feel really lackluster. Thankfully I have been rediscovering Hitomi Yaida – a wonderful Japanese singer I used to listen to a lot some time ago – whose music has really helped break some sunlight through today’s mental clouds. So yeah, downs and ups, blehs and yays. Sounds like a decent enough description for my day. Also, haiku! ^_^

Bothers and Comforts
Phone leaves me hanging
Harsh words dig a stomach pit
Glad you’re back, Yaiko

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Order 66. Another Side, Another Story – Chapter 1. Eve of Destruction, Part 3

Chapter 1. Eve of Destruction

Part 3. What Is Left

So… It has finally happened… Nillanthir thought to himself as he saw the countless scores of clone troopers attacking the Jedi in the Temple. I have to find the others. We have to make it out of here. Nillanthir sensed an attack from behind, quickly sidestepped the bright blue bolt of a clone trooper blaster and drew his katana. He passed the clone trooper and then quickly sheathed the sword. When the hand guard of the sword made a small sound as it came in contact with the sheath, the clone trooper fell while split in two.

A waste of lives this is…,” Nillanthir said as he bent over the bottom half of the clone trooper, assuming it was a commander due to the yellow markings on the armour. He then quickly grabbed the trooper’s hook and line and kept it for himself. A sudden crying voice appeared in his mind more than any of the other dying Jedi.

‘Master Nillanthir! Help me!’ the voice called out.

Nillanthir traced it to near himself… at the Council’s chambers. The Younglings! He suddenly realised and ran into the Council Chamber to see a dark figure standing among the corpses of the Younglings he had slain. He could see the figure had his back to him and was facing one of the older Younglings who was before him against the wall. Nillanthir suddenly realised who it was. “Amakusa!” he called. The dark being then suddenly turned and glared at Nillanthir, right into the eyes.

“Ah… Master Nillanthir Zerati, wasn’t it?” the being said. “This Youngling always was one that you cared for, wasn’t he? Well, if you come any closer then I will kill him.”

“Anakin Skywalker, or at least a shell of him. I knew that Palpatine would have something to do with you being on the Council. You both are Sith, worshipers of the Dark Side of the Force. For your crimes of murder and the future pain that you will inflict upon yourself… I will punish you and save you from pain.” Nillanthir said, trying to keep his voice under control as he grabbed his lightsaber and then suddenly vanished.

Anakin sensed an attack on the right, made an arc with his lightsaber to counter and went right through Nillanthir. “Heh, not even a challenge,” he said with pride when suddenly Nillanthir vanished again. “What!?” Anakin growled with frustration. He just made a direct hit on Nillanthir and yet the Jedi had vanished. What trickery was this?

“Too easy…,” whispered a voice and Anakin looked up to see a figure with a single wing stretched out and with piercing blue eyes looking into his very own. Nillanthir then suddenly ignited his lightsaber for the first time in this fight. Anakin was surprised by the extreme length of the blade and was slightly caught off guard as Nillanthir attacked with the Ryu Tsui Sen technique, slashing downward with great force. Just as Anakin got his defenses up just in time to block the attack, Nillanthir vanished once again. Nillanthir then suddenly picked Amakusa up and leaped over Anakin, rushing to where he could sense a familiar presence in the Temple.
Hold on, Vhiran… I’m coming to help…

Previous Part     –     Story Main Page     –     Next Part

Introducing Order 66. Another Side, Another Story

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Huub – A Haiku

Here’s another one inspired by the Baldur’s Gate sesson I mentioned yesterday. It’s even more silly than the earlier haiku, but I’d say that’s appropriate considering Huub, the character it’s about. Huub is a not overly brainy paladin who tends to rush ahead of his fellow party members into hallways fraught with danger, without regard for anything in his way. His party members are usually not overly thrilled with the consequences of his actions, but Huub neither notices nor cares. He’s just having a good time!

Triggers every trap
Catches fireballs with his face
Still laughs like a nut

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