Between the Conclaves – 3. Dantooine: Ghosts from the Past, Part 4

3. Dantooine: Ghosts from the Past

Part 4

I might ask you the same thing.” The woman smirked. “But I suppose an introduction is the least I can offer you for freeing me.” She nodded. “My name is Tha’ci. I am a Shadow, or, at least I used to be, a millennium ago.”

“A hunter of the Dark Side, hmm?” Vhiran stood up and looked at her. “So that man I saw, the Bodisei you fought and killed at the temple ruins in my vision. He was a Sith Lord?”

Tha’ci cocked her head slightly to the side. “You had a vision of my capturing him? Interesting…” Her serious face showed a smirk again. “No, he was not of the Sith. But he did use the Dark Side of the Force, and was more powerful and dangerous than your average Sith. Destroying his body and trapping his soul was the only way to stop him.”

“Trapping his soul?”

Yes. The blue fire you saw, I used to destroy his body and force his soul out. Then, I directed the flames containing the soul in a crystal specially created for this purpose and imprisoned the soul so that it may not do any harm again. Then the crystal was to be stored in secret isolated place. It was how my group and I dealt with all threats like his.” She sighed and smiled humourlessly. “The High Council, they did not like our, unorthodox methods of combating the Dark Side, even though those methods had proven their worth and efficiency countless times over. They knew we were powerful, some of us at least on even foot with the greatest Masters sitting on the Council. They knew it, and that was exactly the problem. That is why they wanted to stop us. They feared our power, and that we would turn that power against them at some point. We had no intention of doing this, so we appealed to them, attempted to explain our ways, to no avail. They threatened to expel us from the Order if we did not cease using them. We did not give them a chance for that. With pain in our hearts, but with the realization this was the only way open to us now, we left on our own volition and continued to hunt down and deal with any threat brought by the Sith or any agents of the Dark Side on our own, and aided the Jedi Order in secret, from the shadows.”

With great interest Vhiran listened to her story. “How did you end up here then?”

“I might have been powerful, but I wasn’t all-powerful. I met my match one day as I encountered one of the Brotherhood… Bane.” She nodded at Vhiran, who looked in shock upon hearing the name of one of the mightiest Sith Lords in history. “Even back then he was a living legend and I see he has left his legacy even after a thousand years. Any story you might have heard of his terrible power, it is true. Bane was a no less than fearsome man, no, monster, drenched in the Dark Side, with power beyond belief. We were well aware of this so with the five strongest members of my group, myself among them, we ambushed and fought him, here on Dantooine. But even with our combined strength we were no match. He was so much faster and more agile than his size would make one believe and in an instant he slew the first two attackers with a single swift stroke of his lightsaber. The remaining three surrounded him, but he was as powerful a Force user as he was a combatant. I was the only one to evade the waves of lightning he hurled around. My two comrades were not so fortunate. Had Bane continued his attack for much longer their bodies would have been reduced to nothing but ashes. The battle continued. Now I stood alone against one of the most feared Sith of my time. I managed to evade his attacks for some time but Bane almost seemed untouchable and in the end, he proved much more powerful than me. He drove me through the cave and eventually had me where he wanted me. I realized there was no escape. So I used the only option left to me.” She paused and looked at Vhiran with an embarrassed guilty look. “I fled.”

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Introducing Between the Conclaves

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Threshold – A Haiku

I may have crossed the threshold last year already, but as of two days ago all of my school friends have now ventured into their thirties! A moment occasion, of course, and one we’ll hopefully celebrate by the first great birthday gathering in six years! That is, if we’ll able to gather everyone from whatever corner of the country (or, in some cases, the world) they happen to be and get them into one place. May this year prove more successful than the previous ones! Until then, though, I’ll just go yell at all those damn’ kids these days and tell ’em to get off my lawn! Yes, the lawn of my first-floor apartment. Obviously. ^_^

As three decades pass
Will this then be the moment
They shall reunite?

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Daily Writing Part 135. Story of Poems Part 72

Random words of the day: Elephant. Court

Because what else would one name a seafaring vehicle designed to move below the surface? I mean, it’s just common sense, right? Particularly when one’s dealing with a seafaring vehicle designed to move below the surface that has some sort of judicial duty to attend to! … Yeah, that’s what I thought too!

The Artist’s Tale. Chapter 4
Meanwhile near the chapel’s entrance
Lied the pieces of its gate
A charred trail shaped just like a runway
Ran for many meters straight

At the trail’s end rose a tall spiked ridge
Where the giant gull was seated
Below, among the capsicums
Lied its enemies, defeated

Like the needle of a compass
The bird’s head then turned North
Where, near a cabin, from a bush
Five creatures scuttled forth

There appeared without a sign
Four scorpions, fleet of foot
And a fifth on massive wheels
Emitting dark black soot

No time to spare!” one of them called
And warily looked ’round
Then placed the bin within its claws
Before it on the ground

Energy flowed as it opened
Straight up to the sky
As on instinct, then, the artist
Held their toothbrush high

Down then came the energy
And with the brush collided
Then visions of a lawn appeared
Where prejudice had subsided

No labels used for anyone
No judgment did befall
‘t Was filled with peace up to the brim
And iPods, free, for all

Just as it came the vision went
As a telephone went ringing
The artist recognized the tone
Guitars, quite loud but swinging

With a slight bit of embarrassment
They picked their phone up fast
A sparkling voice replied at once
“Just parking! Please hold fast!”

A butterfly came flying in
Just as the call had ended
A pattern like a compass shaped
Showed on its wings so splendid

I take the picnic hasn’t ended”
Spoke the butterfly
“The referendum can’t begin”
“Before we had some pie!”

In any case, I’m glad you came”
“Especially you, old gull”
“How have you been, my feathered friend?”
“Still as wealthy as you’re dull?”

Before the gull could answer
The butterfly set down
On a bed of manlike flowers
Playing music with a frown

We’ll be needing every bit of help”
The giant gull then spoke
“Do you still have that submarine?”
“The one you nearly broke?”

The Elephant! Good thinking, friend!”
“Don’t worry, she still sails”
“Although right now she’s stuck in court”
“Once out, she’ll tip the scales”


For the first chapter of The Artist’s Tale click here.

For the second chapter of The Artist’s Tale click here.

For the third chapter of The Artist’s Tale click here.


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Late Summer – A Haiku

It’s been hot lately, much hotter than it really is supposed to be at this time of year. Technically it’s still Summer, but it just feels like more like the middle of Summer, rather than the season readying itself to pass things over to Autumn in less than a week. It’s been far from the first bit of the shifting of the seasons, but it remains, not entirely unsurprising.

Late Summer
The scorching sun rays
Shoot down at the Earth below
Halfway September

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Filler Revisited – A Filler Haiku

I feel like I can be a little lazy with the description today (putting aside for a moment my having shown a bit of laziness already with the late posting). As with other filler and (pseudo)-something-from-nothing poems, I think this one can easily speak for itself. So I’ll let it do just that. ^_^

Filler Revisited
Once more it sneaks in
That simple little haiku
Filling the nothing

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Between the Conclaves – 3. Dantooine: Ghosts from the Past, Part 3

3. Dantooine: Ghosts from the Past

Part 3

The image faded. Slowly the view of the cave returned as Vhiran opened his eyes again. He kept his eyes fixed on the crystal formation before him, thinking of the vision. What did it mean? What happened there? The mysterious woman, it looked like she had attacked and killed the Bodisei man with a combination of her lightknifes and strange flames. And then she had manipulated the flames and struck them against a crystal, or, into the crystal? Then, was this crystal before him the same the woman had used to, to store the flames? Vhiran stretched his arm toward the formation. He could feel the power emanating much stronger now, and it kept growing. Should I do this­? What if it is too strong for me? He closed his eyes, then nodded firmly and moved his hand to the crystal. A great force surged into his body the moment he touched it. He began trembling, lightly at first, but heavier with every passing moment. Then it overwhelmed him. He closed his eyes and as he held onto the crystal he was flung back and landed several meters away. Motionless he lied on the floor, his eyes shut, feeling the crystal in his hand. Had it been chaotic a moment before, now everything was calm. What happened?

“That’s quite a piece of craftsmanship,” a familiar voice suddenly sounded. “Haven’t seen a weapon of this quality for a long time.”

Vhiran opened his eyes wide. Everywhere he was surrounded by light, bright but not painful to his eyes. It somehow made him feel, peaceful. He sat upright and looked around.

“Over here,” the voice sounded again.

The Jedi Knight looked in front of him and stared in utter surprise the moment he saw its source. It was the woman from his vision! She looked exactly the same as he had seen her there, only this time she did not wear the mask and her face was completely visible, and she seemed, transparent. Vhiran was uncertain what to think.

“Thank you, young man.” The woman moved her look from the lightknife hilt to Vhiran and made a short bow. “Thank you for getting me out of there.” She nodded as she saw Vhiran’s questioning look and replied his unasked question. “Out of the crystal. My soul has been trapped in there for, quite some time now I believe. Your touching it gave me the possibility to get out and enter a, safer host.”

Vhiran’s eyes widened again. “Are you, in my body?!”

The woman chuckled. “I don’t normally, sneak into people like this, but I had to get out of there after all this time. Don’t worry, I shall get out in a moment. But do fill me in on the situation we’re in. When inside a crystal for a while one tends to lose track of time.”

Vhiran kept silent for a while, looking at the ground. “In short,” he began “The Republic has fallen. The Empire now controls the Galaxy, with the Sith at the helm.”

The woman looked surprised by the news. “How long is this going on now?” she asked after pondering on the young man’s words.

“Slightly over a month now,” Vhiran replied shortly.

She nodded. “So, Lord Hoth has been defeated then. Kaan and the Brotherhood have been victorious. That is, tragic news you br…”

The Jedi shook his head. “The Brotherhood of Darkness was destroyed at Ruusan, almost a thousand years ago,” he interrupted. “The Republic had survived through the millennium that followed. But, that changed a short while ago.”

“A, a thousand years?!” Now it was the woman’s turn to look shocked. “Looks like I’ve been in there longer than I thought.”

Vhiran nodded. “So it seems.” Both remained completely silent, then Vhiran looked up again. “Who are you?” he suddenly asked.

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Introducing Between the Conclaves

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Done? – A Haiku

Because sometimes, quite often, actually, the haiku describes the simplest and most mundane matters in our lives. While I haven’t encountered any other haiku about laundry (aside from one I wrote some time ago), as of yet, I strongly doubt I’m the first to write one. The first about forgetting it, maybe? ^_^

As it stops spinning
The washer quietly waits
For me to recall

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