Between the Conclaves – 2. Dantooine: Reflections, Part 3

2. Dantooine: Reflections

Part 3

Bultar smiled. “Let me tell you something about me. A little story.” She leaned back slightly against the wall, moving her back a bit to avoid the edges sticking from the rock. “It was about ten years ago, shortly after Master Plo Koon became my new Master, that he introduced a young boy to me, slightly younger than you are now. Vhiran was his name, Vhiran Ashukahwa, Master Koon’s new Padawan. Vhiran and I would be training together from now on, Master Koon told me. There was something about him, something that made me like him the first time I laid eyes on him. He looked so different than the other Padawans of his age, so intriguing he was. And there was that shy but warm little smile he always carried, still does.” Bultar chuckled softly and nodded as she thought of it. “He was a quiet little guy, Vhiran, hardly spoke a word, at least when I was around. I first thought it was because he was so focussed on his training, but it didn’t take long until I noticed that look in his eyes every time he looked at me. It felt really strange, so confusing, yet, at the same time, it was, oddly comforting. One evening, after I finished meditating in the Room of a Thousand Fountains, I saw him sitting not far away from me, looking at me. The moment I looked back he turned his head away. He did that more often, I had noticed in the time that had passed since we met. I sat down next to him, and asked him if anything was the matter. He shook his head, told me he was fine. That was so like him, as I would see in the years ahead, always saying he was alright, trying not to get others worried about him. But I knew better. “What’s wrong, Vhiran?” I asked him. Again, he shook his head. “It’s nothing…,” he murmured, his eyes pointed at the ground. And then, when I was about to protest, he continued by himself. “I, I just…” His voice trembled. He was nervous, had trouble saying what he wanted to say. “I just, wanted to see you’re safe.”

For a moment I was shocked. That, was something I had not expected. I thought they sounded a bit, odd at first, but those words, he meant them with all his heart, every single one of them. He was honest, completely genuine. And it touched me, deeply. I closed my eyes and I smiled. “Vhiran,” I said as I took his hand and patted it gently. “Thank you.” It was then that he first looked up, looked at me, so utterly surprised, and didn’t turn away as I looked back.”

Shamila had sat upright now, her arms wrapped around her pulled up legs, her dark brown eyes shining with . Intently she listened to every word of Bultar’s story. She chuckled softly. “So, even Master Vhiran was once a shy little boy, hm?”

“Yes, he was.” Bultar laughed heartily “Very much. Just look at him closely sometimes, you’ll see he still is a bit.” She grinned.

“So, then you…” The girl moved her hand around a bit. “You know…”

Bultar shook her head. “I think, we loved each other the moment we met. We just, weren’t aware of it, at all. How could we? We were Jedi. And those feelings, they were unknown to us. But, it was then, I think, that he first started opening up to me. We started meeting outside, training more often and we’d walk or talk, or just sit together. It felt good being around each other. For the first time since Master Giiett’s death, I felt I really had someone I could trust fully, I could feel truly safe and at ease with. Those were wonderful times. If duty allowed, we were inseparable, my dear friend Vhiran and I. But then…” She lowered her head and smiled sadly as she recalled the thought. “The Clone Wars came. Soon after Geonosis, Vhiran was sent along on a mission to Ryloth. It failed, and when the survivors of the strike force returned, Vhiran wasn’t among them. I was scared. For the first time I was really scared. If it wasn’t for Nillanthir who kept comforting me and assuring our friend was still out there, I don’t know how I would have ended up. For the first time I was truly scared, and for the first time, I realized my feelings for Vhiran might be beyond just friendship more than I had thought, than I had hoped.”

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Introducing Between the Conclaves

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Good Times Ahead – A Haiku

Finally vacation is approaching. No more work, no more responsibilities, no more stress, at least for a few weeks. Hopefully I’ll finally be able to actually focus some more on the various writing, whether it’s this blog (which could really use a return to more consistent posts and updates, for The Artist’s Tale in particular!), the book or the super special awesome secret writing project that’s in the making. At the very least, though, rest and fun times are on the horizon and I’m looking forward to it. ^_^

Good Times Ahead
One more week to go
Before the moment arrives
When all stress will fade

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Between the Conclaves – 2. Dantooine: Reflections, Part 2

2. Dantooine: Reflections

Part 2

NILL!” Shamila’s high-pitched cry sounded through the cave. She opened her eyes wide. The rocky ceiling appeared above her. She lied completely still, almost unable to breathe. Slowly feeling returned to her. Her look carefully moved around. Rock ceiling, rock walls, rock floor beneath her. Rock everywhere. Her eyes widened. Were they, back then? Back in the cave on Zaloriis?! She sat upright. “Nill?” The first sight; a glittering crystal formation in the distance and a single kinrath walking past it. This wasn’t Zaloriis. They were still in their hideout in one of Dantooine’s crystal caves. Of course they were. She let out a disappointed sigh.

“Are you alright?”

Startled, she looked up as a hand touched hers. Jedi Knight Bultar Swan sat knelt down at her side, looking worried. “I’m, I’m fine…” Shamila nodded, unable to suppress a shiver. She felt so cold. The cave brought little warmth and her sweat soaked robes sticking to her body did not exactly help.

“Here.” Bultar took off her long coat and placed it over the girl as a blanket. Shamila smiled and wrapped the coat tighter around her. She felt the silver feather around her neck softly pressing against her chest and closed her eyes. The coat gave her some warmth and comfort, yet, it wasn’t the same. It just wasn’t anything like the large wing that had covered her that night on Zaloriis. How she longed back for that one night… “Don’t worry. You’ll see him again.”

“Huh?” Shamila looked to her side, seeing Bultar had sat down next to her, then quickly lowered her head, her lips slightly pouted. “Y-you knew…”

“Well, if you call out his name that loud,” the woman laughed, but stopped as she saw Shamila lowering her head even further and blushing fiercely. “But it’s alright.” She said in a comforting tone and gently stroke through the girl’s black hair. “It’s alright.”

The young Padawan stared at her feet, sitting there motionless. “But,” she hesitated for a moment. “Is it really alright?” she asked nervously while looking up at the other. “Is it, Bultar?”

Bultar gulped as Shamila’s gaze met with hers. There they were again! Those big dark eyes… Those innocent and beautiful, yet captivating and piercing eyes. Her breath stocked for a moment, then, less than a moment after, she felt completely at ease. It had constantly been like that, ever since they had left Zaloriis and Shamila had looked her in the eyes. Utterly frightening at one moment, and then, within the blink of an eye, more comforting and soothing than any other experience could possibly be. It couldn’t be denied that this girl’s gaze had something special, enchanting even. With them, Bultar was convinced, all but the coldest of heart could be brought down on their knees! Great things could that little Padawan achieve: from bringing the most wonderful blessings to wreaking the most terrible destruction. What is it the Force has in store for you, little Shamila? Bultar thought. And what do you have in store for us?


“Hmm?” The Knight quickly awoke from her thoughts. “Oh. Oh, I’m so sorry,” she laughed in a played embarrassed tone as she quickly recollected Shamila’s words before her thoughts had trailed off. “It’s the Jedi teachings, hm?” Bultar finally asked in reply. “You’re afraid you’re defying them, aren’t you?”

“Hmhm. Shamila nodded softly. “I hadn’t really given it much thought on Zaloriis, but, since we left there, it’s on my mind all the time.” She looked sadly at Bultar. “What I feel, it’s against the Code, isn’t it? So that means it’s wrong for a Jedi, right? I want to be a good Jedi, but, how can I be if I have those feelings?”

“Hmm…” Bultar rested her head on her hand, staring at the opposite cave wall for a while. “I think, Vhiran and I… We feel the same for each other, the same as you feel for Nillanthir. Does that make us bad Jedi, you think?”

“Huh?” Startled Shamila looked down. Pressing her lips together she softly shook her head. “N-no. I, I’m sorry. I, didn’t mean to say it like that, really…,” she whispered in a sad tone. “It’s just that…”

Bultar nodded sympathetically. “It’s frightening, isn’t it?” She put an arm around the girl’s small shoulders.

“Yeah,” Shamila replied, still whispering. She moved closer to the woman and carefully leaned against her. “But, how do you know, Bultar? How is it you know all my thoughts, know exactly how I feel?”

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Introducing Between the Conclaves

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Daily Writing Part 128

Random word of the day: Wallet

Yes! A chance to be punny again! It went through a lot of revisions, this little haiku, and getting it the way I wanted was a frustrating process at times. I was very close to just giving up and going in a different direction, but it eventually worked out, with the cinematic and historical elements I had hoped to include, the ones that made the undoubtedly hilarious pun possible! Enjoy! ^_^

From a major square
A creature from outer space
Overlooks Berlin

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Daily Writing Part 127. Story of Poems Part 69

Random words of the day: Bird. Wealthy

What’s this? Are we learning a little something from the seagull’s past? Or perhaps its present?! Who is this butterfly and what do its words mean? Is it firing shots, being sassy, or maybe just messing with an old pal? Is there any actual money involved in the seagull’s life? What does it all mean for the artist and for the story as a whole? And why won’t these questions stop coming?!

The Artist’s Tale. Chapter 4
Meanwhile near the chapel’s entrance
Lied the pieces of its gate
A charred trail shaped just like a runway
Ran for many meters straight

At the trail’s end rose a tall spiked ridge
Where the giant gull was seated
Below, among the capsicums
Lied its enemies, defeated

Like the needle of a compass
The bird’s head then turned North
Where, near a cabin, from a bush
Five creatures scuttled forth

There appeared without a sign
Four scorpions, fleet of foot
And a fifth on massive wheels
Emitting dark black soot

No time to spare!” one of them called
And warily looked ’round
Then placed the bin within its claws
Before it on the ground

Energy flowed as it opened
Straight up to the sky
As on instinct, then, the artist
Held their toothbrush high

Down then came the energy
And with the brush collided
Then visions of a lawn appeared
Where prejudice had subsided

No labels used for anyone
No judgment did befall
‘t Was filled with peace up to the brim
And iPods, free, for all

Just as it came the vision went
As a telephone went ringing
The artist recognized the tone
Guitars, quite loud but swinging

With a slight bit of embarrassment
They picked their phone up fast
A sparkling voice replied at once
“Just parking! Please hold fast!”

A butterfly came flying in
Just as the call had ended
A pattern like a compass shaped
Showed on its wings so splendid

I take the picnic hasn’t ended”
Spoke the butterfly
“The referendum can’t begin”
“Before we had some pie!”

In any case, I’m glad you came”
“Especially you, old gull”
“How have you been, my feathered friend?”
“Still as wealthy as you’re dull?”


For the first chapter of The Artist’s Tale click here.

For the second chapter of The Artist’s Tale click here.

For the third chapter of The Artist’s Tale click here.


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Between the Conclaves – 2. Dantooine: Reflections, Part 1

2. Dantooine: Reflections

Part 1

 The fire seemed to have been burning for a while already, but there was no sign of it going out yet. Shamila sat down on her knees on the rocky cave floor and placed her hands slightly above the flames. She closed her eyes, letting the warmth of the flames flow in and over her entire body. It felt so good, so comforting after all the hard travel of the last week.

“You came back. I knew you would.”

Startled, Shamila jumped up and almost fell over. Her jaw dropped, her eyes widened as she looked up again to see what was standing in front of her. The long blonde hair, the bright blue eyes, and, the silver wing. Before her stood the one she had been longing for most of all. “N-nill? Is that, really you?” she asked hesitantly.

Nillanthir nodded. A smile formed on her trembling lips, tears of joy welled up in her eyes. She then jumped at him, threw her arms around his neck and held onto him tightly. “I, I missed you, Nill. I missed you, so much,” she said softly, looking him in the eyes.

“I missed you too, Shamila.” Nillanthir replied, stroking through the girl’s hair while supporting her with his arm.

“Nill, I love you.”

I love you too, Shamila.” Shamila let go. Nillanthir put her back on the ground and knelt down so they could see face to face again. “Shamila. Let this be the day we will never part again.” He placed his arm around her and slowly pulled her closer to him. The girl smiled, placing a hand on the young man’s cheek, then closed her eyes and softly placed her lips on his forehead. Finally…

“They’re here!” All of a sudden Shamila saw Nillanthir standing at the exit of the cave, his lightsaber in hand. He turned to her. “I’ll hold them off! You run, now!”

What is this?! Shamila’s eyes widened again. No! “No!” she cried out. “Not again! I’m not going to leave you again! I’m staying here, with you!” She tried to run to him, but somehow couldn’t. It was as if some invisible force pushed her back. She couldn’t do anything, only watch. Numerous blue beams came from outside and hit Nillanthir, knocking him against the nearest cave wall. “Nill!” Powerless, unable to move, Shamila fell to her knees, watching the Jedi Master’s smoking body lying on the ground, motionless. Everything turned black around her. Everything disappeared from sight in the darkness that engulfed the cave. Nothing could be seen, or heard, or even felt. Only she and Nillanthir remained. Nillanthir’s head slowly turned, looking at her. The look in his eyes was hollow, yet Shamila could see a faint smile on his face. But, this was a smile unlike any she had seen before, and it frightened her. On hands and knees Shamila quickly crawled towards him through the nothingness, faster and faster… But in vain. Whatever she did she couldn’t come any closer to him. “Why?” she asked in disbelief, to no one in particular. “What is this?” She felt helpless, sad, and angry, all at the same time. He was lying there, probably mortally injured, and she couldn’t do a single thing. So close he was, yet so far.

“Sha-mi-la…” Nillanthir moved his trembling hand, trying to reach out to her. His voice sounded hoarse and weak.

Shamila jumped up. Finally she found herself able to move again. “Hold on! I’m coming! Don’t you worry!” She ran at him as fast as she could. This time nothing was going to stop her from helping him!

The young Jedi Knight smiled weakly as the girl reached him and knelt down at his side. “Th-thank, you,” he said, barely audible. Shamila smiled back, but the moment she moved her hand to touch his face, Nillanthir’s body was flung up in the air. Then, without warning, it violently burst into flames.

The young Padawan fell to the ground. She could not get up, did not even try. Staring in shock at the terrifying view of Nillanthir floating several meters above the ground, covered in the mercilessly burning flames, she slowly stretched out her arm to reach out for him. And all she could bring out was but a single name. “Nill…,” her whispering sob came, but soon turned into a cry full of desperation, echoing through the emptiness. “Nill! NILL!

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Introducing Between the Conclaves

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Between the Conclaves – 1. Nar Shaddaa, Part 5

1. Nar Shaddaa

Part 5

Demo looked around at the other troopers and gave a nod to Flash. “KE’SUSH!” he yelled. Immediately he and the others stood at attention and saluted. “The Empire may have turned against you, but we have not,” he began.

“Tell us what to do, general and we will do so,” Flash added.

Vhiran nodded approvingly at the still unwavering loyalty of the men he had commanded and befriended. “At ease, my friends.” He turned to Flash. “All you need to do now is stay alive, captain,” he said. “And wait until I contact you again.”

Flash saluted. “Sir, yes sir!”

“Flash, do you know where the others are?” Ashukahwa asked.

“Ghost’s stationed on Dantooine, general. And Blackout’s overseeing the garrison that is being set up here on Nar Shaddaa.”

“Contact them at the first possibility you have and give them the orders I just gave you.”

“Understood, sir.” The captain nodded. “So, what will you be doing in the meanwhile?”

“Getting off this moon first. I take it they know we’re here, since you’ve been looking for us.”

Flash nodded. “They do. General, please stay in your hideout a little longer. I’ll have Blackout arrange you and your friends a ride to Dantooine and tell Ghost you’re coming. And until you’re safely away, I‘ll declare this area off-limits to all Imperial personnel.”

“Thank you, my friend.” Vhiran bowed. “Be prepared. Next time we meet will be the time for retaliation.” He then took the captain’s hand and both clenched their hands into fists. “Darasuum kote!” Vhiran said.

“Darasuum kote!” Flash repeated in reply. He looked at the other troopers and raised his fist in the air. “DARASUUM KOTE!” he called out.

The voices of the troopers calling out the motto of the Grand Army of the Republic as one sounded throughout the area. Although not knowing the meaning of the words, Shamila looked in amazement at what happened. The clones that had hunted them down only moments ago now swore loyalty to them. And they would be far from the last. She knew, while seeing the spark in her Master’s eyes as he looked proudly at the soldiers enthusiastically singing a war chant and waving their blasters in the air, the tides had finally turned. The fate of the Empire had been sealed.

Mando’a Glossary
Ke’sush! (Keh-SOOSH) – Attention! (the army command)
Darasuum Kote (Da-RAH-soom KOH-tay) – Eternal Glory (motto of the Grand Army of the Republic)

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Introducing Between the Conclaves

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