Between the Conclaves – 5. Eriadu, Part 1

5. Eriadu

Part 1

Although being one of most active trade centers in the Outer Rim, and despite the sounds coming from the many towering factories and the constantly falling rain, the streets of the city planet Eriadu seemed quieter than anything she had witnessed for some time. Twilight seemed to be upon Old Town Factoryville, one of the planet’s most heavily industrialized cities, though it was hard to see whether it was truly the sun being moments away from setting or if it was the work of the large piles of smoke and gas being spewed from the factory chimneys into the polluted dirt brown sky, blocking much of the sunlight throughout the day. It was quiet. Save for a small number of native six legged rats scurrying about on the mould covered sewer pipes and abandoned vats filled with industrial waste, not a single soul was around. Or was there? Something did feel near. Bultar closed her eyes, leaning against the starfighter with one hand, ignoring the rain that streamed down over her and shoved her soaked hair into her face. The Force presence she had sensed while in orbit became stronger and appeared to be moving around at quick pace. He’s close. She opened her eyes and looked around. Her gaze stopped at one of the more narrow alleys. While moving her hair out of her face, she looked at the ship for a moment with a slight feeling of doubt. Should I just leave it here? This area seemed greatly abandoned, but she didn’t want to run the risk of Imperial troops discovering she was here. As long as I don’t stray too far, it should be alright. She nodded and started walking.

Had the cave on Dantooine provided a small amount of comfort, the conditions on Eriadu were at its best equally bad as those of Nar Shaddaa’s run-down Refugee Sector. ‘Coruscant of the Outer Rim’, it seemed its rulers stopped at nothing to attain for Eriadu that title they longed for so strongly. The towering grey buildings all around, packed closely together to save space for further urbanization and industrialization of the city, kept the foul stench of factory produced waste hanging in its place. If it hadn’t been for the pouring rain offering some refreshment, if only slightly, walking through the mostly narrow streets would have been no less than suffocating. Even Nar Shaddaa would beat this hellhole. She chuckled inwardly, but with some bitterness. Maybe I should have considered coming with Vhiran after all.Vhiran… Only two days had passed since they had left Dantooine and split ways, but it seemed so much longer to her. Moving on through the grey desolate city, she realized how alone she actually felt. She had been in situations of loneliness before, most notably in the aftermath of her mission to Amaltanna during the Clone Wars, where she had been the only one to walk away, the one lone soul to leave the battle for the Separatist fortress Impregnable and the planet alive. It had been eerily quiet then. The lifelessness, the dead silence of Old Town Factoryville reminded her strongly of that day, of how alone she had felt. In the weeks that had past since the leave from Zaloriis she had been at least with Vhiran and Shamila. Now the only things remotely resembling companionship came from the small animals crawling around the city, and the thoughts of her friends: sweet little Shamila, the shy yet determined young Padawan she met on Talus and who had become like a little sister to her. And then Vhiran, her beloved Vhiran. Never before the execution of Order 66 would she have thought the young Jedi Knight and herself to be more than just friends. And now, it was just as hard to imagine life had ever been any different.

How much she missed both of them, but, much more than she would like to admit, she suddenly realized, as it felt awfully close to the attachment the Jedi Order forbade. And she was still a member of that same Order, a Jedi Knight, no matter what and how much had happened. For a moment Bultar halted and thought it through. Would she have to give up those feelings if she was to continue being a Jedi? Almost immediately she shrugged off the thoughts. “I’m going to forget what I told Shamila myself now?” the Knight asked herself. With a sigh she shook her head. “Don’t forget what he has given you. Light, hope, strength. If it wasn’t for him, you might have already ceased being a Jedi. Don’t doubt your feelings, Bultar, especially in a time like this.” Her words came out softly, audible only to her, but at the same time strict and most of all, determined. With a smile she continued her way, in the direction of the powerful Force presence she had sensed, no doubt the Jedi Master who was here on the planet.

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Introducing Between the Conclaves

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NaNoWriMo 2016. Log 30: FIN!

Wait a minute… That counter, it seems to have crossed a certain number… Then, is it…

Then, that means… Did I…


YES! I DID IT! I FRACKING DID IT AGAIN! Once more I managed to blast through and to climb over every obstacle that was thrown in my path this month! Once more I wrote like my life depended on it! And once more I wrote a 50,000 word novel in thirty days! WOOO!

Wow! I know I’ve experienced this moment before, but, it still feels kind of, unreal! Here I was, writing and often struggling like crazy every single day, almost until the last moment stressing out and wondering if I was going to make it or not. That fear of not getting to the finish line may have been even greater than last year, I think, especially with the vast majority of the days having been spent below the average daily word count line. But now… Now I’ve crossed the line a second time.

Sure, last year saw the completion of an entire story from beginning to end and this one turned out to be only the first act of a story I planned, but that first act is finished, from beginning to end. Furthermore, it means that there’s more story still to write. This month, this NaNoWriMo and this act may have been finished, but Pwnage itself? Oh, Pwnage is only just beginning! And that, that feels exciting, exhilarating, energising, epic and all those other awesome feeling describing words starting with E! You know… Yeah, I think it’s high time for a celebration! Launch the fireworks over the very story-related scenery!


I went into this year’s NaNoWriMo with great expectations. Last year was an incredibly awesome experience and I was eager to go through it again. And so I did! With all the lows to and highs, defeats and its victories, exhaustion and exhilaration, NaNoWriMo 2016 has once more far from disappointed! Once more I can bask in my own pride for pulling through and achieving what I set out to do!


And that counts for all my fellow NaNoWriMo contestants! Once more I must offer you a thousand congratulations! You can count yourself among the most epic of writers, nay, people on this world! You have achieved something tremendous and you have every reason to be proud!What? Yes, of course you can have a proud Picard too! Here you go! ^_^


Of course, there are those those still going on, working hard to get those last scenes, lines or even words in before the clock strikes twelve! Keep it up! You’re almost there! You! Can! DO this! Go get ’em! For you and for everyone else who has taken part in this magical, manic and marvelous month, I once again bring you the one and only patented (no, not really) Victory Boost Package(TM)! May it serve you well!

Thank you everyone, both on- and offline, for sticking with through another fantastic NaNoWriMo experience! Your support and your presence have meant the world to and have done a lot in boosting the confidence I needed to make these last thirty days such a success! I actually mean that with all my heart! Thank you! Now, I think I’m going to take a deep breath and let everything go. Sleep is going to feel SO good! 

And of course, as is tradition (or it will be after I’ll have done it for a second time! ^_~), I shall once more wish you good writing, good night and until next National Novel Writing Month! V(^_^)V


Final word count: 51,441!

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NaNoWriMo 2016. Log 29: Breathe In, Breathe Out…

Okay, second-to-last day of NaNoWrimo. Exciting, exciting. A year ago, today, I had crossed the 50,000 mark and proceeded to finish my story the next day. As of now, I have not yet reached that point, but I’m about as far as I can be from despair. This day has been one of the most successful writing days this month and having been able to end the day quite a bit earlier than usual, I’m just over 600 words short of reaching the end goal! I’ll be honest, my nerves have been starting to play up like crazy, even more so than during the rest of the month! The goal is in sight. It’s so close I can almost smell it, taste it, touch it! Whether I’m going to make it tomorrow or not, that already feels fantastic!

The one thing I’m worried about, though, is finishing the story itself, or rather the first act of the overall story this year’s NaNo project has been dedicated to. Through all the busyness, distractions and stress I’ve managed to steer the plot towards one big last scene, the final confrontation and conclusion of Pwnage‘s Act I. Like the 50,000, it’s so incredibly close and with all the work put into it so far, I’ll be damned if I won’t be working really hard tomorrow to finish it properly!

We have one more day to go, everyone! Good luck, or Hals und Beinbruch for the more superstitiously minded and/or theatre enthusiasts among us, and good writing! Let’s give it our all! ^_^

And just in case you needed a bit of an extra boost, here’s an old green friend with a few words to say! ^_^

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NaNoWriMo 2016. Log 27 & 28: Of End’s Beginning and Beginning’s End

Yesterday and today saw the writing of probably one of the more difficult scenes I’ve encountered thus far. I don’t think I’m giving too much away when I say I was trying to channel those police interrogation scenes, but write it in a more humourous manner. I haven’t really had a lot experience with writing either of those and I’m not sure how I feel about how it, and the opening dialogue in particular, turned out, but it did make the story take an interesting turn, most of which I had not exactly planned ahead of time. It’s always nice when that happens. It also brought about the longest scene featuring the protagonist involved! Although it’s possible that’s because it’s dialogue heavy, meaning additional paragraphs and additional open spaces, let’s just stick to the option that I’m just an awesome writer, okay? ^_~

Whether it’ll get finished before the end of the month, I can’t say with certainty, but the first act is coming along nicely. In fact, writing as a whole seems to come along nicely! It feels really good to finally be able to finally breathe a little again and not struggle for days on end to reach that daily word count! If I keep up the pace like I’ve done for the past few days, I think I can wrap up this part of the story quite nicely. Don’t tell daily life I said that, though! It can be unbelievably petty when faced with others’ success and progress…

Alright, just two more days to go now. Let’s go see what they’ll bring, shall we? ^_^


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Between the Conclaves – 4. Kamino, Part 7

4. Kamino

Part 7

Vhiran could distinguish a hint of melancholy in Tha’ci’s voice. ‘We can go there right after the meeting on Kessel,’ he said to her in mind in a determined tone. ‘The Order owes you much and this is the least I can do for you, for the injustice inflicted upon you. I, should have done this earlier, but, I feel that on their behalf I must apologize for th…´

Oh, stop it!’ Tha’ci interrupted. ‘Yes, the Jedi Order may have been led by a bunch of arrogant, narrow minded Huttslugs in my days, but they’re not all that bad. Besides, it has been a thousand years since then,’ she laughed. ‘And if anything, the past days in your presence and that of your friend and your Padawan have given me at least a spark of hope the Order has changed for the better. If more Jedi nowadays are like you, I feel they have finally started learning.’

Perhaps they have,’ Vhiran replied. ‘But, it looks like even after those thousand years they still need a catastrophe before realizing the graveness of the situation.’ He paused a moment, a sad look appearing on his face. ‘I think that their eyes, as well as mine, were not truly opened until the Sith attack.’

Tha’ci remained quiet for a bit. ‘By admitting that, your eyes are already wider open than you might realize. And it’s more than I ever expected to hear from any Master of the Order in my over thirty years of life before Bane.’

Suddenly, Vhiran felt the same feeling as when he had first took hold of Tha’ci’s crystal. Then the next moment light was all around again and Tha’ci’ stood before him. “What do you say?” she said. Vhiran thought he could see a grin under the woman’s mask. “How about we go set things straight?”

Surprised for a moment at Tha’ci’s sudden action, Vhiran then nodded. “Sounds good,” he said, remaining seated with his arm over his raised knee. “And, we’ll visit that facility of yours as soon as possible. I must admit I’m quite interested in it myself.”

The former Shadow smiled. “I’d like that, thank you…”

As the last time, her image as well as the light faded. This time the grey metal walls of his room on Kamino came in sight. Vhiran could see Shamila lying on her bed with her eyes closed and the blankets lying half over her. The Knight stood up, placing the lightknife back under his robe, and kneeled down at his sleeping Padawan. “The first real bed since we left Kahbur’s place, hmm?” With a smile he pulled the blankets over her.

“General Ashukahwa, I am sorry to disturb you, but I wished to know if everything was satisfactory and if you needed anything,” Shu Yi’s voice sounded from the hall.

Vhiran rose and calmly stepped to the room’s exit. “It is more than we could have wished for,” he said as he opened the door, seeing the Kaminoan woman standing before him, and bowed with his hand before his heart. “Thank you.”

“I am glad to hear that, general. If you are ready I could show you around the facility now, though if you wish you to stay here to recuperate some more, then that is not a problem.”

“That will be fine. I’m well rested,” the Jedi Knight smiled. “And I would gladly learn more of this facility.” He added with a bow.

“Excellent. Please follow me then.” Shu Yi gestured with her long slim arm.

“Ah, I’m sorry. One moment please.” Vhiran walked back to Shamila’s bed and knelt down. “Shamila,” he said softly while gently tapping on her arm.

“Hmm?” the Padawan’s sleepy half opened eyes looked at Vhiran.

“Lady Shu Yi will be showing me around the facility. You can stay here and rest if you want. I’ll let you know if anything comes up.”

Shamila nodded softly. “Alright, Master.” Almost immediately she had closed her eyes again.

Enjoy this moment of peace, Shamila, Vhiran thought while watching the girl with a warm look. There’s no telling when things will get ugly again.

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Introducing Between the Conclaves

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NaNoWriMo 2016. Log 25 & 26: Back! On! Track!

Woah! It took quite a bit of clawing and climbing, but I am happy to announce that, for the first time since the first day of this month, with only four more days remaining, I am finally back, on, track! WOO!

Let’s not celebrate too soon, though. Like I said, there still are four more days left and over 6,000 words still to write. If I want a chance of getting to the 50,000 and finish this story, I’m going to have to spend these upcoming days wisely. Especially since two of these last days, including the very last one, contain a fair bit of non-writing activity. It’s going to be tough, but my conviction to get through this has never been greater than right now!

A short update on the story itself then. I’ve noticed that the parts focusing on one protagonist tend to be considerably longer than those of the other. A major factor in this is that a lot of the exposition related stuff is contained in said longer parts. I’ll have to take a look at that after November, but for now it’s really not doing any harm, plus it’s keeping the story moving.

Speaking of which. I’ve mentioned it earlier, but with the pace at which the story is moving, I’ve now, all but officially, decided to make what is written in November the first act of what is going to be a longer story.

Now, the night calls and what a sweet call it is, after a long day like this. It has been an incredibly fruitful day as well, however. So, with cautious optimism, I shall continue to write, onward to that beautiful finish line! See you next time, everyone! ^_^


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NaNoWriMo 2016. Log 23 & 24: Making Waves

I was considering making a triple log for tomorrow, but decided against it at the last moment. It would probably only lead to similar thoughts tomorrow and then the procrastination ball will really be rolling. Let’s not do that, shall we? ^_^

The size of the gap has been moving up and down in slight waves over the past week, but overall I think it has remained fairly consistent. No small, I’ll humbly brag, considering the week has been a busy one. The next three (or at least two-and-a-half) days will contain some more time and if I can muster the same discipline as last Tuesday, I foresee a good deal of progress. Still, very warily, of course!

The way the story is progressing, it looks like I’ll definitely need more than 50,000 words to contain it in its entirety. Especially at the pace the plot’s been moving, I wouldn’t be able to do it justice if I crammed its remainder in those last 11,000 words. So most likely this NaNoWriMo project will only be the story’s first act (with maybe a bit of the second act in there). In a way it’s less than I had expected to write this month, but it does mean the entire story will also be longer than expected! And if the story’s enjoyable – which I certainly think this one is – then more of it is rarely a bad thing, right? ^_^

Now, off to sleep we go, so that we shall be rested and ready to once more take on the great writing journey tomorrow! See you next time! ^_^


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