NaNoWriMo 2017. Log 30: Victory!

And there it is! Thirty days, over sixty-six-thousand words and countless emotions from all across the spectrum later, the magnificently absurd tale of a Scottish, a Colombian drug kingpin and their fight against the most bizarre of alien invasions has at last drawn to a close! Dear family, friends, followers, likers and everyone who has in some way stood with me in all this: Pwnage has been finished!



Wow… Okay, let me breathe for a bit, because more than ever before this month (with the possible exception of yesterday), I am absolutely ready to topple over and just not get up again…


My third NaNoWriMo victory in a row is a reality! What a month it was! In more ways than one! Despite having a constant and eventually increasing lead on the average daily word count and reaching the magical, the wondrous and the stunningly beautiful 50,000 words a full three days before the end, this may just have been the most draining and demanding National Novel Writing Month I’ve gone through so-far. There have definitely been moments this month felt a whole lot longer than its thirty days. Before we get bogged down in negativity, however, let’s take a sharp turn straight for the positive!


Because, exhausting though it was, exhilaration is probably the dominant feeling I’m experiencing as I look back on these past thirty day. This has also been my most productive NaNoWriMo by far! Not only have I managed to write nearly 17,000 words more than I needed to win, I’ve also finally been able to finish the story I’d been working on since last year; a story I am now even more determined than ever to turn into my first novel! With all the blood, sweat and tears that have been put into it, it most definitely deserves at least that much! I believe a certain general had something to say about that last year…


That’s it! Yes, for that fact alone, I can already look back on this month with a whole lot of pride and happiness. Let’s also not forget that, however, that, just like during its previous two installments, NaNoWriMo has once again proven something beyond the shadow of a doubt: if I take my body, my mind, my will and my determination, combine them and focus them into my passion, I can achieve more than I could have possibly imagined! Not a single word of that is lied or exaggerated and I’m positive I’m far from the only one this magnificent month has left this way.

For me, NaNoWriMo 2017 has ended in probably the most awesome and amzazing way possible! It may have not always been easy (don’t let the daily word counts fool you!), but through passion, perseverance and a whole lot sugar and caffeine (sorry, didn’t manage an awesome alliteration this time! ^_^;) has once more led to a magnificent achievement of those goals laid out at the start of this month. And then some!


To all fellow contestants in this incredible month of writing: whether you’ve written fifty-thousand, ten-thousand, or heck, even ten words, you set out to write, write and write again! And you DID! Consider yourself absolutely amazing and be very, VERY proud of yourself!


And to all of you still working hard to get that novel of yours from your mind out onto the pages, keep it up! You’ve started this! You’ve come this far and I KNOW that you can finish it! YOU! CAN! DO! IT! For you and all you other wonderful crazy writing peoples, I am proud to once more bring you ancient (three years old) tradition the one and only patented (again, not really) Victory Boost Package(TM)! Seeking to get inspired? Wanting to bask in the glory of your well-earned victory? Look no further! ^_^

And there we have it. Another NaNoWriMo come and gone. Thank you, sincerely, for everyone who once more stood with me through this month! I may not always express it in the most noticeable manner, but know that your support really has kept and continues to keep me going! It means no less than the world to me! From the bottom of my heart: thank you!

Now, it is time to wrap things up for this year and give possibly the true MVP of the month – my poor, loyal, diligent brain – the rest it so badly deserves. As always, I shall wish you all good writing, good night and until the next National Novel Writing Month! V(^_^)V


Final word count: 66,859!

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NaNoWriMo 2017. Log 29: The Longest Day

As I write this, the big, spectacular climax is still under construction. Seven hours of writing have passed this day and I’m still not where I had hoped to be. I suppose that’s something that should be expected in the wonderful world of writing, but being so close to the end, I can’t help but feeling nervous and uncertain if I’m going to finish this story before the clock strikes twelve tomorrow night.

Don’t get me wrong. I intend to work as hard as I can to make it a reality, but this last part is definitely a slog. Each part I wrote today took so much longer than I had anticipated and I was shocked when I looked at my outline earlier to see I was only about halfway through the final confrontation. You might imagine how my frustration and ensuing exhaustion are starting to get to me.

So if you don’t mind, I’m going to cut this log off here. I think I’ll go write for about an hour more and see how much I can churn out in that time. If it’s enough to finish the climax in its entirety: excellent. If not, well, then I suppose I’ll just have to work a little harder tomorrow. I’ll see you then, if I haven’t completely collapsed by that point. ^_^;


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NaNoWriMo 2017. Log 28: Keep On Crawlin’!

Who’d have thought the days after reaching the 50,000 words would be the most tense days of the month? Here you are working towards that number and after you get to it, you’re suddenly blasted into overdrive! That’s a nice dose of irony if I’ve ever seen it. I guess I kind of knew what I signed up for when I decided to not just go for reaching the 50,000 word count, but actually finish a story that turned out much much longer and more grand than I had anticipated! Still, let’s put everything in perspective, shall we?

My earlier writing day was three and sometimes up to four hours. Today, I’ve spent a good six hours on writing! That’s an entire quarter of an actual twenty-four-hour day and nearly twice as long as those earlier writing days! I can’t say it’s not an exhilarating experience, pushing out those final scenes on the edge of the month, but even more-so than the days before, it’s absolutely draining!

It’s also very satisfying, though, to see the story is now really coming together. All material that had been created before the start of the month has now been implemented into the story proper as well, so no more loose ends to distract me! That means I can completely focus on writing that big climax and, finally, its aftermath! That’s right, the big climax has actually started now and all of tomorrow will be dedicated to bringing it to a spectacular conclusion!

For now, though, I’m going to conclude this log here before I fall down on the ground and wake up with a big bump on my head. I bid you all further good writing, good night and until tomorrow!


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NaNoWriMo 2017. Log 27: 50,000!

He’s done it again! The absolute madman! He’s fracking, done it, again!

The first time I participated in NaNoWriMo, I crossed the threshold a day before the end. Last year it was on the last day itself. But this year I’ve exceeded every expectation I crossed my 50,000 words today! That’s not one, not two, but THREE whole days before the end of the month! Wow…

The moment before pressing that button to validate your word count, knowing that this time the counter will finally pass that magical number… It’s absolute exhilaration, no doubt about it. Every, single time! Then you push through and press the button. The banner appears. The NaNoWriMo team congratulates you with an awesome video. You see those words. You see those numbers… And then, when the streams of tears and adrenaline collide you know you’ve made it!

As I’m writing this I’m actually still so full of adrenaline I just don’t know what to do with it! It might be better to take a bit of time to relax, clear my head and calm my mind. If anything, this log will probably be a lot more coherent. At the same time, though I’m just so eager to share this amazing news with you all! I mean, the words have been reached, the shirt has been ordered and… Ah, yes, there’s the banner!


That’s right! I’ve just won NaNoWriMo for the third year in a row! WOOO!

The elation I’m experiencing is so incredible, it’s almost enough to make you forget there’s still three days left in the month. That’s three days to truly finish the story. No, it’s not quite over yet. Our knight and our kingpin still have a little bit longer to go before their adventure is concluded and I’m going to make sure they make it to that conclusion before this month is over!

For now, though, I’m going take that earlier advice: relax, clear my head and calm my mind. That way I should be well prepared to continue the final stages of the journey tomorrow! And I hope you’ll continue to join me, so that we can face these last days together!

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NaNoWriMo 2017. Log 26: Go! Go! Go!

At last it’s there! About half a week before the end of the month, I have finally managed to create an outline for the final part of this story, containing all but the last part of the epilogue! I’ve actually gone a step beyond as well. Not only does the outline contain what I want to put in the story, but also when it’s supposed to be written. I’ve devoted every day to writing a specific part of the story. So each day I will not just be striving to reach the daily average word count each day, I’ll also be writing full scenes which, under normal circumstances, might just have taken multiple days!

And that all starts today! I’ve already written the amount I’d normally need each day to finish, but the scene has yet to be concluded. It once more continues the scene featuring the two protagonists, but today it’s taken a major turn in a different direction and with that it has opened the way for the literal beginning of the end! After I’m finished writing this log, I’ll continue to finish the scene, so that I’ll be ready for the next one tomorrow!

Yes, even more than it’s already been, it’s going to be one wild ride, these last four days of NaNoWriMo 2017! I’m a bit nervous, but now that I’m armed with pretty much all knowledge of the rest of the story, I feel confident I’ll be able to bring Pwnage to its proper conclusion! See you tomorrow, everyone!


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NaNoWriMo 2017. Log 25: Nice!

A bit of strange writing day, today. For the most part, all went according to schedule. By the time I had planned to be finished, one scene was done, steering storyline two closer to its already very close conclusion, and another started. Unfortunately I was just about twenty words short of the daily average word count. That time also happened to be the time I had set to meet up with my friends. While that didn’t allow me to finish my writing for the day as scheduled, it really didn’t matter. Even if it was for just a few hours, hanging out with my friends again after not having seen them for a month or so (and some even longer) was really nice! Add getting a cool travel gift into the mix and this was definitely one of the better days of the month, whether I would reach the words I needed for the day or not.

Afterwards, I set out to write those last few words, but eventually and ended up nearly finishing the scene I’d started earlier! It was a follow-up to the scene I discussed yesterday and there almost was another struggle with the cheesiness. This time, though, I remembered the lessons I’d learned earlier and managed to successfully apply them. The result: increased character development and the bridge to the climax almost complete!

Overall, an off day to be sure, but the time with friends, the gifts and the surprising progress on the story made mostly a really good one! Tomorrow, it’s back to basics: no appointments, no activities on the side, just good old writing! See you then!


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NaNoWriMo 2017. Log 24: Drama!

I think I may have found another little writing weakness of mine: writing emotion-driven scenes without making them overly cheesy or sappy. The scene I worked on (and still am working on) today was probably the second hardest to write this month and not too dissimilar from that other scene. It’s a very quiet scene, focusing strictly on the two protagonists, the interactions between them and the development of very specific aspect of those interactions. Let me tell you: this was hard.

First of, as we’ve established, I’m not quite as proficient with writing these kind of scenes as I’d like. Second: I not only have a type of scene to write with which I’m hardly familiar, it’s also up to me to make sure that scene’s tone doesn’t clash with the rest of the story. And since I’m dealing with a story that’s filled with absurd humour, over-the-top action and a fair bit of self-awareness, you might imagine how emotional character interactions can be hard to pull of in a way that doesn’t make them look like they belong in a somber drama or sappy romance novel. In short: I wanted the emotion in there, but at the same time preserve the overall tone of the story.

Whereas I put the earlier difficult scene aside for a moment to focus on the next part, this time I marched on once I realised the solution was actually much more obvious than I’d thought. I just continued with the scene as I had done for the rest of the day, but I sprinkled in a pinch of the story’s aforementioned self-awareness into it here and there. It’s amazing how much that simple change affected the tone, but kept the intent of the scene intact! In the end I’m quite content with the result: a touching scene that isn’t out of touch with the rest of the story.

I’ll be writing a bit longer than usual after writing this, since the daily average word count has, for the first time in quite a while, not been reached yet. Tomorrow my writing schedule will be (mostly) back to normal again. I hope that will also affect the productivity. I could definitely use a bit of a boost after today. See you tomorrow, everyone!


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