Double Dose Weekend 1.4. Daily Writing Part 61

Random word of the day: Laser

So I’ve cheated a tiny bit to make this work. There’s no one out there who can stop me! Muahahahaha! … Well, at least the word itself is in it. ^_~ The idea for this “use-each-letter-of-the-word-as-the-first-letter-of-a-line poem” (yes, that is the actual scientific name for such a poem) came about fairly quickly and easily after I got the word from the RWG. If you’re familiar with the Evil Overlord List or the tropes and/or clichés surrounding villains in popular culture you can probably guess how things are going to end for this particular villain.

Here We Go Again…
Lasers, the smug villain said
Are great for getting heroes dead
Simply lie them on a slab
Eventually they’re naught but drab
Really, they’ll pose no more threat
Soon after their last cigarette


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Double Dose Weekend 1.3. Leave-Taking – A Haiku

This poem was written over two weeks ago. That was when I finally handed in the keys of my old place, truly marking the end of my three year life there. Like most of the leaving and moving it was far from enjoyable, but I guess it had to be done. Whenever I’ll be coming there now, I’ll no longer be living there. I’ll be visiting. Which just, isn’t the same, is it? Wow… It’s been just a few weeks and I know I’ve said this several times before, but I really miss that place… I look forward to going there again.

Keys now from the chain
Heavy heart but gaze ahead
Chapter at an end

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Double Dose Weekend 1.2. Daily Writing Part 60

Random word of the day: Cow

Today’s second poem is similar to the first in three ways: it’s a haiku, it’s somewhat food inspired and it’s about one of those little things in life that can inspire one at the most unexpected of moments.

Last year I got a pot-holder in the shape of a cow’s head as a present during the December holidays. It’s a funny little thing and it does its job – i.e. keeping my hands from burning when getting hot pots and dishes – quite well. So here’s a short ode to that brave purple cow’s head. ^_^

Brave Bovine
Facing the great heat
Fearlessly biting the edge
Safely brings the food


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Double Dose Weekend 1.1. Cultural Cooking – A Slice of Life Haiku

And there is the next project lifting off! Well, yes, I know it’s not really a project and more of a novel little name for my catching up the days I’ve missed, but still. Let me have this, okay?! ^_~ If you’ve missed or forgotten what Double Dose Weekend is have a look over here.

The first one is a haiku on today’s evening. I’ve had a fun day with a friend and in the evening we went and cooked up a small tasty dinner. At one point we were joking about how multicultural the various parts of the dinner were and I thought it’d made for a fun little haiku.

Cultural Cooking
Italian dish
Thai drink, Japanese desert
Delicious mishmash

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Daily Writing Part 59. Story of Poems 19

Random words of the day: Olive. Froth

It’s that time again! After more than a month The Artist’s Tale finally continues! I believe this is one of the first, if not the first, time that I’m directly continuing from the last part rather than changing focus or introducing something entirely new to fit the words in. It’s nice for a change. Now just watch and see the flow being completely thrown out again next time! ^_^

The Artist’s Tale. Chapter 2
We’re almost there,” the seagull cawed
And scanned the ground below
But did not note the gang of cultists
Hidden by the snow

It landed in an eerie field
Where few souls dared to tread
Before chapel dark as coal
With massive doors of lead

A dozen cultists then jumped out
They cried a frightening yell
And swiftly climbed the chapel’s tower
To ring its ancient bell

Into the chapel! Quickly now!”
A sharp voice hissed and cried

But do turn off your mobile phone!
And leave your shoes outside!”

The chapel doors by moonlight lit
Flung open fast and wide
With great surprise the artist saw
Their parents stood inside

The seagull flew up on the roof
Let out some frightful caws
The cultists then enclosed it fast
With pokers in their claws

The great bird flapped its giant wings
And with a windy blast
Into a nearby olive tree
Its frothing foes were cast


For the first chapter of The Artist’s Tale click here.

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Daily Writing Part 58

Random words of the day: Silo. Paper clip. Iron

I’m really glad I at one point ‘discovered’ the idea of writing poems using the letters of a word as the first letters of each line. Today’s short poem is a bit of a variation, using just the letters of one word, but using each of the random words in the poem. It also, unexpectedly, turned into a little reference to a famous TV series from the 1980’s and 1990’s. The name and the paper clip are the only hints I’ll be giving. ^_~

Nothing New There
Seeking a quick way inside
Into a silo made from hide
Little Angus made a whip
Out of an iron paper clip


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Daily Writing Part 57

Random words of the day: Grade. Composer. Contract

Thankfully, rather than having to deal with frustration again, my limerick today developed fairly quickly. I really don’t mind putting effort in my writing, even if my complaining at times may give a different idea. ^_^; The struggle to bring about that work I really want to create can be an amazing and educational journey, an experience I might later look back on with joy and pride. When, like yesterday, I’m simply not having a good time writing and after facing a mostly fruitless grind, it’s nice to have something just pop out. It’s nothing amazing, but I think it’s fun and it does offer a nice little breather. ^_^

Limerick In F Minus
A brilliant composer in training
Saw the grades for his classes were waning
He signed a contract in court
To try and forge his report
But when found out he got a fierce caning


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