Project Realm. Sculpting the World, Part 27

Where the last entry was longer than expected this one is considerably shorter than usual. Especially in the flora and fauna department there was hardly anything to describe, but since Spearwall is in a constant state of warfare that’s not all that surprising. It makes for a shorter and perhaps more monotone description, but when we get to the social and cultural parts of Project Realm there should be more than enough material to go into more detail!

Sculpting the World

5.2. Spearwall
Map of the Realm (Colonies of Men-Spearwall Highlighted)

Over 1,000 km from North-East to South-West and around 730 km from North to South Spearwall has long been the colonists’ primary front in the war effort against the Dark Elves. The terrain is mainly rocky, with the areas near the coast being flat, while the inland parts have higher elevation and hills rich with iron. A number of mining and smithing towns are located in and near the hills and fishing towns can be found along the Western coast. All towns are connected to Spearwall’s main port in the South-West. On the highest hills a long wall of watchtowers, erected and manned by the colonial forces, runs straight across the island, spanning from the South-Westernmost to the North-Easternmost coast. East of the wall lies the front of the Dark Elf military, with a large number of military encampments scattered across the land and connected by two small ports.

Climate: Like the other colonies Spearwall has a dry summer oceanic climate with warm, dry summers, cold, wet winters and only a few instances of extreme peaks and lows throughout the year. Especially in the Southern part, however, temperatures are considerably lower than in the rest of the region, particularly during winters. This is also the case with precipitation. Rain and snowfall are far more common in Southern Spearwall than anywhere else in the colonies.

Flora & Fauna: On the rocky barren land of Spearwall very little can grow. Traces have been found indicating small forests once grew along the Northern and Western coast, but these forests have long since disappeared following both destruction from battle and extensive use of their resources by the island’s colonial towns to aid the war effort.

Animal life is also scarce. The seas still contain fish in abundance and in the hills on the Northernmost coast seabirds nest, feeding on the fish. Otherwise the only animals are those brought by the warring factions: messenger birds, war hounds, and mules to transport people and resources across the island.

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Order 66. Another Side, Another Story – Chapter 2. Revelation, Part 4

Chapter 2. Revelation

Part 4. Sorrow

Vhiran fell to his knees when Nillanthir finished. Although he was shaking and panting heavily, Nillanthir’s words had managed to calm him down and he felt the anger leaving him. “What, what’s, happening to, to me?” he looked up at Nillanthir. “Ni-nillanthir, what, am I, what am I doing?” Vhiran put his hands on his head and firmly grasped his hair, which now hung loose over his shoulders. Then he put his hands on the floor in front of him before nearly falling over. Sitting on his hands and knees, he burst into tears as he came back to his senses and all memory of what had happened came flowing back to him. The madness and anger had faded, but the grief and pain had remained, even grown. Again Vhiran looked up at his friend and sighed. He started to speak softly with a sob in his voice, “Nillanthir, please forgive me. I’ve failed. I gave into darkness and attacked you. I endangered you, and Churro, and Amakusa.” He inclined his head to each as he spoke. “And, Bultar, I failed to protect her and now, now she’s, she’s dead.” He swallowe and nodded sadly. ““Yes. I finally realize what happened to her, now that you have opened my eyes again.”

Vhiran looked over his shoulder at Bultar’s lifeless body, lying behind him. Even from the distance he could still see the smile on her face. Tears now cascaded down his face and blurred his vision. He tilted his head back and firmly closed his eyes while holding Bultar’s saber firmly to his chest. “I love you so much, yet, you will never know,” he whispered, then turned around and looked at Nillanthir with weary eyes, red from his tears. “I am broken, my friend. Even a Master Healer like you cannot heal the wound inflicted on me today. But know that even with this pain, I will live. ‘Please make it out of her alive’, those were Bultar’s last words,” he sobbed. Vhiran had dried his tears and did his best to stop them from flowing again. “And I will make them come true. It is the least I can do for her!” he said with the small bit of strength he had finally regained. Sighing deeply he slowly got back on his feet.

“Nillanthir, you said there is something you know of her.” He paused a bit and looked questioningly. “What is it? Please tell me. I must know.” Vhiran was shaking, uncertain, perhaps even afraid, of how Nillanthir’s coming words would affect him. He gulped and straightened his back, awaiting the reply.

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Introducing Order 66. Another Side, Another Story

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Strange Mind – A Haiku

One day you get out two pieces in short succession, the next that inspiration vanishes to wherever it came from, or perhaps somewhere else entirely. Though I believe it’s been a while since I’ve written about it has been a sporadically recurring theme for me. I’d still like to understand its roots and be able to prevent it, but it may just be unavoidable every now and then. Greetings, writing about not writing! I was wondering when we’d meet again!

Strange Mind
Words abruptly fade
Mind full and yet so empty
Who could fathom this?

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Double Dose Weekend 8.4. Just Another Night – A Haiku

I’ve said it before, but sometimes it’s the little things that get the inspiration flowing. This time? A short nightly walk outside and a few simple things that happened to grab my attention along the way. They clicked together in my mind and the result just felt right. Really puts a local night like any other in a whole different light.

Just Another Night
A white flower’s scent
Geese and sheep flock together
So close to silence

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Double Dose Weekend 8.3. Wonderful Gathering – A Haiku

Yesterday was great! A wonderful coming together of three dear friends, sharing good food, good conversation, good fun and overall just an incredibly good time. While other days during the past week may have been less than optimal, Saturday has more than made up for that and proven to be an amazing a week closer. Thank you, my friends! Let’s use a bit less garlic next time, though! ^_~

Wonderful Gathering
A grand meal for three
Laughter and emotion ring
Bolstering old bonds

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Double Dose Weekend 8.2. To K – A Haiku

This was actually written before the previous post was finished. I had to get out some of the frustration I faced while writing the alliteration poem. As mentioned there I blame the frustration mainly on a single letter. Why is it so hard to find usable words starting with K? And I mean with the actual letter, not with other letters sounding like K’s! Just give it a try and don’t forget to fit it into the rhyme scheme. You’ll see! ^_~ Oh, and websites with word lists: “Kingdom of [enter country here]” or “King [name]” do not count as words starting with K! Now, without further ado: letter K, this one’s for you. I doubt you’ll be happy with it, though.

To K
Frustrating letter
Where to find those words of yours
Not starting with C


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Double Dose Weekend 8.1. Daily Writing Part 76

Random word of the day: Fork

I thought I’d try out a little experiment with today’s word. It’s a variation of the “each-letter-of-the-word-is-the-first-letter-of-a-line” poems. The difference here is making an alliteration of each line. It was, tough. Especially since words starting with the letter K – that also allow for a rhyme with an earlier line – turned out to be remarkably hard to find. In the end things worked out fairly okay, but not without a whole lot of grinding mental gears, gnashing teeth and a whole lot of frustration I do not care to see again anytime soon. I did learn about the existence of kryolite, so I suppose I did not come out of this empty-handed. ^_^

An Alliteration
Friendly fork found fishies floating
On occasion overnight
Roping roaming rotund raiders
Keeping Kenyan kryolite


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