Autumn Coots – A Haiku

I’ll be away for the weekend – going on Friday, coming back on Sunday – to celebrate my grandparents’ birthday, so my writing time in advance to it is pretty scarce. To get a post out on Saturday I’ve set this one up in advance. I should be back in time to post the Sunday post in time,

This poem was written on Friday after I had another nice view outside my window. In the water a pair of coots were swimming through the duckweed with a bunch of only recently born chicks in search of food. It’s pretty rare to see such little newborn birds this late in the year. I do hope they’re going to be fine, especially considering some of their neighbours and the upcoming seasonal changes. Nevertheless, quite a nice sight. ^_^

Autumn Coots
Tiny red heads squeak
As summer draws to a close
Life still springs anew


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Daily Writing Part 98, Story of Poems Part 43

Random words of the day: Cupboard. Flare

So apparently, the sentry’s a parrot now? Not a hamster or a dog then? I mean, he squawks, so… We might not ever know the truth about what this mysterious sentry really is… Could be Vernon Dursley, considering the punishment he’s threatening with… I suppose this is where you can place your bets on what animal he might be next week. My vote’s on either platypus or quetzal, because those seem like the kind of words the Random Word Generator likes to throw at me.

I’m not overly happy with how the last line flows, but cupboard was a tough one to fit in. It’s going to happen some times. The story is progressing quite to my liking, though. Who knows, I might even incorporate some of the ideas I had planned for it!

The Artist’s Tale. Chapter 3
In the woods the chase was on
The sentry ran like hell
He held his blade, made of a tusk
And tracked a sharp, rank smell

But the scorpions seemed vanished now
So far they were ahead
They’d stopped to make a hearty meal
A berry-lentil bread

They stored the food within a bin
Stacked laundry to the air
That tower made of stinking clothes
Would lead the sentry there

Their plan unfolded swimmingly
One step was left to take
Before they would be shooting off
To fix a grand mistake

As the sentry came his nostrils flared
And angrily he squawked

I demand my berries now returned
Or in a cupboard you’ll be locked!”


For the first chapter of The Artist’s Tale click here.

For the second chapter of The Artist’s Tale click here.

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When It Rains… – A Haiku

What’s this?! A post on Thursday?! It’s like, starting to write early in the afternoon, before going away for the rest of the day, really helps with getting actual writing down and that I might be better off actually doing such a thing in the future! I won’t say it too loud, because you know things will get ruined again, but if I can keep this up I might be able to fill in the full seven days again!

Anyway, like yesterday’s evening the sky cracked open during today’s afternoon to hurl down its unrelenting torrents again. Thankfully I was inside for most – and the worst – of it, allowing me to turn the dreary weather into inspiration. So thank you, ridiculously fickle Dutch weather, for hopefully bringing Thursday back among the ranks of the writing days!

When It Rains…
Near Autumn showers
Crashing down day after day
From a dreary sky

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Of Downpours, Mobsters and Family Time

No Project Realm today, I’m afraid. Allow me to explain why.

After having my mother over for dinner this evening we decided to have a walk. It was raining outside, but it didn’t look too bad, so we went on our way. … A few minutes later it started pouring like mad. Because of course it would! With every passing moment the rain came down harder and harder and it didn’t take long before we were both soaked to the bone. I can enjoy a good rain shower. It can be refreshing, relaxing, cleansing. This was none of those things. So sprinting to my parents’ place we went, the rain pounding down on us, even getting past my sturdy shoes and soaking my socks! Finally arriving at our destination, so drowned it would give the Iron Islanders a run for their money, came one of the two good things the rain led to: bathrobes, tea and Lebanese cookies!

22626491The other one? Well, with my clothes hung up to dry I needed something to wear for my trip home. And what a something it was! Combining my dad’s sweatpants, shirt and sport shoes with my old leather jacket I looked like an overly slick mobster straight out of The Sopranos! It was really a thing of beauty! ^_^

But, now that I’m home again with and things are late and I’m tired and I was quite far from actually finishing today’s piece (let alone find proper pictures to accompany it), well, you get the picture. Project Realm will not be going through today. I’ll probably be doing two entries of it next week to make up for it. Really sorry about this, but I hope you’ll understand it was largely out of my control. Well, unless I use the night for writing. It would probably take the entire night, considering my tired mind, the end product will probably be sloppy, chaotic and disjointed and I probably wouldn’t find much pleasure in it, again considering previously mentioned tired mind, but I could do it. …

dogtiredwritingI’m not going to, though. I’m going to bed and sleep really well and hope tomorrow will be a more successful writing day. Goodnight, everyone!

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Order 66. Another Side, Another Story – Act II: Chapter 2. Reunion, Part 2

Chapter 2. Reunion

Part 2. Fateful Encounters

While Nienna awaited Zerati’s return with the other Jedi survivors, she thought about how her own return had been. She had arrived on Zaloriis guided through the Force by Nillanthir. The ship was almost intact and was soon hidden in one of the nearby caves after its landing on the sandy ground of the planet. It had the Republic badge yet, now the Imperial badge, Nienna thought, feeling a shiver go down her spine again. When she met the remaining Jedi inside the cave and Zerati told her what had happened to the others, the execution of the Order 66, her first reaction had been to deny it. Because it meant that her Master had died. Her entire world had fallen in thousand pieces in less than one second. Her Padawan life in the Jedi Temple had reached its end. She looked at her lightsaber. The Trial for her Knighthood was supposed to be in a few days, but there would be no Trial after all. The Jedi Council was now a past memory. The few living members of the Council now were fugitives. Like herself.

Both Vhiran and Bultar greeted Nillanthir with a short bow. “We wouldn’t have gotten this far without you, Nillanthir,” Bultar said softly.

Vhiran nodded. He smirked and put an arm around Bultar’s shoulder in reply to Nillanthir’s question. Bultar smiled and put her arm around Vhiran’s waist. It had been on Talus, just before they encountered Kahbur. They were hiding from a force of clone troopers stationed on the planet and the chance they would not be discovered was nearly zero. It was in that moment that might have been their last, that Vhiran had finally managed to tell Bultar what he had felt all this time, and so had Bultar. It had meant a powerful beacon of light for both in these dark times and had strengthened their will to live on.

During the silence that had fallen upon the reunion of the Jedi, Shamila had been staring in amazement at Nillanthir. She had encountered many species on her journeys with Master Loria Ashukahwa, but none were like this one-winged man. She only barely stopped her jaw from dropping.

Noticing this, a slight grin appeared on Vhiran’s face. “Shamila, meet Master Nillanthir Zerati. Nillanthir, my Padawan Shamila.”

Shamila made a polite bow. “A pleasure, meeting you, Master Zerati,” she said in a shy tone.

Nillanthir smirked when he saw Shamila gaze at him. It was not often you met someone with just a single wing.

Vhiran now looked seriously from Bultar to Nillanthir. “I think we should be heading back to the others. Are they inside?” he asked, inclining his head to the caves.

Yes the others are inside, I’ll take you in,” Nillanthir calmly said and led the trio inside.

Previous Part     –     Story Main Page     –     Next Part

Introducing Order 66. Another Side, Another Story

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Not Today – A Semi-Strict Reminder Haiku

I know, I’m a bit late again. The Daily Writing poem I was writing wasn’t working out too well and I considered getting my weekly ‘free day’ early this time around. Thankfully my mind and the words of a certain sword dancer were kind enough to kick that idea out of my head with full force. Thanks, mind! Thanks, Syrio! I owe you one!

Not Today
I could take it now
But to waste a day like that
I’m not that foolish

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Double Dose Weekend 16.3. Failure’s Root – A Haiku

I started the Double Dose Weekends to catch up for missed days. Later I decided I would allow myself one ‘day off’ every week. That day wasn’t mandatory, but just so I didn’t have to feel too bad if I’d ever have a bad writing day. That day has been quite consistent the past couple of weeks – usually on Thursdays – , but at the same time those weeks have also seen a striking number of half finished Double Dose Weekends, kind of defeating their purpose. The reason for that is the combination of, as I mentioned last week, awful time management on my part during the day and having to work on Mondays, meaning I can’t stay up too late on Sundays to write a bit longer. At least I tend to get something out six days a week, but still… I do intend to continue with my original plans, but if they’re going to succeed I really need to get my things in order. Next week, maybe? We shall see…

Failure’s Root
Well-laid they might be
In the face of inaction
Great plans will crumble

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