Character Profile: Nillanthir Zerati

Biography Nillanthir Zerati was a male Jedi Knight who lived during latter days of the Galactic Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire. Raised for most of his childhood by his adopted family on Zaloriis Zerati was taken in

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Daily Writing Part 184. Story of Poems Part 118

Random words of the day: Bandage. Shop There they are! The entrance was not quite what I expected, but from what we’ve seen before, it’s a strangely in character way for these long-time players in the story to finally make

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Project Realm. Building Blocks 1.2. Godlagrin – Population and Government

Well, look at who forgot to add a section to last week’s introduction to Godlagrin… Me! That’s who! ^_^; It’s probably for the best, though. As much as I loved seeing the Wood Elf kingdom being fleshed out, the description

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Organisation Profile: Saber Squad

History Saber Squad was a team of Advanced Recon Commandos in the Grand Army of the Republic, founded near the end of the first year of the Clone Wars. The squad consisted of clone troopers who initially served in the

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Daily Writing Part 183. Story of Poems Part 117

Random words of the day: War. Pile Ooh! The shape continues to be an ominous one, this time with what kind of looks like a prophecy of sorts. Although it took some effort to get this stanza done (hence the

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Project Realm. Building Blocks 1.1. Godlagrin – Description and Major Locations

Ah, back to Godlagrin! The place where it all began! For one of the main story’s two protagonists anyway, as well as several other major players in the Realm (all connected to said protagonist). As it’s the only location in

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Project Realm Announcement: Slight Delay

Your archivist here with a very quick announcement! Unfortunately, the next instalment of Project Realm has been slightly delayed, as getting the next phase set up took more time than expected (what else is new, right? ^_~). Have no fear,

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