The Saga Continues!

A week ago the co-written Star Wars story Order 66. Another Side, Another Story came to an end after running here for over a year. Mondays on the Ashukahwa Archives have become nearly synonymous with Star Wars stories! It’s these Star Wars stories, after all, that not only helped cementing the name of this blog, but wanting to share them was among the primary reasons to actually set it up! Thus, I think continuing this saga of tales from a long time ago and a Galaxy far, far away would be the only right course of action to take!

Thankfully, as you might recall, I dedicated a fairly large part of my The Ghosts of Writing Past series (in which I looked at the history and development of my writing, starting from childhood and throughout the years) to the Star Wars stories I had written, both with fellow members the Earth Jedi Order and on my own. A great many of these, again, were part of a larger overarching storyline, starting just after the end of the Clone Wars (or in the middle of it, if you count some of the yet unfinished stories) with Order 66. And it is this storyline that will be continued here on the Archives, every Monday!

The next chapter in this storyline was called Between the Conclaves, a series of short stories detailing the endeavours of my characters from Order 66 – Vhiran, Bultar and Shamila – and set in-between the events on Zaloriis and a previously canonical Star Wars event called the Conclave on Kessel (WARNING: there be major spoilers behind the latter link!). I’ve yet to decide on how I’m going to divide the stories in shorter parts (like I did with Order 66), but as of next Monday we will continue to hit the hyperspace lanes as a brand new series (well, new here, but technically over ten years old ^_^;) Star Wars story will be kicking off!

Hope to see you there! May the Force be with you!

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These Are Not the Awesome Tales You’re Looking For…

Ah, the wonders of technology! Put your usb stick in the drive, go away from the computer for a short bit, return, try to open the file you want to open, file won’t open, see file and folder names are all weird, try to recover files, succeed partially, but lose quite a bit in the process. Now I’m far from a computer expert, but I’m pretty sure just leaving your usb stick in the drive should not lead to the scenario just described. As far as I can tell nothing irreplaceable has been lost, though I do have to start over with some files I’d been working on. Annoying and makes me reminisce about the old and easier days when computers weren’t so prevalent (get off my lawn, by the way! ^_~ ), but oh well. Just felt like venting a bit. We all need a bit of venting from time to time, right? So, no poems, stories or really anything interesting today, just a guy, venting about faltering technology. And stuff. I know, riveting, ain’t it? Don’t worry. There’s actual content on its way for next week. ^_^

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Can’t Be Helped – A Something-From-Nothing Haiku

There could be another long bit here about how I didn’t manage to do much today, (aside from trying out some new cooking), but I’ll spare you. For now! ^_~ If you want to know, you’d best talk to today’s haiku, hanging out below, for some more clarity on the matter. Haiku knows best. ^_^

Can’t Be Helped
Nothing much achieved
Or to be done about it
Off to bed we go

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Daily Writing Part 123.Story of Poems Part 65

Random words of the day: Guitar. Telephone

It happens every time, right? You’re deep asleep, having a wonderful dream and then the alarm clock goes off, or a neighbour starts working with their loudest power tools as early as they can, or some douchebag drives by on his scooter running on bees, or the Apocalypse begins early and fire starts raining down and angels sound their trumpets as they come down from the heavens, the earth cracks open as beasts from the darkest pits of hell come out roaring and all ready themselves for the most massive and decisive battle anyone has ever witnessed! Or, you know, the phone rings. Yeah, let’s leave it phone… Oh sorry, that should be telephone. Because why make things easy? ^_~ … Guitar and telephone are today’s words, by the way. No, I don’t know where I was going with that when I started my attempt at writing about today’s part… *hops off playing an epic guitar riff*

The Artist’s Tale. Chapter 4
Meanwhile near the chapel’s entrance
Lied the pieces of its gate
A charred trail shaped just like a runway
Ran for many meters straight

At the trail’s end rose a tall spiked ridge
Where the giant gull was seated
Below, among the capsicums
Lied its enemies, defeated

Like the needle of a compass
The bird’s head then turned North
Where, near a cabin, from a bush
Five creatures scuttled forth

There appeared without a sign
Four scorpions, fleet of foot
And a fifth on massive wheels
Emitting dark black soot

No time to spare!” one of them called
And warily looked ’round
Then placed the bin within its claws
Before it on the ground

Energy flowed as it opened
Straight up to the sky
As on instinct, then, the artist
Held their toothbrush high

Down then came the energy
And with the brush collided
Then visions of a lawn appeared
Where prejudice had subsided

No labels used for anyone
No judgment did befall
‘t Was filled with peace up to the brim
And iPods, free, for all

Just as it came the vision went
As a telephone went ringing
The artist recognized the tone
Guitars, quite loud but swinging


For the first chapter of The Artist’s Tale click here.

For the second chapter of The Artist’s Tale click here.

For the third chapter of The Artist’s Tale click here.

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Order 66. Another Side, Another Story – Act II: Epilogue


Nillanthir managed to wake up, but all he could see was the ground. He did not know how long he had been passed out, but he rose to his feet barely. He reached out and began to heal his wounds a little more. He could feel his body being better once again. Nillanthir looked behind him and saw the corpse of Aoshi. He looked down with sympathy.

“Aoshi…” Nillanthir said silently “I never thought I would have had to fight you again… The least you deserve is a proper burial…” Nillanthir then reached for his lightsaber and began to cut into the ground to make an outline of a rectangle in the ground, then divided it up into sections. He deactivated his lightsaber and used his hands to remove the dirt and rock, this process taking a long time since he had no tools other than his lightsaber. Nillanthir then dug the hole and proceeded to bury Aoshi’s body.

The silence of the cave was quietly disturbed by the prayer of Nillanthir to his fallen friend. Nillanthir then felt the presence of two people. Clone troopers. He silently hid in the shadows and watched the two clones wander into the cave. He then thought of something. These clones would live. Nillanthir then simply waited and watched the two clones as they searched the area, unable to find their target. They then found the gravestone of Aoshi.

What’s this grave doing here?” said one of the clones.

The dirt has been moved recently,” the other said. “Whoever this is, they died recently and was just buried.”

Nillanthir then reached out with the Force and tugged at both the clones minds, then nudged them slightly and pressed his will into them.

Zerati is dead,” said the first clone.

Yeah. We better report this,” said the other clone as he raised his left hand to the side of his helmet.

HQ, this CC-0421. We have checked the cave and it is confirmed that the Jedi is dead,” said the clone.

Silence then filled the chamber as the clones looked as if they had received a response. “Understood, moving out,” the clone said again. The two clones then jogged out of the cave and back to Zaloriis City.

Nillanthir quietly stepped out of the shadows and watched the two clones go further and further away from his cave. I have to do what I can to prevent the Empire from progress, Nillanthir thought to himself. I have to prevent the machine I saw from being a reality. I hope everyone will be ok… Including… Nillanthir then reached into his clothing and pulled out the stone and looked up into the sky.

I do not want anyone else to help me… The survival of the Jedi rests on you all. Take care and May the Force be with you.” With that Nillanthir started to walk off when he felt a small weight suddenly tug him back. He looked behind him to see small eyes filling with tears.
“I don’t want you to die!!” Shamila suddenly yelled. Nillanthir’s heart felt like it was sinking. He went down on one knee and grabbed Shamila by her shoulders.

I won’t die yet,” Nillanthir said calmly. “I have to do this and you must leave. I don’t know if we’ll see each other again, but I know that you will be strong one day. You must protect the innocent.” Nillanthir then held Shamila’s hand open with one hand and his other hand reached for his wing. He silently counted to three in his mind and grabbed the biggest feather of his wing and pulled, his face suddenly winced at the stinging sensation pulling the feather out caused. He then placed the feather in Shamila’s hand and he closed her fingers around it. “This shall be for you to remember me by. Look after Vhiran and Bultar. The Force will watch over you always.” Nillanthir then leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

“And I intend to keep that promise,” Nillanthir said quietly and he sent one last message to Shamila as he thought of her.

Take care of yourself, Shamila. If we are to meet again, then may it be a day we will never part again… Nillanthir then turned and walked into the caves, waiting for the time to hunt for his prey…

Previous Part     –     Story Main Page

Introducing Order 66. Another Side, Another Story

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That’s Different… – A Haiku

When in doubt, talk about the weather, which was, extraordinarily Dutch again today. Jumping from sun, to rain, to shade, to sun, to hail and with constant gusts of cold wind, it did not offer the most pleasant of conditions for my recently shaven head, but thankfully it did allow a simple little poem to form.

That’s Different…
A soft sun clouded
By the hailstones on my head
And an icy wind

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Final Transformation – A Hairku

I have finally done it! After the final months of last your during which I, bit by bit, shortened the length of the dark brown and silvery manes that adorned my scalp for twelve years, I began my quest of getting used to my hair being the shortest it had ever been in my life. During the first quarter of this year I went back and forth between it being milimetred and (because shaving had yet to become second nature) the slightest bit but still considerably longer in comparison.

And now I have finally made the final step to greatness, taking my place among such luminaries as Sir Patrick Stewart, Samuel L. Jackson, Vin Diesel, One-Punch Man Saitama and of course the Lord Supreme Eggscum himself, Ryan “Northernlion” Letourneau! Yes, as of yesterday I am finally, as the cool kids call it these days, a Bald Bro! It’s a bit chilly at times and the now shaven part of my head has to undergo a bit of tanning, but now that I have transformed into what I once feared but now know is truly magnificent, I shall be celebrating and embracing with all my heart and soul the newfound glory and eggcelence that is my baldness! Because, as the great Puar once said:


It is known!

Final Transformation
Cold wind strikes my scalp
And I realize, at last
I am become egg!

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