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Many years ago a good friend of mine and I played a game of our own making. We were heroes in a fantasy world, simply known as the Realm, going on various exciting quests and adventures. Over time, as the characters grew, so did their adventures, and eventually their world! The Realm expanded to proportions we had not expected when we first started on our journey: the maps filled with various islands inhabited by a massive variety of peoples and both filled with beauty and fraught with danger! Generations of heroes walked its lands, following in the footsteps of the initial two adventurers, but in time, it slowly began to fade, until little more than memory of it remained…

To this day, that memory has stood the test of time, however. This world has always remained very dear to my heart and so I was determined, several years ago, to once more give the Realm the attention it deserves and bring it back to life! The result of said determination can be found right here. Below, you’ll find a convenient overview of the various phases of the project, each dealing with a particular aspect of the Realm. As the project is still ongoing, it will expand as new content comes out, so don’t forget to check back to stay up to date on all of the Realm’s latest developments!

Now, without further ado, I am happy to finally be able to welcome you all to the Realm! Step inside this magical world, experience it for yourself and watch it grow alongside me!

Most recent addition: Godlagrin Military: The Watch

Introduction – Project Realm. A World Building Exercise

Islands of the Realm
A quick overview of all the islands in the Realm and the contents of their regions.

1. The Most Northern Island

2. The Western Island – The Island of the Cold-Blooded – The Crown of the Sea

3. Cat People Archipelago – Colonies of Men – Dark Elf Origin

4. Island of Darkness

Sculpting the Realm

A look at the geological aspects if the various regions of the Realm, including landscape, climate and flora and fauna.


1. The Most Northern Island

North-Eastern Mountains & Central Realmlands

Lawless Lands

Great Forest

Hydra Swamp

Dark Elf Lands

The South-Western Verge

2. The Western Island

The Desolate Plains

The Dark Wood

The Den


3. The Island of the Cold-Blooded

Pantathiën Lowlands

Skink Forests

Slan Marshes

Kroxigor Mountains

Valley of the Wild Lizards

4. The Cat People Archipelago

The Panthera Island

The Tigri Island

The Liones Island

The Jaguaran Island

Island of the Lesser Cat People

5. The Colonies of Men



Viridian Shore

6. The Dark Elf Origin

7. The Island of Darkness

The Dark Plains

Chainer’s Redoubt

The Dragon Peaks

The Wailing Sands

Peoples of the Realm
Here the biological aspects of the numerous sentient species of the Realms can be found, including a physical description and some of the sub species some of of them contain.













Cat Peoples








Building Blocks

Here, the focus will be on the organisational aspects of the Realm’s societies, including a general description of these societies, important locations within them and topics like their population, government, diplomatic ties, military and religion.


The Wood Elf Kingdom of Godlagrin
1. Description and Major Location

2. Population and Government

3. Diplomacy

4. Military: The Godlagrin Royal Guard

5. Military: The Watch (MOST RECENTLY ADDED!)

Project Realm Intermissions, Updates and Developments

“Intermission: Cartography”

“Intermission Time”

“Measuring Up”

“Update: Mapping”

“Dude, Where’s My Realm?”

“Intermission: Due South”

“Intermission: Infernal Interruption”

“Intermission: Phasing Through”

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